Star Wars: Major Solo Character Returns to Save Han from Boba Fett After Empire Strikes Back

Yes, Han’s ex from Solo is again, this time to curry favor with Jabba, but additionally maybe to save the smuggler’s pores and skin from a destiny worse than loss of life. What does this shock return imply for Emilia Clarke’s fan-favorite femme fatale? Well, for one factor, we now know she outlived Maul, her Sith boss who died simply earlier than the beginning of the Original Trilogy. But what has she been up to all this time, and why hasn’t Crimson Dawn revealed its presence till now? It’s doable the group was weakened after Maul’s demise and Qi’ra was compelled to go into hiding till she noticed a possibility to group up with Jabba to rebuild Crimson Dawn.

The proven fact that Qi’ra is again simply after The Empire Strikes Back additionally has some doubtlessly large implications for the character’s future live-action prospects. While some followers have lengthy speculated that Qi’ra might subsequent be seen within the upcoming Lando Disney+ sequence, might there now be a future for the character in The Mandalorian universe, which is about solely about 5 or 6 years after the occasions of War of the Bounty Hunters? The presence of Qi’ra and Crimson Dawn would definitely match the period’s present steady of live-action characters, lots of that are thieves, bounty hunters, and scum, too. Could Din Djarin be accepting jobs from Qi’ra in due time?

Of course, there are many questions surrounding what Qi’ra’s return may imply for the remainder of the War of the Bounty Hunters occasion. While Qi’ra has Han in her possession, it’s hardly a reunion for the previous Corellian duo since he’s nonetheless unconscious and frozen stable. Will Han escape carbonite lengthy sufficient to see Qi’ra once more? And what is going to Leia take into consideration that?

Ultimately, we all know that Han will ultimately attain Jabba’s Palace, whether or not it’s on Qi’ra’s ship or Slave I. With a lot of War of the Bounty Hunters nonetheless to be informed, there’ll possible be fairly a number of twists and activates the best way to Return of the Jedi.

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