Mortal Combat 2021: How Sub-Zero Can Return to MK2

The Mortal Kombat reboot in 2021 opens up many avenues to bring about the revival of fan-favorite villain Sub-Zero in follow-up films.

Warning: The following includes SPOILERS for the 2021 mortal combat film.

2021 sequel mortal Kombat The film seems to everyone but is sure given the success of the film, but will the next film include fan favorite villain Sub-Zero? In reality, death is not the end of most characters mortal Kombat And ignoring the continuation of the games, many avenues have been opened up to revive the cryomensor.

Originally known as the Bi-Han, Sub-Zero of the Lin Cui clan, the warrior is one of the most formidable fighters mortal Kombat Universe. The 2021 film adaptation included Sub-Zero as its main villain, with Ninja serving as the champion of the Outworld in the Mortal Combat Tournament for several centuries. Although he proved to be a deadly enemy to the current generation of Earth’s heroes, he was eventually defeated by the soul of his rival, Hanzo Hashiishi, whose anger at his death in the family allowed him to exploit the fire of hell, leaving him scorpion. Changed to.

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Scorpion avenged his family’s origins by killing Sub-Zero at the present time. mortal Kombat The game, but it was not the end of Sub-Zero in any case. At both deadlines, Bi-Han’s soul was sent to the Netherlands, where it was enslaved by the magician Queen Chi. Time spent in the Hellish dimension changed Sub-Zero because it contained a scorpion, which stripped her of her humanity and her pride. He was given a new name, Nob Saibot, and included in the Brotherhood of Shadows; A ninja clan darkly attracted power as Lin Qi and manipulated elemental ice.


An easter egg in 2021 mortal Kombat If the filmmakers decided to go in a different direction from the games, the movie suggests another way that sub-zero can be revived. mortal Kombat The sequel. When Cole Young, Sonya Blade, and Kano first arrive at Raiden’s temple and are shown by Liu Kang, Kano attempts to steal a complicated medal. Fans of the games recognized it as the amulet of Shinoka; An artwork of great power that enhances the natural brilliance of its wearer and gives them additional abilities, including raising the dead and restoring the dead.

Another possibility is with Raiden and Elder Gods. Whereas the gods and goddesses are technically banned from interfering with the lives of outsiders and enforce rules mortal Kombat, Raiden’s actions in the film reveal that he is not above taking advantage of the flaws, as more and more of the spirit of the laws is being upheld. To that end, Raiden presumably has the power to revive Bi-Han and give him a chance at redemption, arguing that Earth needs all the help it can get. Conversely, one of the Dark Eldar gods could resurrect Sub-Zero, arguing that Raiden’s assistance in the resurrection of Scorpion needed another cover to keep the balance.

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