The Avengers’ Most Powerful Member Secretly Answers to Another Team

Having gained the facility of the Phoenix, Echo finds herself torn between the black-ops Daughters of Liberty and the idealistic Avengers.

Warning: spoilers for Avengers #45!

Maya Lopez, aka Echo, simply joined the Avengers after successful their Phoenix Tournament and being imbued with unbelievable energy. But even earlier than becoming a member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Echo was a member of the Daughters of Liberty – a secret group of Marvel heroines with quite a bit much less respect for worldwide regulation than Echo’s new co-workers. Now that she’s one of many planet’s strongest heroes, what occurs when her black-ops allies ask for one thing the Avengers cannot permit?

Though extra generally an antagonistic pressure for the X-Men, the Phoenix not too long ago returned to Earth in search of a brand new host, with Echo successful the respect thanks to her capacity to fall and rise once more. Though Maya has but to take part in energetic obligation alongside the opposite members of the staff, author Jason Aaron (Valkyrie: Jane Foster) and artist Luca Maresca (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man)’s The Avengers #45 sees Echo attempting to reconcile her previous sins with the brand new degree of energy she’ll have going ahead. Maya’s bond with the Phoenix is advanced, tying her into its earlier genocidal acts, and he or she’s scuffling with what she would possibly grow to be now that few guidelines want apply.

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Introduced in award successful creator Ta-Nehisi Coates’ (Black Panther) ongoing run of Captain America comics, Marvel’s Daughters of Liberty are a generational staff established within the 18th century, devoted to safeguarding freedom and stopping injustice. The main Dryad title has moved from nice feminine leaders by way of the generations akin to main abolitionist Harriet Tubman; whereas the trendy iteration’s Dryad is Peggy Carter, Captain America’s former WWII ally. The staff typically type for extra-legal missions, and it is right here that issues come up. Avengers #45 makes it clear that the Avengers’ operation is large enough that it has to answer to the UN and worldwide opinion, as Black Panther makes it clear that Blade attacking Dracula’s new vampire nation could be taken as a declaration of battle.

Marvel Echo Phoenix Avengers

A staff of reserves deployed for missions solely when completely wanted, the Daughters of Liberty embody Echo, Iron Patriot, Mockingbird, Spider-Woman, Invisible Woman, White Tiger, and Misty Knight. The staff was instrumental in breaking Steve Rogers out of jail, and have additionally blackmailed Mayor Wilson Fisk and carried out unsanctioned missions on international soil. Effective of their brutal fight strategies, stealth, and reconnaissance abilities, the Daughters of Liberty do what the Avengers and different superheroes will typically hesitate to, disobeying the regulation for the betterment of Earth. The Daughters of Liberty are undoubtedly on the aspect of the angels, however certainly one of their members simply gained the powers of one of many galaxy’s primordial forces, and Dryad is not the sort of chief who ignores that sort of fireplace energy.


With the Avengers, Maya has doubtlessly discovered a publicly idolized staff that permits her to transfer on from her violent previous, but it surely’s extremely probably that answering to the Daughters of Liberty may put her new staff in danger. Echo has discovered a confidante in teammate Robbie Reyes, aka Ghost Rider, however when the chips are down, it is nonetheless unclear whether or not Echo will break the foundations as a Daughter of Liberty, or answer to the next customary as an Avenger. One factor’s for positive – trying to do each can solely blow up in her face, and when the Phoenix blows up, everybody pays the value.

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