15 Surprising Facts About Left-Handed People

If you’re left-handed, you understand the battle that comes together with it. You additionally know the false assumptions and the detrimental mindset that generally surrounds being left-handed. However, right-handed individuals can be taught some life classes from left-handed individuals.

Left-handed individuals have to make use of issues otherwise and infrequently should compromise their consolation. However, these individuals don’t have all of it unhealthy, as in addition they expertise fairly a number of advantages. There are many advantages to being left-handed, and right-handed individuals can be taught from it.

Only around 11% of the inhabitants makes use of their left hand dominantly, inflicting misunderstanding. There are sometimes stigmas and superstitions connected to being left-handed, and right-handed individuals prefer to boast that they’ve it simpler. However, as soon as they begin studying issues from left-handed individuals, they’ll rapidly change their mindset.

Fifteen Surprising Facts to Know About Left-Handed People

Scientists haven’t narrowed down what causes left-handedness but, however research does give some clues. Left-handed individuals appear to have totally different wiring of their brains, they usually are inclined to have a specific set of persona traits. Learning issues from lefties will help you perceive them, and also you’ll know all the advantages related to it.

1. Left-handed People Show Us How to Use the Whole Brain

Left-handers can use either side of their brains rapidly and effectively. Studies show they’ve a quicker connection between the hemispheres of their brain, resulting in faster info processing. The switch time between every hemisphere was assessed to search out that left-handed contributors processed info faster.

This benefit helps them in conditions that require multi-tasking, hand-eye coordination, or fast considering. It’s additionally why they typically excel in issues like video video games.

2. How to Be a Better Multi-Tasker

Research data exhibits that left and right-handed individuals deal with activity and reminiscence efficiency otherwise. The contributors of this research got two duties to work on concurrently, and in most cases, the lefties carried out higher.

One motive for lefties being higher multi-taskers is as a result of right-handed individuals have a tendency to interrupt their issues down. Then, they analyse each bit of the issue individually. However, left-handed individuals view the state of affairs and attempt to clear up it that method.

3. Left-handed People Explain How to Stand in Line for Less Time

You may surprise how being left-handed shortens somebody’s time in line, however it is smart as soon as you understand. Right-handed individuals have a tendency to decide on the queue on the fitting facet if they’ve a couple of to select from. On the opposite hand, lefties typically go for the road on the left.

With lefties being the minority right here, fewer individuals select the road on the left. They find yourself within the shorter traces and get by way of them a lot faster. Remember this life lesson the subsequent time you’re standing in line as a way to select the road on the left.

4. Left-handed People Can Type Better and Faster

When typing accurately with two arms, lefties have a bonus. Most of the phrases spelled out on a keyboard are on the left-hand facet. Research shows that about 3,400 phrases are typed with the left hand, whereas solely 450 come from the fitting facet.

With so many phrases coming from the left facet of the keyboard, it’s clear why left-handers have a bonus. They kind a extra vital variety of phrases with their dominant hand, making them quicker and higher.

5. They Don’t Get Lost as Often

Left-handed individuals normally have higher spatial skills, permitting for consciousness of their environment. Not solely are they conscious of their environment, however they’ll see how they match into them. They will extra typically bear in mind the place they parked and have a neater time studying a map.

6. They’re Better Drivers

Studies show that 57% of left-handed drivers cross their driving check on the primary attempt. However, solely 47% of right-handed drivers cross the check the primary time round. These percentages don’t imply that lefties have benefits when studying to drive, although.

The research additionally revealed that almost all drivers imagine being left-handed causes studying to drive harder. Participants additionally assume that vehicles are designed with right-handed individuals in thoughts.

Another study produced outcomes that confirmed that lefties have been much less prone to trigger automobile accidents. While researchers are nonetheless searching for the rationale, they imagine that left-handed individuals pay nearer consideration.

7. People Often Vote for Left-Handers

You may be stunned to be taught that many United States presidents were left-handers. The checklist contains the next:

  • Barack Obama
  • Bill Clinton
  • George H.W. Bush
  • Gerald Ford
  • James Garfield
  • Harry Truman
  • Herbert Hoover

There’s additionally a perception that Ronald Reagan was a leftie, however strict lecturers compelled him to make use of his proper hand. When he was a toddler, some individuals believed that left-handedness was a incapacity and compelled kids to change. If this perception is true, it exhibits that you may educate your self by some means, irrespective of the way you began.

However, it’s seemingly all coincidence that such a excessive share of presidents have been left-handers. Don’t attempt switching arms to get farther as a result of both method is okay.

8. Lefties Own Their Uniqueness–and You Should, Too!

Left-handed individuals have a trait that units them aside from others early on. It teaches them to domesticate a way of uniqueness as quickly as they begin exhibiting their dominant hand. Being left-handed additionally taught them that they don’t have to evolve to societal requirements.

9. They Are Better at Certain Sports

One method lefties have it higher than right-handers is when enjoying sure sports activities. Left-handers can throw off the opposite gamers with their serve when enjoying tennis. Most individuals are used to the right-handed serve and can be caught off guard.

Boxers and baseball gamers have the identical benefit as tennis gamers, catching their opponent off-guard with a special swing. Tennis, baseball, and boxing aren’t the one sports activities lefties excel at, both. Many skilled athletes from differing sports activities are left-handed, together with:

  • Steve Young
  • Rafael Nadal
  • Martina Navratilova
  • Bill Russell
  • Babe Ruth
  • Phil Mickelson
  • Roger Federer
  • Oscar de la Hoya

10. Left-handed People Can Show Us How to Be More Compassionate

Left-handers hear negative comments about their dexterity from an early age. Even when somebody is joking, these feedback persist with an individual far into the longer term.

Because left-handers are used to being totally different, they grow to be humble and compassionate. Their life-long have to observe flexibility and be taught otherwise makes them extra accepting. They are extra accepting of variations in others and extra open to individuals who disagree with them.

11. Being a Leftie Doesn’t Mean They’ll Earn Less

Don’t criticise a left-handed particular person for his or her agility or assume they’ll earn much less money of their career. While it’s typically seen as a detrimental trait, left-handed has benefits.

Research shows that left-handed males with a university diploma earn 15% greater than their right-handed colleagues. However, the identical research signifies that left-handed females earn round 5% lower than their right-handed colleagues.

12. They Constantly Have to Practice Daily Tasks

Most objects are designed for right-handed individuals, making each activity a little bit extra sophisticated for a leftie. For occasion, the binding in a pocket book may get in the way in which after they write, an issue that right-handers don’t take care of.

Additionally, lefties have to purchase costly sports activities gear that’s generally arduous to search out, or they need to be taught to make use of right-handed gear. Other issues lefties should observe flexibility for embrace utilising right-handed scissors, can openers, bank card readers, computer mouses, and a lot extra.

Their daily practice helps hold their thoughts sharp as a result of they should work a little bit extra sophisticated. Plus, it helps the leftie keep alert and centered, understanding they’ll must be prepared. If you’re right-handed however need to reap the advantages of working towards every day duties, take into account doing a number of issues together with your left hand every day.

13. They Excel in Creative and Visual Arts

Research shows that left-handers use either side of the brain when coping with language. Using either side enable for extra alternative for creativity. They’re additionally higher at divergent thinking, which is a approach to generate concepts exploring many potential options.

A survey of greater than 2,000 individuals discovered that left-handed individuals had inventive and musical benefits. They have been additionally extra drawn to careers within the arts.

14. They’re Good at Problem-Solving

Left-handers are so used to working tougher to fulfil challenges that they grow to be glorious problem solvers. They’ve needed to overcome points repeatedly all through their life, generally every day. While struggling to get issues achieved with right-handed gear isn’t preferred, it does provide this profit.

15. They’re Great at Math

Studies show that left-handed individuals are higher at fixing math issues. They scored between 5 and 10% larger on advanced math checks than right-handed individuals did. One of the explanations they’re good at math is as a result of they’re downside solvers with summary ideas and spatial reasoning.

Final Thoughts on Life Lessons to Learn from Left-Handed People

The variations between right-handed and left-handed individuals are normally refined. While the info are attention-grabbing, you possibly can excel at something irrespective of which hand you utilise.

These life classes are meant that will help you perceive that being left-handed isn’t bizarre, and it may be a very good factor. However, being right-handed has its advantages, too. Either method, you need to use this info to concentrate on particular areas of your life you’d like to enhance.

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