New Shazam 2 Costume Analysis: A Big Improvement for the DCEU

OK, so…this isn’t a drastic departure from the first movie’s Shazam costume, however there are nonetheless loads of notable variations, and total I’d say it’s an enchancment.

First up, don’t panic about the lack of a cape in these pics, that is in all probability from filming an motion sequence that may require a CGI cape added in post-production, and there’s a bodily cape clearly seen in Sandberg’s video. Those gray and silver highlights is likely to be placeholders for CGI lightning that may course by way of the costume, too.

You can nonetheless see see the cape fasteners at his collar, and whereas it’s onerous to inform from right here, they appear to nonetheless have the symbolic “tiger” design from the first movie. Tigers are necessary to Shazam mythology due to Mr. Tawny, an anthropomorphic speaking tiger who used to hang around with Billy and everybody like this was only a regular factor. And why shouldn’t or not it’s?

The lightning bolt emblem is the very first thing I’ll name a real improve. Slightly smaller than the earlier costume, and barely extra angular, it feels extra dynamic and, nicely, lightning-like. It looks like it nonetheless accommodates the sensible “light up” aspect of the earlier swimsuit, however it’s much less apparent when not in use.

While all fashionable superhero fits are textured, that sample we see spreading outward from the lightning bolt alongside the chest and shoulders feels lifted straight from Gary Frank’s Shazam comics design. Frank’s work has been a significant affect on the huge display screen Shazam anyway, however this appears like a very apparent nod to that.

The crimson of the costume appears to be the similar shade as the earlier one, too, however the addition of the darker crimson alongside the sides makes the look extra dynamic. There’s a lot crimson in the swimsuit, and it typically felt prefer it flattened out Levi’s type in the first movie. This ought to assist fight that impact. Similarly, the belt is a bit more substantial, and the proven fact that it’s much less angular retains the torso from feeling too “long.”

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