Mortal Kombat: Who Is Bo, Johnny Cage’s Bodyguard?

Mortal Kombat: Battlewave launched Bo, Johhny Cage’s bodyguard who can put up a battle towards even essentially the most harmful opponents.

The world of Mortal Kombat and its roster of Kombatants is among the deepest, most numerous worlds in gaming. With characters like Jax and Sub-Zero, there is not any surprise that followers are enamored over the lore and historical past of those characters. Johnny Cage is among the authentic fighters, and over the previous 30 years has constructed up fairly a prolonged backstory. However, one in all Cage’s most trusted workers has fallen into relative obscurity.

Bo, Johnny Cage’s bodyguard, performed an important function in Malibu’s Mortal Kombat: Battlewave collection by Charles Marshall, Vinton Heuck, David Mowry, Patrick Rolo, John Miller and Richard Emond. After Liu Kang has retired from the preventing life, Cage calls Liu Kang to examine in, however the name is interrupted when Liu Kang is attacked by ninjas. Even although Liu Kang simply disposes of the ninjas, Cage feels the warrior may use an additional hand.

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Cage sends his Liu assist in the type of his bodyguard Bo. Although he isn’t a personality from the video games, Bo arrives with excellent timing to search out that Goro has returned from the lifeless and is attempting to enact his revenge on Liu Kang for dethroning him because the Mortal Kombat champion. Liu Kang is taking a beating when a hulk of a silhouette fills the doorway. Bo pronounces that Cage despatched him to take care of Liu Kang and Goro turns his consideration to the bodyguard. Bo claims to not know karate as he lunges on the four-armed Shokan. Goro catches him in midair with a punch, however Bo barely flinches. Liu Kang kicks Goro out of a window and he thanks Bo for the help. Afterward, he agrees to let Bo assist him full-time.

Bo fights Goro

Liu Kang and Bo return to Kang’s Chicago residence however are interrupted shortly by one other group of ninjas. Bo beats the ninjas apart with Kang’s sofa. The ninjas should not alone although, as Henge emerges from the doorway and lands a strong few hits on Bo. Liu Kang takes motion and defeats the villain with a single kick. Kang pronounces that he should return to Outworld or the assaults won’t cease. Bo agrees to tag alongside.

Liu Kang brings Bo to the height of a snowy mountain that he reveals is a secret doorway to Outworld. Kang jumps off the mountain into the portal to Outworld with ease, however Bo is not sure. He’s by no means been to Outworld earlier than and the non-human beings he has been preventing are new to him. He gathers his confidence and jumps, solely to be tackled by Siang earlier than hitting the bottom. Siang has already defeated Liu Kang by the point Bo lands in Outworld, and issues do not look good for the large bodyguard. Luckily Raiden, Jax, and Johnny Cage are on the scene and cease Siang earlier than he causes extra harm. The heroes then head to Shao Kahn’s fortress to confront the Dark Lord.

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The heroes arrive simply in time to interrupt a marriage ceremony between Shao Kahn and a hypnotized Sonya Blade. Liu Kang, Bo, and the remainder of the heroes battle it out towards Shao Kahn’s goons consisting of Goro, Reptile, and different villainous fighters. Bo suffers a damaged arm in the course of the battle however it’s unclear who broke it. Shao Kahn then pronounces one other spherical of Mortal Kombat between the 2 groups.

Bo fights Reptile

Bo’s story is sustained in Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition II by Marshall, Rolo and Emond. This story exhibits the conclusion of the occasions from Battlewave. During this subject, Bo takes a punch at the back of the top from Shang Tsung. Bo rises from this punch and grabs Reptile who has begun to assault Tsung. Bo, with a damaged arm, smashes Reptile into the bottom head-first. He then elects to take a seat on him for the rest of the competition as he thinks he doesn’t know sufficient about Outworld to be efficient within the battle.

It would seem that Bo had his fill of the Mortal Kombat life. He wouldn’t go on to seem in any future comics or video games. The subsequent time Cage was proven with a bodyguard, it was Shaun Lo within the web-series Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Since nothing in Malibu’s Mortal Kombat run may very well be thought of canon, Bo’s existence ended when the collection did, and he’ll possible by no means be seen in one other MK story once more.

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