Marvel’s Weirdest Thor Has a SERIOUS Grudge With the Thunder God

The newest problem of Thor and the first problem of Beta Ray Bill signifies that the Korbinite hero nonetheless has points with the Odinson.

WARNING: The following accommodates spoilers for Thor #14 by Donny Cates, Nic Klein, and Matt Wilson, in addition to Beta Ray Bill #1 by Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer, each out there now.

Over the years, solely a relative few Marvel characters have confirmed worthy of wielding Mjolnir. One of these is the Korbinite warrior often called Beta Ray Bill, a warrior deemed worthy sufficient to be gifted a hammer of his personal.

But issues haven’t been easy crusing for Beta Ray Bill lately, and one other God of Thunder is in charge. And if the newest problems with Thor and Beta Ray Bill are any indication, Bill is holding a grudge.

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Thor #14 by Donny Cates, Nic Klein, and Matt Wilson brings an finish to the “Prey” storyline and provides Bill one other shot at wielding the hammer Mjolnir. As Donald Blake squares off with Thor, who’s clad in the Destroyer armor, Odin makes an attempt to name Mjolnir to him. But a humanoid Bill intercepts the weapon earlier than Odin can get his fingers on it. Touching Mjolnir restores him to his earlier glory and he aids Thor in battle towards Blake.

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As Thor tries to thank him, Bill cuts him quick, telling him there might be time for that later. While Asgard’s Master of War is keen to assist his outdated ally in a dire second, it’s clear that there are nonetheless some unresolved points between the two. Thor might have accomplished his finest to make amends with Bill, however Beta Ray’s not fully over what Thor did to him—and with good purpose.

In Thor #3 by Cates, Klein, and Wilson, Beta Ray Bill stood towards Thor when the God of Thunder served as Galactus’s herald to arrange for the menace of the Endless Winter. It was the Devourer of Worlds who destroyed Bill’s house planet, and the Korbinite was not going to let that stand. But Thor refused to face down and permit Bill’s vengeance, and in the battle, he shattered Stormbreaker — Beta Ray Bill’s enchanted hammer given to him by Odin — and practically bludgeoned Bill earlier than Lady Sif’s intervention.

Since then, Thor has accomplished what he might to make it as much as his brother-in-arms. As the new All-Father, he made Bill the Master of War and gave him entry to each weapon in the metropolis. But no defend, blade, or bludgeon might examine to what Thor took from him. Beta Ray Bill #1 exhibits simply how laborious it’s been for Bill with out his weapon. While he’s a key a part of Asgardian defensive technique and a formidable warrior in his personal proper, it’s been a problem for him to regulate to now not present on a energy stage that rivals Thor.

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Beta Ray Bill Mission

As he stands with the Asgardians towards a Knullified Fin Fang Foom, Bill is now not a match for a foe he as soon as would have simply defeated. To make issues worse, Thor arrives simply in the nick of time to strike down Foom with a single blow and obtain a hero’s welcome.

When Bill seeks the consolation of Lady Sif later that evening, she turns him away after realizing he can now not revert to his extra humanoid kind with out Stormbreaker. This remaining straw, added to a life spent in the God of Thunder’s shadow, is greater than Bill can bear. Finally calling out Thor for what he’s put him via, Bill units out on a journey of self-discovery searching for Odin, the just one who can forge a new Stormbreaker.

Despite Bill’s grudge towards Asgard’s new All-Father, he has served its individuals faithfully. Over the years, Asgard has develop into a house for him, and its individuals have develop into his household. Whatever issues he has with Thor, the individuals of Asgard will at all times have his safety even when they don’t at all times give him their appreciation. Even if Bill fails to interchange Stormbreaker, one factor is evident: he’s accomplished enjoying second-fiddle to the Odinson.

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