Random Strangers Help Out at a Short-staffed Denny’s

Eating at a short-staffed restaurant can be frustrating for diners and servers alike. Some customers leave to find other dining options when the wait staff can’t keep up with demand. But in this story, kindness took over when the customers stepped up and lifted the burden on the workers.

After the concert, Silvia Arrendondo and her mother, Idalia Merkel, wanted to find a place to eat. Since it was already after 11 pm, they thought most businesses would be closed for the night except IHOP. When they pulled into the parking lot, they were surprised that the restaurant wasn’t open due to a lack of staff.

So they tried the next place they thought of, a Denny’s down the road. When they entered, only one side of the dining room was open. Customers occupied only a few tables, but many were waiting to be seated.

So they tried the next place they thought of, Denny’s Road, soon after. When they entered, only one side of the dining room was open. Customers occupied only a few tables, but many were waiting to be seated.

A volunteer host and host greeted guests at the “Door”

Later, a man they learned, Lynn Roberts, approached the two women and said he hoped they weren’t in a hurry. He explained that only one waiter and a cook were running the short-staffed Denny’s.

They were surprised to learn that the man’s wife, Amy, had been sitting people down since working for Danny and knew their systems.

Sylvia explained the situation in her Facebook post, noting that other customers also came in to help.

“We are looking at each other and his wife comes to us and asks how many and seats us. She asked what we wanted to drink and brings it to us. Another lady, who clearly did not work there, comes to take our order. She assures us she has no clue what she’s doing, she was just trying to help. She goes on to tell us there is really only one waitress and one cook. The waitress attempted to call her manager several times and no response. This little waitress was in tears!” the post read.

Although the chef also broke down occasionally, the staff did their best to comfort each other.

The two women showed kindness; Short staff volunteered to help Danny

A situation at a short-staffed restaurant prompted two women to jump into action. They immediately went to the kitchen and helped the college-aged-looking waiter and cook. Idalia offered to help cook while Silvia began serving the customers. Their good deeds encouraged other patrons to assist in the management of this establishment.

A couple started clearing tables with a bus, and another man worked in a dishwasher. Everyone seemed to know what to do and never complained about the service. They just wanted to ensure that the short-staffed restaurant could continue to serve customers.

“Perhaps, we could have ignored this structure and left angry like many others?” Of course! We all knew this sweet lady and a young man were coming to get paid. We were all determined not to let them sink!” Silvia continued in this position.

She proudly explained that she had never experienced such a “beautiful act of American unity” before. A community gathered together for one purpose: to serve each other and to ensure that no one leaves the restaurant hungry.

Within a short period, the restaurant quickly became a bustling eatery, and the mood changed along with the environment. Thanks to the kindness of strangers who helped save the day, the tense atmosphere became light and cheerful.

Of course, the orders weren’t always perfect, but no one seemed to mind. They were grateful to have food on their plates.

Silvia jokingly said: “No one dared to argue with us!” And the best part is that we couldn’t be released from work!”

Two kind women helped a short-staffed restaurant early in the morning. Their “shift” ended at 3 am. Eventually, they convinced everyone to go home for the night.

An unexpected moment brought them to tears

Although they did not go to dinner, they were no longer hungry. They felt very grateful when the women came to support them.

“We were sitting and breathing, and my mother could not hold back her tears. This moment hit us! We take so many things for granted. These two young men were trying to do their job and were failed by many people. Our hearts ache for them,” continues Silvia’s post.

She also mentioned how she was moved by the resilience and courage of these two workers. Sylvia and her mother felt honored to help the short-staffed restaurant in its time of need. At the end of the shift, everyone expressed their gratitude for participating in such an incredible display of humanity.

– Once everything was said and done. Strangers hugged strangers and thanked each other for coming together and helping each other. It took a village. Seeing others lend their voices to help and do the right thing was great!” Sylvia said.

Of course, it would be easy for these two women to leave the short-staffed Denny’s and find another place to eat. But instead of complaining or getting angry about the service, they decided to help. They could not leave the restaurant in such a state of disrepair. Especially the workers felt very uncomfortable.

Many restaurants have recently reduced their hours due to roaring customers and lacking staff. The pandemic, supply chain issues, and economic disruptions are taking their toll on the food service industry. But this happy story reminds us that we can still count on each other in difficult times.

Final thoughts on the community showing kindness by helping a short-staffed restaurant

When most people see long lines at a restaurant, they turn away and choose another place to eat. But two women walking into a short-staffed Denny’s one night couldn’t bring themselves to leave.

They were called upon to help two college-age employees run the restaurant and immediately headed to the kitchen. One started cooking, and the other served the tables, doing everything she could to help. Other customers settled in, waiting for the host to seat them.

This incredible act of kindness proves the importance of community because we are stronger when we work together.

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