6 Signs of Love Addiction (and How to Stop Chasing Partners)

Love addiction is an actual factor. When you fall in love, it could really feel such as you’re on prime of the world. It’s the most effective feeling anybody might ever expertise. Having somebody there for you thru thick and skinny could make you’re feeling protected and understood. Love is one of the issues that can provide which means to somebody’s life.

Most persons are in a steady seek for real love. Some discover what they’re searching for early of their life. Some have to wait just a little longer. For some, real love will get away. But some individuals bounce from one relationship to one other not as a result of they’re searching for the precise one. They do it as a result of they’re addicted to love. In essence, they endure from love addiction.

Love addiction is a topic not taken critically sufficient in as we speak’s society. Most individuals dismiss it or don’t even realize it’s a factor. But this addiction is as actual because it will get, and it could drastically have an effect on your life and health.

But, like another addiction, you may work in the direction of curing it. As lengthy as you’re employed in the direction of getting higher, you may be taught to break this vicious cycle. So, listed below are six signs of love addiction and the way to stop chasing partner.

What Is Love Addiction?

Love addiction is a behavioral concern that causes somebody to develop an unhealthy obsession with a partner or love curiosity. This sample often develops in a romantic relationship, though it could additionally happen in platonic relationships from time to time.

People who develop love addiction are often afraid of being alone or rejected. Still, oxymoronically, they’re additionally the individuals who by no means appear to maintain on to a relationship. They get cautious of actual emotional connections, and they’re extra attracted to the chase. They like falling in love.

But relationships don’t appear to final long gone the honeymoon section. They spend time “hunting” for the one, or so that they suppose. They show unhealthy behaviors.

These individuals can develop essentially the most toxic obsessions with individuals who present them even the tiniest signal of consideration. And once they do ultimately find yourself in relationships, they really feel like they want to be in management of all the pieces on a regular basis.

They don’t understand how to interact with a partner healthily. That’s as a result of they don’t clearly perceive what boundaries are and why they’re important. They don’t build their relationships on belief and understanding. Their relationships obtain gasoline from need and a love of the chase.

Although it doesn’t contain any substances, this addiction can be primarily based on an individual’s need to really feel the push of endorphins. And, when the connection turns into “boring,” and that want for endorphins isn’t fulfilled, they bounce on to the subsequent one.

If you endure from love addiction, you’ll by no means end up really pleased and content material with somebody. You won’t ever have the opportunity to quiet down, and your relationships will likely be poisonous and emotionally draining. If you uncover the addiction and settle for that you just want to work by way of it, you’ll lastly discover real love.

6 Signs of Love Addiction

Watch for these purple flags that will point out you’re in a poisonous union.

1. Always Switching Partners May Reveal A Love Addiction

It’s regular to swap some partners all through your lifetime. But these individuals don’t simply finish relationships as a result of they don’t work anymore. They both get bored or get dumped.

Because they aren’t occupied with having stability, they don’t worth their qualities in a relationship. For them, a partner who has a secure job and is variety to them isn’t sufficient typically. They want thrill, pleasure, ardour.

All these appear to be they’d have their place in a relationship, however you need to by no means build a relationship primarily based on simply these qualities. Those qualities are fleeting. In a long-term relationship, you’ll typically have to take care of some off days.

But, as a result of sunshine and rainbows are all that love-addicted individuals need, they may solely keep in a relationship so long as the honeymoon phase continues to be going robust. They quit on the connection and begin trying to find a brand new rush when that fades away.

And that’s within the best-case state of affairs when it comes to love addiction. Unfortunately, these addicts have a tendency to be so poisonous that they get dumped in lots of circumstances.

2. Controlling Behaviors

For love-addicted individuals, falling in love is sort of a drug. They want it if they need to really feel pleased and full. So, once they discover somebody who can supply them that, they struggle to cling to them as arduous as attainable. And, they don’t understand how else to be certain their partner won’t ever depart them apart from partaking in controlling behaviors.

They are the individuals who at all times want to know the place their partner is, what they’re doing, who they’re with. They will bombard you with tons of texts and calls, and so they at all times want to be in contact with you. These behaviors create poisonous relationships that may take over your entire life.

If you’re feeling anxious or strive to dictate what your partner is doing, likelihood is you endure from love addiction. In that case, you need to strive setting some boundaries and giving the opposite particular person the space they want.

3. People Who Have a Love Addiction Often Have Past Trauma

Like all different addictions, this addiction doesn’t type out of anyplace. In most circumstances, it’s a habits that an individual develops due to traumatic experiences they’ve lived by way of.

Usually, individuals deserted or uncared for as youngsters develop separation anxiousness. This can gasoline the love addiction, as they continuously want to really feel desired. Or, it may be that they really feel like they aren’t in management of their life, so they struggle to management another person’s. Low shallowness may also be an element, as relationships make these individuals really feel worthy.

When your previous influences your concept of how relationships ought to look, likelihood is you received’t have the opportunity to resolve that alone. If you’re feeling like you have got some unresolved trauma, attain out to a psychologist and get the show you how to want. If you heal the basis points, you can be one step nearer to getting rid of the addiction.

4. Co-Dependency

If you’re scuffling with love addiction, likelihood is you’re displaying co-dependent behaviors. This habits is usually discovered, and it’s a situation that doesn’t permit you to have wholesome relationships.

This behavioral situation usually makes individuals accept relationships during which they’re abused or mistreated. These relationships are one-sided and fuelled by the sufferer’s want to “fix” their partner.

The individuals affected by co-dependency often go into survivor mode. They develop poisonous coping mechanisms. They don’t share their issues with household and mates. Nor do they rise up for themselves. They lose their sense of self and focus their vitality on their partner.

But, love-addicted individuals may also be the perpetrator. They may also be those who show abusive behaviors. They make their partner show co-dependent behaviors. Ironically, they don’t intend to be offensive. They turn into that means as a result of of their belief points and trauma.

So, if you end up in any of these circumstances as a sufferer or abuser, you want to change one thing about yourself. Try to get away of these poisonous relationships and power yourself to be alone for at the least a pair of months.

5. They Can’t Spend Time Alone

Love addiction can have an effect on all areas of somebody’s life. It doesn’t simply lead to an unhealthy relationship, however it makes it inconceivable for the addict to be alone. Whenever they’re alone, they really feel uncared for, and so they expertise signs comparable to withdrawal.

If they aren’t with their family members, they want to be surrounded by individuals. They have a continuing want for consideration. At the identical time, some love-dependent individuals isolate themselves each time they’re with somebody.

But, as quickly as they’re single once more, they may strive to return to the friendships they’ve given up on to be in that relationship. And, as quickly as they undergo with a breakup, they begin trying to find a brand new relationship. They can’t be pleased and content material when they’re single.

If you suppose you may be addicted to love, ask yourself how a lot time are you able to final as a single particular person? Is it only a couple of weeks till you begin feeling like one thing’s lacking? If that’s the case, you want to work on loving yourself and studying to be pleased regardless of your relationship standing.

6. Love Addiction May Cause You To Avoid Intimacy

Even although somebody who has a love addiction wants to be in relationships on a regular basis, they nonetheless stray away from creating significant relationships. They give attention to conserving issues gentle and enjoyable to keep away from the struggles and sacrifices that include an precise bond.

Even although they’re obsessive about their partner, they nonetheless refuse to open up and belief the opposite particular person. They are scared of emotional intimacy, which might imply displaying who they’re.

They are afraid of being deserted and have low shallowness. Thus, they select to be extra guarded. They can management the narrative so long as they don’t open up. They can act completely and present their partner the absolute best model of themselves. This is a protection mechanism.

If you realize that you just keep away from having deep, significant interactions along with your partner in any respect prices, that may be as a result of you have got a love addiction. Try to work in your fears and power yourself to open up little by little.

Final Thoughts On Signs of Love Addiction (and How to Stop Chasing Partners)

Love addicts are obsessive about the thought of being in love. The hunt for a partner is their drug, the factor that makes them really feel worthy and fulfilled.

More usually than not, this habits is due to trauma, like neglect, abandonment points, and low shallowness. These individuals don’t know what a real, significant relationship appears to be like like, so that they fall into toxic patterns. They are controlling, obsessive and afraid of being alone. But they’re additionally scared of being intimate, and so they really feel like they want to assist “fix” somebody to be worthy.

The finest means to recover from this addiction is to repair the core points. Go over your trauma and fears, and take a look at to deal with them. Talk to family and friends about your issues, and, if wanted, even search skilled assist.

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