“My Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman” – 10 Tips If This Is You

Have you ever woken up one day and realized the distance between you and your man? Of course not! Most likely, there is a long train of thought caused by subtle changes in his ways that led you to this realization – Is he crushing on a new woman? Am I no longer necessary to him? How do I know if my husband is interested in someone else?

You immediately started looking for signs that your husband is in love with another woman. “What to do if my husband has lost interest in me?” A scary thought constantly bothers you.

Perhaps you’ve decided to sweep these concerns under the rug because you don’t want to question the “trust” in your relationship. The next day, you meet a friend and discover her husband is cheating on her. Or you pick up a magazine and read that only 67.3% of men said they cheated on their partners.

The seeds of doubt are sprouting again, and now you want to go back to a time when your relationship was free of trust issues, right?

But do you think that avoiding these seeds of doubt is the right solution? Will that put your mind at ease? You know it won’t.

What is the right course of action, then? As hard as it is, it would help if you started looking for and acknowledging the signs that your husband is interested in someone else.

16 Signs that your husband has a crush on another woman

Do you feel attracted to your husband’s colleagues, friends, or someone you don’t know yet? You probably see signs that the two are growing closer—and it’s already affecting your relationship.

So, watch out for these obvious and not-so-obvious signs to ensure your man is in love with another woman.

1. He is moving away

Does your husband stay late for work or spend more weekends with out-of-town client meetings?

Be warned, as these are usually typical covers for infidelity. Could this be someone from the business or a new customer?

If it’s true that he’s busy at work, make sure he doesn’t make excuses or use work commitments to hide things behind your back. Why don’t you talk to him about it – try offering to help or pay him a surprise visit at work to be sure.

If he walks away or doesn’t answer your calls, take it as a sign that something is wrong. But then, don’t let those bad seeds of doubt and jealousy tear you apart.

The most important thing is to:

Try to rebuild your marriage.

When your husband falls in love with another woman, it does not mean the end of your marriage. I highly recommend Fix Your Marriage by celebrity relationship expert Brad Browning.

Because chances are, your marriage isn’t what it used to be.

You feel like your world is falling apart because all the passion, love, and romance seem to have completely died out.

Let me tell you this:

You can save your marriage – even if you’re the only one trying. If you feel your marriage is worth saving and fighting for, do yourself a favor!

2. He can’t take his hands off the phone

Your husband never uses his phone much, but now he is hooked on it. This can be cause for concern. It’s reasonable if he’s reading the news, watching videos, playing games, or checking work emails.

It would help if you only worried when they start being secretive about their calls and messages.

This may mean not answering the call when you are around or moving away from you to answer. The next time you do this, gently ask him, “Who is it?” or “What is it about?”

If he has nothing to hide, he will be honest with you. But if the suspect answers, it’s clear that it could be a woman he’s developed feelings for.

3. He is less interested in you

Well, “interest” here isn’t just about likes and dislikes. But it’s more his interest in the relationship and the efforts he uses to strengthen your relationship.

If his “how was your day?” in response to your question has changed from detailed denigrations of how his day went to monosyllabic answers like “fine” or “usual,” it’s a sign that he’s moving away from you. Similarly, you should be careful if you find that he makes excuses every time you plan to spend time with him.

Everything seemed to change when it used to be intimate and romantic and spend a lot of time with you. You may suddenly feel that he is avoiding you and not friendly anymore.

And you know he’s not stressed and has nothing else to worry about. Be aware because this is a red flag that he is romantically interested in someone else.

If you sense that he is more interested in dealing with other people, he is clearly becoming attracted to someone else.

4. He is more interested in you

Some men who love another often do things to cover up their actions and feelings. Your husband can surprise you with dinner, give you gifts, or organize a passionate love session for you.

And you think all this is strange – because there can be reasons behind all this, for example:

  • He wants to keep your romantic relationship alive
  • He expresses his love and affection to you
  • He is guilty of something
  • He is trying to prove to himself that you are the one he wants to be with
  • He doesn’t want you to be suspicious

If this is not his usual behavior, then it is better to ask why he is being so extreme with you.

5. He pays too much attention to another woman

Be careful! This is the most obvious sign that your husband is in love and developing feelings for another woman. You may start to see him go out of his way to talk to or meet with this person – even if there is no reason to do so.

Also, notice that he goes to a particular place regularly – it could be a restaurant, gym, park, or some other area. If he gets overly friendly, acts weird, or is nice to this woman, that’s a huge red flag.

You can tell by your husband’s behavior that he is just good, a good friend, or something else.

6. He pays more attention to his appearance

You notice that he is more concerned about his appearance, clothes, smell, or body shape. Maybe he didn’t care much about it before, but now her care and style have increased.

You can also pay attention to:

  • His taste in clothes is different
  • He starts using sunscreen or perfume all the time
  • He spends hours getting ready for work
  • He is sporting a new haircut

Find out what motivates her to look so good. If he doesn’t impress you, someone else might.

If he doesn’t dress up when you go out to dinner, there’s a good chance he’s trying to impress someone he likes and look good.

7. He hides everything from you

Most married couples share everything, including where they spend their money. He used to be open to it, but now everything is hidden from him. It also saves or throws away all those receipts, bills, and bank transactions.

When he accidentally sees the charges on her credit card bills, he refuses to give a straight answer. He will accuse you of not trusting him when he asks you to look at his expenses.

This is a huge red flag that he already sees someone behind your back. But instead of letting things get to that point, take action to save your marriage before it’s too late.

8. He gets overly defensive and angry

You are married to this person, so there is no reason for him to be upset when you are around him. But lately, you’ve noticed that he’s acting weird, even for no reason.

Work, friends, phone calls, etc. He will get angry, defensive, or even angry when asked about something. He gets upset when you casually mention something about cheating or infidelity.

He will choose to ignore you or change the subject to hide the guilt and emotions he feels towards the woman he loves.

9. He avoids any intimacy with you

If he started to avoid looking at you, touching you, kissing you, hugging you, then definitely cook something. Being attracted to someone else can overshadow their love for you.

Remember that episode of Sex Education on Netflix where Otis replies, “That’s beautiful,” to Ruby’s “I love you, Otis”? Well, such passive attempts to avoid intimacy aren’t just romantic fiction.

If your husband develops feelings for someone else, you may see them in your marriage. Consider this one of the signs that your husband is interested in another woman.

10. He continues to talk about someone else

Yes, our phones have become an integral part of our lives, and many of us spend more time on them than is helpful.

But there’s a clear difference between examples of a general obsession with gadgets and using them for potential romantic interest.

Here are a few things to watch out for: Is your husband spending most of his time looking at social media platforms while telling you he has to work on a time-critical project? Refuses to leave this phone, even for a minute? Does he refuse to lend it to you, no matter how urgently you need it?

Does he put the phone aside to listen to you and go to another room to talk to someone else? These hidden tendencies may be more than just gadgets getting in the way of your relationship and could be signs that your husband is interested in someone else.

11. His  social media activity says so

It is normal to like, comment, and communicate with friends on social networks. So, if you have an idea of ​​a woman your husband is interested in, look at her Facebook or Instagram account (hopefully, they’re not private).

If you see that your husband is very active on this woman’s post, it is a sign that he is more attracted to her.

However, do not rush to immediate conclusions. After all, alike, a sticker comment or a smiling emoji won’t hurt.

Red flags to look out for include:

  • When your husband keeps this woman’s picture on his phone
  • When you write flirtatious comments on her photos
  • When his replies to status updates are too personal

Also, check if there is a private message exchange between them. He may be sexually attracted to him and respond to her flirting.

12. He’s more sensitive than ever

Is your husband overly sensitive or harsh to anything you say? Is he emotionally detached or frustrated over trivial matters?

Perhaps he is trapped by his attraction and feelings for another woman and your marriage. He may try to hide his feelings or find ways to prevent these feelings from developing.

This is because he is confused and emotionally conflicted by what is happening.

When you see changes in his behavior, it’s a clear sign that something (or someone) or someone is bothering him. And it’s time to communicate openly without accusing him of anything.

13. He starts criticizing you

Does he criticize you because he sees all your mistakes but ignores what you do for him?

He seems to find fault with everything you do—the food you cook, the music you choose, and even how you dress. Getting this treatment from your husband is difficult and painful.

Maybe he takes you for granted, and it’s a great relationship you have. Perhaps another woman has caught his eye, and he’s ignoring the love you’re giving him.

Worse, he doesn’t even know he’s mistreating you anymore.

The truth is that criticism, defensiveness, and disrespect are very destructive in love relationships—because these factors are the most significant predictors of divorce and separation.

14. He starts comparing you with other people

Men see unique features in women they are attracted to. If your husband is in love with someone else, he will begin to desire qualities you don’t have (but the other woman has).

This can be anything from how a woman talks or dresses to how she styles her hair.

“Why can’t you be like this?” nothing can be hurtful or humiliating.

Comparing you to another woman is not the right thing to do, even if he is unknowingly trying to show off the qualities he appears to be and doing so in a harmless way.

The sign is clear that he has his eye on someone else.

15. He questions your love and loyalty

Here’s the truth: Sometimes, guilt can make someone question their partner’s love and loyalty. Whether your husband is in love with someone or not, accusing you of infidelity is not a good thing.

It may seem unusual, but as he realizes how easy it is to be attracted to and fall in love with someone else, he may become jealous.

He may feel guilty and that you falling in love with someone else is too much for him.

Don’t worry because this may mean that your husband still loves you. He probably doesn’t want to lose you. So, even if he attracts another woman, he will never leave you.

16. He is very secretive

Even if you’re married, you still have some privacy rights. And that means respecting each other’s physical and emotional privacy — and the freedom to do things on your own and spend time alone.

But here’s the thing:

There is no place for any form of lying in a relationship. Like a relationship, white lies and secrets can damage the walls of an intimate relationship.

It can be frustrating when they start lying about where they are or who they are with. And it is unlikely that your husband will admit that he is attracted to a woman. He is telling you she’s interested in dating him is remarkably prescient.

So when he starts engaging in undercover activities and chooses to lie, you’re dealing with a huge red flag.

What to do if your husband has a crush on someone? Seven tips

If you can relate to most of the above, something is happening with your husband and your marriage. But do not be afraid and do not immediately confront your husband. Be extremely careful before jumping to any conclusions.

Even though people change, that doesn’t mean his relationship is. At the same time, never ignore these signs because they can ruin your marriage.

Your marriage is worth saving, so work on your relationship before it’s too late. So, if you need to take steps, these tips will help you.

1. Talk to your husband

Analyze your feelings and communicate with him honestly. Try to stay calm even if it’s stressful. Communication is essential in a relationship. You won’t solve anything if you don’t talk to each other. Communicate with respect and understanding and make it the foundation of your marriage.

2. Pay attention to your connection

Try not to talk about your boyfriend or the woman he is attracted to. Instead, find out why your husband sees this woman as so special. This will help you understand if there is a crack in your marriage. Do this to restore the connection you have.

3. Take care of yourself

Never blame yourself for what happened – it’s not your fault anyway. Your husband has a choice, and he shouldn’t blame you. See this situation to improve yourself. Try doing yoga, getting a new haircut, going to the gym, or doing things you love.

4. Strengthen your marriage

Remember that not all attractions lead to romantic encounters or infidelity. It also doesn’t mean anything wrong with you, your husband, or the relationship.

Focus on bringing the spark back into your marriage.

The best thing is to create new memories and experiences together. Why not go on dates or vacations so you can spend more quality time together?

5. Be gentle with your partner

Avoid confronting and accusing your husband of having an affair. When you do this, he will only defend himself. So don’t let your anger, humiliation, and heartache stop you from thinking straight.

6. Stop cheating before it’s too late

When you start to see signs that an emotional connection is about to happen, could you do something about it? So never let affairs and infidelity ruin your relationship.

And it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your marriage. Your husband loves you – but his emotions are probably tied up in unresolved issues.

7. Fix your relationship

Every relationship and situation is unique. So the most important thing you can do is take a tailored approach to solve your relationship problems.

The best way is to talk and get advice from someone who has the experience and is willing to listen to the problems you are facing. I’ve turned to them before when I was going through an extremely rough patch in my relationship.

The best way to save your marriage

You can save your marriage by doing everything to make it last. It’s hard to keep a relationship when you’ve only tried, but that doesn’t mean letting go of what you have.

Because if you still love your spouse, you need a plan to fix your marriage and work things out.

Distance, lack of communication, and sexual problems can affect a marriage. They can lead to infidelity and disconnection if you don’t deal with them appropriately.

When people ask me for advice on saving their failing marriages, I recommend relationship expert and divorce coach Brad Browning.

The strategies he reveals are beneficial and powerful and can make the difference between a “happy marriage” and an “unhappy divorce.”

He’s saved failed marriages before – and can help yours.

Sometimes the knowledge and experience of a marriage professional will help you accomplish things you couldn’t achieve on your own.

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