Raw Food Or Cooked Food – Which Is Better?

Get out of the raw vs. cooked food dilemma as expert nutritionists are here with the big reveal.

The second you enter the world of social media, from celebs to nutritionists everybody appears to be yapping about what food one should eat and what to skip. The largest of all puzzles to unravel is whether or not to go for uncooked raw food or cooked food. Isn’t it?

When it involves weight loss, we’ve been seeing everybody choosing raw salads, fruits, and so on. But in hindsight, nutritionists additionally recommend that it’s higher to go for cooked food as a result of cooking kills the germs within the food. And on this mash-up, we’re left alone in confusion.

Well, seems to be like we’re crusing in the identical boat and that makes it all of the extra necessary to know which form of food will fit your necessities.

That’s why we received in contact with nutritionist and dietician Manisha Chopra and requested her every part about raw versus cooked food. Do you realize what you’re eating is healthy or not?

Come and examine this!

Is raw food really good? Why?

Raw food is healthier as a result of:

Here are some drawbacks of eating raw foods that it is advisable to be careful for:

What’s so good about cooked food?

Cooked food is healthier as a result of:

Apparently, cooked foods even have some drawbacks:

Does timing matter to eating raw or cooked food?

Before consuming raw fruits and veggies, they need to be washed correctly with clear water. Veggies will be soaked in heat water for half an hour earlier than eating.

“Wash all veggies thoroughly before cooking food. Make sure your hands, utensils, and kitchen surfaces are clean. Make sure to peel off the skin of foods that might not be good for your health. For example: potatoes, carrots, bottle gourd, etc.,” says Manisha.

Verdict time

Both raw food and cooked food have their very own advantages and limitations. You ought to embrace each in your diet. Following is a listing of foods which might be higher when eaten raw and people which might be higher when eaten cooked.

Foods that are better when eaten raw:

Foods that are better when eaten after cooking:

Ta-da! The verdict is out and appears like it is advisable to strike the right steadiness to take advantage of it.

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