Neetu Kapoor Reveals How Yoga Helps Her Stay Calm And Fit

For veteran actress Neetu Kapoor, fitness is a way of life and yoga is an important part of it. She finds out how it helps her find her inner calm.

She’s in her 60s, however exudes the vibrancy and vivaciousness of a 16-year-old. Her ‘Nach punjaban’ strikes in upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Jugjugg Jeeyo’ are a proof that at 63, Neetu Kapoor works onerous at staying and feeling match. In interview, she talks concerning the significance of health and health in her life and the way yoga is her go-to routine for mental peace.

After her husband Rishi Kapoor’s demise because of most cancers over two years in the past, Neetu Kapoor took a while to come back to phrases along with her loss. But as soon as she gathered herself, she was back to being her happy-go-lucky self.

Watch the actress bask in respiratory workout routines along with her daughter Riddhima Kapoor Sahni!

I don’t wish to abuse my body, says Neetu Kapoor

Fit as a fiddle for her age, Neetu Kapoor says her every day exercise routine is one thing she by no means compromises on.

“I feel so uneasy if I don’t exercise. Sometimes, if I can’t exercise because I may be travelling, I do 20 Surya Namaskars. Or I walk at least 10,000 to 15,000 steps. Your body has to move! You have to look after it,” Neetu Kapoor tells. She believes in correct diet, hydration, sleep and exercise.

Even when she was down with Covid-19, she ensured she would exercise or at the least meditate. She used to commonly do Pranayam, and be concerned with at the least an hour’s session of respiratory workout routines along with her coach by way of on-line lessons.

Exercise, for Neetu Kapoor, is like praying to God.

“He has given you a good body. You can’t abuse it. You have to look after it. That’s your gratitude towards God. I don’t like to abuse my body, I like to look after it,” provides the actor, who has been related to the movie business since many years.

Yoga to Neetu Kapoor’s rescue

Fitness is a lifestyle for her and she or he’s acutely aware about it.

“I do my yoga, I do my walking, and I also do the treadmill to burn my calories. Somehow, all of this makes your face feel so fresh. If you are stressed, try to workout because it can make you feel good. You can just do Pranayam. In fact, whenever I am stressed, I do Anulom Vilom. That deep breathing, followed by meditation, makes you feel so fresh. Or just do Kapalbhati, which opens up your mind!” she gushes as she talks about her yoga favourites.

The mom of two and grandma of 1 believes individuals should give priority to holistic wellness in no matter means it fits them.

“Even if you are obese, you can start slow and give yourself some months. But give yourself that time. You can’t just get tired and say, ‘Kuchh nahi ho raha!” Arre, hoga! One advantageous day, hoga… Don’t lose hope,” Neetu Kapoor says on a optimistic word, including that life is all about serving to your self.

At the top of the day, as she says, “You can be a good 60 or a bad 60”.

“Age gracefully. Be a good 60! I am not skinny! If I lose too much weight, I would look too drawn. People must be realistic with their weight and with themselves. Everything is within you — your physical health, your mental health. You have all the answers. Only you have to listen to your body!”

Diet issues

Exercise and yoga aside, Neetu Kapoor can also be conscious about her diet.

“I like to eat healthy things. I don’t starve to stay fit. I eat dal, subzi, chawal. Even if I go to a restaurant, I tend to order the good stuff and not what’s unhealthy. It’s how your mindset is. Even if you are 50 or 60, you can be healthy and fit… You don’t have to say, ‘Arre main 50 ki ho gayi hun…ab kya karna hai‘. There’s no age limit to health. You can be healthy at any age!”

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