10 Signs Your Ex Is Trying To Get Your Attention On Social Media

What is one of the first things this generation does after a breakup? Refer to social media feeds. Social media has changed many things, but the dating scene may be one of the most significant.

With the popularity of dating apps, cryptic messages, and “thirst traps” that enter DMS – social media has become the dating scene. So it’s no wonder you’re looking for signs that your ex is trying to get your attention on social media!

This certainly made breakups and dating more complicated:

  • It’s easier to cheat.
  • It’s easier for people to lie, cheat, or hide things about themselves.
  • This made it difficult to get past the old ones.
  • The expanded dating pool.
  • This leads to more jealousy and trust issues.

A study by the Pew Research Center found that 70% of social media users between 18 and 29 use social media to check up on exes and talk about their love lives online.

Which is a considerable percentage, don’t you think?!

Another thing that comes from social media is what I like to call “post-breakup social media behavior.”

Because it’s a thing, whether we’re aware of it or not. Our sharing habits tend to change after a breakup, which usually manifests in us posting more or less than we did before — i.e., going radio silent.

If you’re reading this, it’s because your ex started behaving strangely on social media after the breakup.

Well, with the interaction that today’s social platforms provide, there are many ways that social platforms can be used as a tool to get the attention of a former flame.

So, is your ex trying to get your attention?

Here are ten signs your ex is trying to get your attention on social media.

Ten signs your ex is trying to get your attention on social media

1. They are more active than usual

Their use of social media seems to have increased since you broke up. Maybe they would never have been placed, and now they share every little detail of their daily lives.

There is either a noticeable change in the frequency of their social media use, or it just doesn’t fit their personality type for them to post so much.

I can always guess when someone is going through a breakup because of this. Suddenly, they write non-stop.

It is often sub-concyclic. They feel insecure and seek comfort. It could be their way of trying to prove that they still have a busy whole life without you. They want you to see that they are doing a good job.

They most likely feel needier, looking for approval and attention after the breakup. And social media feels like a convenient way to fill that gap.

The more insecure someone feels, the more left-leaning social media they try to fill.

2. They unfollow you and still follow you (or block and unblock)

Following and unfollowing or blocking and unblocking is erotic behavior. Unfollowing an ex after you break up is not that weird. It’s normal to want some distance to get your head together and move on with your life. But it’s weird to turn back and start following you again suddenly.

From here, it can be concluded that they do not compare you to each other for health reasons. They were doing it to make a point.

This way, it becomes a passive-aggressive move that wants to punish or hurt you somehow. Instead of sincerely cutting you out of their lives, they wanted to “f**k you.” The problem is, they couldn’t see it.

They were very interested in what you were up to. Thus, this empty threat turns into a more focused preoccupation that shows their feelings for you are far from neutral.

3. They respond to your stories

Maybe you post a story while on vacation, and your ex replies to remind you of a memory you shared from the same place. Or, maybe you post a flattering selfie, and your ex swipes up to tell you how great you look.

This is one of the tactics your ex can use to get your attention. If they can engage you in conversation, they believe they will be one step closer to winning you back.

4. They randomly like old posts

Likes, comments, DMs – all sha-bang!

Maybe they want you to reminisce about the old days and feel a sense of connection (or loss, perhaps) to them.

This is one of the pretty obvious signs that your ex is trying to get your attention on social media. Thank God it is not manipulative like some other signs.

There’s no hidden meaning to this; if your ex is blowing up your notifications with likes on old posts, they’re trying to get your attention.

5. They share status updates with you

They may not mention you by name, but it’s directed at you. I’m talking about those few crypto status updates where someone rants about betrayal, heartbreak, healing, and learning lessons for the future.

They are airing your dirty laundry, and you know it.

Its caption reads: “Time to start fresh. Out with the old and in with the new.”

Or “Ready to rise from the ashes. Diamonds were being made under pressure.”

They are sending you an indirect message through a public forum, knowing (or hoping) that you will see it.

6. They post everything to try to make you jealous

They want to leave you with zero doubt that they are single now. They enjoy every opportunity that comes their way. They can talk openly about their dating lives. They can post pictures of their new on-again romance on social media.

You can take pictures with new good-looking people you don’t know them. To do this, you need to plant doubt in your mind about who they are.

Maybe they are doing enough. All this is done to try to make him feel insecure and jealous. This is a hidden form of revenge.

But instead of influencing you to prove they’ve moved on, their need to spew their love lives all over the internet does just the opposite.

7. They share old pictures or memories of the two of you

I’ve personally seen a couple of people see this on social media. And this was a desperate attempt to draw attention from their past.

A guy once posted a picture of him and his ex. I saw that he even commented on this:

– Why are you writing this? It’s ancient, and it gives people the wrong impression entirely.”

(O polytheists!) This gave him excellent news.

There’s no natural way to share memories of your time on social media innocently. That’s why the irrepressible ex-president always has a guaranteed attention-seeking occupation.

8. They share precise quotes about your relationship

They post quotes like this:

  • “Love doesn’t hurt you. A person that doesn’t know how to love hurts you. Don’t get it twisted.” — Tony Gaskins
  • “Forget the ones that forget you” — Wiz Khalifa
  • “Loving someone doesn’t make them deserve you” — r.h. sin

It can be just a picture or a meme quote. Or it can be accompanied by a short phrase like “so true” or “THAT.”

Anyway, this is the dramatic chapter of your way. This is a clear signal that they are still thinking about you.

9. They try to show how big their lives are

For fun activities, trips, parties, etc., they post pictures of what they are doing. They try to say: look, what I am ready for now. How much better has my life been since the breakup?

Of course, they feel like they’re showing off. Every day comes something new, so humble, so unassuming.

Sometimes he goes on vacation somewhere, buys something expensive, has a big party, or even works out in the gym. This news has been heard out loud.

10. They start texting but never send

This feature on Snapchat allows people to see when you start texting. A common strategy for oldies who notice is to start texting, so you get the notification on your phone. However, they never text you back.

This makes them wonder what’s on their mind and why they feel the need to start texting you. You may want to reach out and ask them what’s going on, which is exactly what your ex wants to happen.

Regardless of the circumstances of your breakup, having an ex lurking on social media is unsettling.

Maybe they are trying to make you jealous or trying make you realize that you belong together. Whatever the reason, their behavior clearly shows that they are trying to get your attention.

What to do when your ex tries to get your attention on social media?

1. Determine if you want to get back together

Let’s start with the basics. How do you feel about your ex? Is this attention unwanted or music to your ears?

If you still have feelings for your ex and want them back, then it’s Time to cut to the chase and make a plan to reconcile. Why waste time playing games?

If you fall into the get-your-ex-back camp, watching this free video from relationship expert Brad Browning is best.

He will share practical and effective ways to get your ex back in your life correctly instead of continuing to dance things around.

2. Avoid their attention by doing this…

Let’s say you don’t want to get back with your ex. Getting their attention starts to turn you on.

So what can you do?

Depending on the level of irritation it causes you, your best options are:

  • Could you ignore it? This might be the best option if you can see your ex’s actions before they get to you. They do this specifically to get your attention. So when they know that you are not reacting, they will probably give up eventually.
  • Unfollow them, so they don’t need to be seen. If it’s starting to destroy you, you can do some damage control by simply kicking your ex off social media and getting them out of yourself. It may be healthier to distance yourself until your feelings heal.
  • Block them. As your last resort, you may decide to block your ex. I wouldn’t recommend rushing into this as a knee-jerk decision. But of course, if your ex’s attention-seeking is extreme or too much for you, it’s always an option to cut them out of your life completely.

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