Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction 2021: LL Cool J Speech

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In the pantheon of artists being up for induction consideration on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, LL Cool J had the (not enjoyable) distinction of being handed over time and time once more previous to the 2021 ceremony: He was nominated six occasions since 2010, and but, right here he’s now, nonetheless considerably snubbed to the sub-category of the Hall’s Musical Excellence Award. Be like his signature Kangol hat and hop your sorry ass out of right here if you happen to really feel dangerous for him, although. Enthusiastically talking from the rostrum as half of the most recent class, LL was eager on assuring his devoted legion of followers and “LL Cool J, Inc. team” that the consideration is as welcome as it’s bittersweet.

“I’d like to thank all of the people who voted for LL to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame year after year,” he stated. “A lot people, when I told them when I told them I got inducted, they’d say to me, ‘Isn’t it is about time?’ You see, what people don’t realize is, I wasn’t thinking about the people who voted against me. I was thinking about the people who voted for me. It was love. Like what I was feeling was, ‘Wow, here’s some people over there who won’t take no for an answer.’ They like, ‘Yo this guy got to be in here and we’re going to keep fighting for you till we get him in here.’ So I thank you.”

Thanking his household, God, a person who’s “been like a consiglieri to me,” and his vigorous trio of induction performers Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Jennifer Lopez, LL continued to evangelise a gospel of happiness regardless of it being simple to not. “Humility. I know I’m supposed to get up here and talk tough and talk shit, but nah. Humility,” he provided. “I’m not talking about that false, self-deprecating, I-bow-to-you-but-I think-I’m-better-than-you-shit. I’m talking about real humility, where you have the confidence to collaborate, the confidence to work with other people. The confidence to celebrate others.” And additionally, the boldness of inspiring style: “The last thing I’ll say is, rock and roll, hip-hop loves you. We borrow your beats. We sample ’em. We turn them into hits. And we know where we came from. We know where things come from. We love and appreciate you.” No comeback needed.

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