10 Signs A Good Woman Is Done With You (And What To Do Next)

You thought she would be with you forever. You felt that she would always love you and be loyal to you. But you took her for granted and didn’t give her what she deserved in a relationship.

Maybe you didn’t see its value until it was ready to go. It’s a good thing you realize this before it’s too late.

Do not worry. Her bags may already be packed, but you can still do something about it. In this article, I’ll give you ten signs that a good woman is done with you and what you can still do about it.

10 Signs that a good woman is done with you

1. She built a bubble

A good woman does not decide to dump her man lightly. But when she decides about it, then for your life, you can say that she will go.

But it is not always possible for her to leave immediately. For example, she may feel that she has too much to lose or nowhere to go, and then she will keep herself alive by building up stubble and staying there until times get better for her.

That is, she creates a wall around herself and closes everything outside that wall.

You can tell if she’s not easily swayed by things that used to bother her. For example, maybe you always get into fights when you’re drunk. But now, she stares and doesn’t seem to see anything.

2. She closes

It’s similar to her rumble but more like a complicated metal shell. It pulls down this metal shell when you experience conflict. She closes the door when you ask her to talk because you got something wrong.

She will not say anything because she is afraid you will justify yourself again and not listen to her.

She won’t say anything because she’s afraid that if she does say something, her anger towards you will slowly get trampled…and she doesn’t want that. She wants to be angry with you because breaking up is her motivation.

Ultimately, she won’t say anything because she has done it many times, and nothing has changed.

3. She is no longer jealous

Even if you seem to miss each other, you will know that a girl is still in love with you if she is also jealous when she is with another girl.

If she used to be super jealous and now doesn’t give a damn who you’re with or when you go home, she’s done it. She would rather waste another second bothering you with someone else than focusing on herself.

4. She doesn’t come to the rescue like she used to

Your woman is one of a kind. She was always there for you, even on your darkest days. She was happy to meet you after work after you told her how busy your day was. And if you needed money, she would gladly give you a few dollars to help you out.

Is it now? she doesn’t even rush to comfort you, even if she’s watching Netflix at home. Suddenly she has no money left to lend you.

5. She has become a new person

She’s reinvented herself – from her routine to her hairstyle to her hobbies…and she’s even dabbled in music and movies. While this happens to anyone in a healthy relationship, what makes it different is that you feel like you’re not there for her on her journey.

She doesn’t tell you that she got a haircut and doesn’t share her new hobbies with you. A woman doing business with you would want to be a different version of herself while still in love with you. If it’s still hard to break up, it’s her way of breaking up with you.

6. She would take any chance to be away from you

A good woman is sometimes too kind to break her heart. Therefore, she has difficulty making it official even if she wants to leave you.

However, you can tell that she is emotionally checking to see if she used to be clingy but now wants to be away from you.

She would hold your hand at any invitation, even from people she didn’t like, to avoid spending the night with you. She visits her family more often, even if they are not as close.

7. Sets more explicit boundaries

Gone are the days when the motto of your relationship was “Yours not mine, mine not yours.”

Now she demands that you respect her place of residence, her privacy, and her emotional boundaries. She wants you to feel like two separate people because she is healthy and trying to rekindle her feelings before we were together.

She is probably doing this to prepare both of you. Finally, she is ready to leave for good.

8. She has become passive in the relationship

Usually, a good woman is proactive in a relationship. She usually does planning, relationship maintenance, housework, and other tasks.

Women usually get in trouble for not caring and being lazy in relationships. So when it’s passive (mainly if it exhibits other traits on this list), it won’t last long.

9. She stops trying to impress you

A good woman falls in love with you; she will try to be better so that you will be happy to be in a relationship with her. It doesn’t automatically mean she needs your approval just because she’s inspired to be better, so you’ll both be happy.

When a good woman does business with you, she thinks she’s already good enough, and it’s unfair for her to try her best. Still, you don’t try to be a good wife.

You can tell it’s when she stops doing things that make you happy and stops caring what you think of her.

10. She is not afraid to hurt you

When a good woman loves you, she is willing to do anything to protect you and make you happy. But she doesn’t give a damn when she’s on top of you.

She didn’t stop badmouthing you.

Because she thinks it’s unfair that she cares so much for you, but you didn’t do the same for her. And so she did. She has gone through the grieving process and now has the confidence to put herself ahead of herself no matter what.

She would say what she wanted, even if she knew it could hurt you. she would do whatever she wanted. She has to be excellent and responsible. She’s not afraid to show it to you.

11. She doesn’t go out of her way to make you happy

Of course, when someone works, they don’t do much for their partner. But when a good woman is made, she shows how she is.

A good woman gives all her love while believing the relationship is worth it. But when a woman sees that she is hopeless, she will not be able to lie that she is kind to spoil the relationship; that is, she will show that she is checking herself.

No more surprise gifts, no more massages, no more lovingly cooked dinners. Now she cares more about her happiness than yours. This is the most significant sign a good woman makes with you.

How to fix your relationship?

If you see your woman showing the signs described above, you can be sure she has been with you. So don’t be afraid to grab a bottle of wine and be sad.

But if you want to get it back, at some point, you’ll have to stop grieving and do something about it. We’ve got you covered. Here are five essential steps you should take.

1. Do some serious self-reflection

Usually, people don’t leave committed relationships on their own accord. There are always a bunch of valid reasons behind this decision. And sometimes, some are within your control, and some are not.

There’s no point in wasting your energy on things you can’t change. Instead, do your best. And you can start with self-reflection.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What did I do to make her unhappy?
  • What can I change in myself to make her happy?
  • Am I willing to change myself because it’s good for me or because I want to please her?
  • But can I make the necessary changes? Do I need to compromise my values?
  • Do I still want to be in this relationship, or should I look for someone new?
  • If I can’t convince her to stay here, will I regret the changes I’ve made?

2. A conversation with a relationship coach

Relationships are not accessible. If that were the case, then everyone wouldn’t have a hard time finding a spouse, and articles like this would become obsolete.

A lot of things have to go right. It would help if you found someone whose values and lifestyle match yours. Both of you should be mature enough to handle things properly.

Some of these come from lessons taught to us through experience. Thankfully, it is possible to share what others have learned. They have seen it all. They are perfectly willing to share their understanding of difficult situations. For example, after a woman makes out with you, she wins back.

3. Schedule a sit-down conversation with her

You can always think about the things you did wrong, or you can spend weeks doing nothing but learning from other people’s mistakes. But self-reflection is worth little if you don’t act on it.

And that’s why you should try to find the time and place to sit down and talk with her about this issue. Make sure she’s satisfied, even if it’s a heart-wrenching effort. Ask without blaming, threatening, or trying to corner her.

Do not lock it. Let her leave whenever she wants.

4. Discussion

In most cases, some, if not all, of the blame lies with you. And no matter how much you think about your issues, it is better to listen to what she has to say.

So ask her about you and try your best to do something.

  • Talk about what you’re doing (not communicating enough, etc.). Otherwise, she’ll accuse you of outright dealing with you.
  • Admit that you’re messed up; if she’s still willing to give you a chance, she’s ready to change.
  • Tell her what you think you did wrong, admit that anything could happen, and ask if she has anything else to add.
  • Listen to what she wants from you and try to fulfill her wishes.

5. Keep your promises

Of course, just as thinking doesn’t mean much, promises don’t mean anything if you don’t follow through. Promises also mean nothing if you don’t push along with them.

  • Only make promises you know you can keep.
  • Keep the promise. Because (Man) will do this about the covenant (on the Day of Judgment). Don’t stop just because you’ve won back your girl’s heart.
  • Even if you break up, it still pays to take the lessons you learned (and the promises you made) into your future relationships.
  • If she’s been asking things that you can’t last for a long time, you should probably question what you mean to each other.
  • If she calls you to go back on your promises, ask her how you can do it better.


Realizing you’re with a good woman just when she’s about to leave you is one of the most painful realities a man can ever experience.

But it is not the end of everything. Show your woman that you are ready to make the relationship work and will keep your promises this time.

She’ll give you another shot if she’s a good woman. If you want to be together, you can both do it and even come out stronger than before.

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