Probiotic V/S Prebiotic: What’s The Difference And Which One Is Better

Many individuals don’t fairly perceive the difference between prebiotics and probiotics however it is true that each can work wonders in your intestine well being.

Confusing probiotics with prebiotics is in all probability a standard prevalence for many of us. However, it’s necessary to know that each of them influence our intestine well being in several methods. These intestine microorganisms are amongst trillion others, which assist help digestion, take up vitamins, and enhance immunity.

A healthy steadiness of probiotics and prebiotics will keep intestine well being. While probiotics live micro organism discovered, prebiotics is derived from carbohydrates, which are consumed by probiotic micro organism in the intestine.

What’s the difference between these two healthy micro organism?


These are good micro organism, naturally present in the physique, and derived from varied meals sources. These residing microorganisms present a variety of well being advantages in your intestine and dwell in synergy with the different useful micro organism. Probiotics additionally assist do away with toxins from the physique and kill dangerous micro organism by producing pure antibiotics. You want each probiotic and prebiotic meals to maintain your intestine healthy!


Prebiotics are principally the meals for probiotics. The sources are majorly carbohydrates and plant fibre. These vitamins could possibly be tough to digest by the physique, however fortuitously, the good micro organism in the intestine use them as meals. They journey undigested, from the small gut into the colon. Probiotics, then ferment it and devour it for power.

This is how probiotics are completely different from prebiotics

1. Constitution: Prebiotics are dietary fibre, whereas probiotics are the good micro organism that feed on the mentioned fibre. Prebiotics are basically the fertilizer for producing pleasant bacterial colonies in the intestine.

Prebiotics should not residing organisms, and should not affected by circumstances reminiscent of warmth, decay, chilly, or acidity, in your intestine. An instance can be blueberries, a tasty supply of prebiotic fibre that doesn’t lose its efficiency even when frozen. Probiotics, on the different hand, live microorganisms in the gastric system and could also be eradicated on publicity with abdomen acid, warmth or decay.

2. Health advantages: Probiotics assist the digestive system operate successfully. They additionally help weight reduction, enhance coronary heart well being, and decrease blood sugar and blood strain ranges. Probiotics enhance your intestine’s well being and guarantee a clean bowel motion. Prebiotics nourish probiotics in the intestine, facilitating the formation of healthy colonies of excellent micro organism.

Being a dietary fibre, they assist in the clean motion of meals in your digestive tract. Consuming probiotic and prebiotic meals received’t simply be helpful to your intestine well being however enhance total well being as properly.

3. Food Sources: Fermented meals are a wealthy supply of probiotics. Yoghurt, cheese, paneer are good sources of probiotics. Prebiotics are basically dietary fibre, and will be present in garlic, onion, oatmeal, barley and apple.

Maintaining and enhancing gut health is important in your total well-being. Remember that prebiotics is the driving blocks for probiotics, as a nourishing supply.

So, make sure that you embrace quite a lot of probiotics and prebiotic-rich meals in your food plan, for better intestine well being.

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