22 Signs He Thinks About You A Lot Even If He Tries To Hide It

It isn’t easy to read a man’s mind. They can be complex creatures to understand. Do you spend a lot of time together, have great conversations, and feel a certain spark when you’re around him, but you’re unsure if he’s into you?

No need to worry. We’ve all been there. “How do I know if it’s mine?” is a common problem among us women.

The truth is most men are honest about their feelings. He may be sending all kinds of signals that he thinks a lot about you, even if he tries to hide it.

Some clear signs will give you a high degree of certainty about whether or not he’s into you. How to find out if a man likes you:

Signs he thinks a lot about you

1. He often asks how you are

Start here if you’re looking for signs that he’s thinking a lot about you. He checks on you and often asks if you are okay.

It’s a sign that he’s thinking about you and cares about you. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be asking. You will probably find him cute and attractive if you like this guy. If not, it can seem overwhelming and creepy.

2. Remembers what you say

One of the main signs that he thinks about you a lot is that he remembers what you said. Unlike many guys who go in one ear and out the other, this guy is a severe listener…at least when it comes to you.

He remembers what you say to him, including small details, jokes, and quirks.

He doesn’t miss the slightest thing, and when he doesn’t hear or understand what you’re saying, he asks for clarification.

3. He doesn’t talk about other girls

Although he tries to hide his feelings, one of the most vital signs he thinks about you is when he doesn’t talk about other girls.

If you ask specifically, he may mention an ex, but he will more or less not discuss the opposite sex with you. He wants to focus on you and not take any chances with you because he thinks about you more than just friendship.

He doesn’t want to make you feel jealous or burden you with thoughts of other women he’s trying to fix. Otherwise, he would not hesitate to talk about his loves, past loves, and future romantic dreams.

But that’s not what he’s doing because you’re on his mind. If he never mentions other women in front of you, it’s on purpose.

He’s afraid you’ll make him think he has feelings for someone else when his interest is actually in you.

4. He brings you gifts for no reason

Some people wait for the opportunity to give gifts to their loved ones (so a guy who cares about you will keep looking for important events to make you feel special).

But what if your birthday is coming up and the guy in your life is embarrassed to label you as Valentine?

The lack of an opportunity won’t stop him from pampering you or making you feel necessary. He’ll bring you a book he saw at the airport that made you think.

He will say that it just reminds him of you. It will do this often. Need any more signs that he thinks highly of you?

5. Shares links to content it thinks you’ll resonate with

One vital sign that he thinks a lot about you is when he shares things with you that he thinks you want.

This can include book and movie recommendations, links to articles, jokes, memes, or even links to clubs, places, and vacation ideas he thinks he’ll be joining.

When he tailors his suggestions to you, you’re on his mind!

6. He cares deeply about your beliefs and values

One of the most profound signs that he thinks highly of you is that he cares deeply about your beliefs and why. He wants to know what drives you, what shapes you, your challenges, and your triumphs.

He is fascinated by your religious and spiritual beliefs or lack thereof, and he often asks you about them.

7. He makes excuses to see you more often

What do most of us do when we overthink someone? The answer is that we increasingly desire to meet them in person.

That’s why one of the best signs he thinks about you a lot is when he makes excuses to see you more often. Whether it’s a work project or your kids being in the same soccer league, he’s there with the calls.

What a coincidence…

8. He often “accidentally” bumps into you

On a related note of common signs, he thinks about you a lot, which is that he often clashes with you. Your favorite dates, the park you run to, the softball league you joined last month.

Suddenly it appears there. Wait, isn’t that called stalking?

9. His friends are talking about him

Many guys talk to a friend or two when they’re interested in a girl or think a lot about her. Not everyone can shut up, especially if it’s your mutual friend.

In this case, they can tell directly that their friends are bad for you. I think its code has been cracked.

10. He makes it clear that he is still single

You know that person who gives many tips about being single but tries to do it unnecessarily?

This is usually because they are on the hunt and want to signal a specific one to move. “I’m single and ready to mingle; take your shot” is a common sentiment here.

If he’s broadcasting his Bachelorette, that’s one of the main signs he’s thinking a lot about you.

11. Restores conversations the next day or week

Usually, when you’re talking to someone, and the conversation ends, you forget them or don’t bring them up again.

But one sign that he’s coming to his senses is that he repeats conversations later… sometimes weeks. If he wants to follow up on something you’re talking about or has a different opinion, it means he’s thinking about you or at least what you’re discussing with him.

12. He invites you to events he thinks you’ll love

One vital sign he thinks highly of you is when he asks you to events that he says you’d like based on your specific interests and passions.

For example, if you dip a candle, it might invite you to a medieval art exhibition… Or if you like cycling, he might ask you to a cycling meet in the country this weekend.

Whatever the situation, he makes it clear that he’s thinking specifically about you and what you love to do.

13. He helps you without thinking

When a guy thinks about you, asking for your help doesn’t feel like a burden to him. He jumps into it without a second thought and does whatever it takes to be there for you.

While she will try to avoid being “just a friend” and being your shoulder to cry on, she will at least be a strong, silent presence for you to rely on and ask for help when needed.

If so, you’ve been on her mind (and a little more).

14. He cancels plans to be there for you

On a related note, a guy who thinks about you often will be willing to cancel most of his plans to be there for you in a pinch.

If you have a crisis or emergency, he will be there for you, and you will never doubt that you are his priority.

Whether you’re dating or in a romantic relationship, he’ll make it clear that you’re on his mind and very important to him.

15. He does more for you than anyone else

One of the classic signs that he thinks a lot about you is that he does more for you than others. This is undoubtedly a perfect thing.

The only downside is that she treats you like a queen, and others treat you like shit. This leads to the common mistake of not realizing how he touches the wait staff, and other people will one day speak to you, so be careful.

16. He asks you to meet often

Does he ask you out a lot? This means that he thinks about you often if he is doing this. The only caveat here is that there are gamers and lonely guys who will scroll through their contact lists and message any girl they know to meet up.

In this case, he’s not thinking about you; he’s probably thinking about what’s between his legs. However, if he offers tasty and specific dates and goes on regular dates, you uniquely feel about him.

17. Responds to your messages almost immediately

What is this person’s message waiting time? One of the main signs that he thinks a lot about you is that he quickly responds to messages.

It’s almost like he’s replying before you’ve finished writing a follow-up message or your previous thought. Honestly, because he probably is.

18. He is very interested in your opinion of him

Another sign that you’re on his mind is that he cares deeply about your opinion of him. He wants you to know that he’s a good, honest, reliable guy.

He constantly presents himself in a masculine light and shows off his best qualities while not shying away from admitting his faults.

His courage in showing all of himself to her shows that he thinks highly of you and respects you enough to hide all of himself from you, including his ugly side.

19. He undergoes dramatic style changes

One of the exciting signs that he thinks a lot about you is when his style undergoes dramatic changes.

One week he’s a bleach blonde surf dude; the next, he looks like he stepped out of a Brooks Brothers catalog from the 1950s.

One month he’s a rebellious skater kid; the next, he’s a grown-up businessman in penny loafers (not that skater rebels can’t wear penny loafers).

This guy is going through some style revolution, and it seems you’re always in the audience for one.

20. He is always happy when he is around you

When he sees her, he lights up. He can’t stop smiling when he’s around you. The fact that he always seems in such a good mood around you subtly reveals how much he thinks about you when you’re not around.

As we said, his intentions will reveal themselves in the end. So, if he’s happier around you, it’s because of you first!

21. His schedule changes to fit more with yours

Next, he can adjust his schedule to fit yours depending on whether you’re feeling in the romantic or creepy category. This is especially common if it’s your co-worker. If nothing else, you can’t tell this guy is slacking!

22. He is very active on your social media channels

Social media is where many people spend a lot of time these days. Therefore, it is helpful to take a look at its online mode.

If he communicates and scrolls through your social media channels, it’s a classic sign that he’s thinking about you a lot. If he’s your number one fan on the internet, you can be sure he loves you.

Is he thinking about you now?

Watch a guy’s body language and behavior as you try to decipher the signs that he can’t stop thinking about you. If he’s engaged in sweet gestures, remembers you when you’re not around, and keeps in touch, he loves you!

Maybe he’s thinking about you right now. Maybe he’s fighting to get you off his mind. Such fun and exciting times!

When will he make his move?

After reading this list of signals, you’re probably thinking: Okay, cool, I see he thinks about me a lot and is probably hiding his feelings for me.

But when will he act?

This leaves you with two options. You can wait and be patient.

If he can’t get you off his mind, sooner or later, he’ll let you know how he feels and sends you away. He doesn’t want to hide his feelings for you. He’ll want you to know that he’s thinking of you and cares deeply about you.

But why wait?

The second option you have is more daring. Have you thought about taking the first step?

If you’re in it, why hold back?

You can respond to his clear signals and interest and tell him exactly how you feel.

Take matters into your own hands

I know it can be scary and scary.

It’s easier to wait for the other person to act, to tell us how they feel, instead of making ourselves vulnerable and opening up to the possibility of rejection.

But what is holding you back?

It can be hard to feel so magnetic and confident that you can draw the people who care about you closer. If you’re shy or hesitant to express yourself, there’s an easy way to start boosting your confidence and aura.

If you’re tired of playing games or trying to find someone or can’t wait to wait around to tell someone you care about how you feel, Ruda’s honest and open discussion about healthy relationships is an excellent place for you. to start.

If you begin to understand that there is no perfect person out there and no perfect relationship, you can eliminate all feelings of fear and hesitation.

You can learn how to live in a place of strength and love. Otherwise, we wait around and wait for others to make us happy.

And we can easily fall into a cycle of creating a series of toxic relationships.

Expecting someone else to make you happy leads to many unhappy relationships and poisons you to live a life devoid of confidence, optimism, and personal independence.

So why not take the time to think about how you can focus on yourself and see how beautiful and magnetic you are?

Then you don’t have to spend much time figuring out how the other person behaves. You can make yourself feel so loved and magnetic that others are drawn to you.

But most importantly, you will begin to learn to live so authentically and vividly that you will feel joy and happiness every moment because of how you think about yourself and treat yourself.

When you are genuinely open to life, it doesn’t matter whether you act first or wait for it to work.

Because in the end, you will feel the freedom to live alive, express yourself authentically, and accept life’s consequences and possibilities.

What kind of life do you want to live?

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