Married Men Share The Advice They Would Give To Single Men

It is a popularly believed notion that relationships which are all rosy and full of fireplace and sizzle, usually fizzle out quickly after marriage. Be it the sense of accountability that will get added, the stress that comes with the tag of now being known as ‘husband and wife’ versus merely two individuals in love or simply the truth that making it official takes away from the fun of it. There could possibly be a myriad of causes as to why it’s mentioned {that a} relationship modifications fully after marriage.

And on the identical time, there may be additionally sufficient speak about how marriage is solely unparalleled and the change that folks maintain referring to is normally that of the couple evolving, not devolving. Because on the finish of the day, marriage is an expertise and final we checked, it wasn’t one measurement matches all.

And since I can’t but converse from expertise, contemplating it’ll be years earlier than I tie the knot, I made a decision to rally up the opinion of these males whose phrase truly means one thing – males who’re already married and may vouch for what they are saying.

Here is the recommendation that these 8 married males would cross on to the nonetheless single –

Marry a friend. Make sure that your partner understand the concept of space. Try live in before you take leap of faith. Live a few fantasies in your life. Perfect soulmate is a myth, it’s more about getting to the one that drives you crazy.

Get married, and do it soon. There is a whole different world that you are yet to experience with your partner, one that the society will never let you unless you get married. So, I’d say don’t wait too long and waste your precious years running after something futile.”

Learn how to iron your own clothes and fight the instinct of throwing your wet towel on the bed. Trust me, it will save you a lot of fights. Oh and, communication is key!

Stay single until you figure out how to apologise even when you’re not at fault.”

Don’t stop dating your partner after marriage. The day you stop making the kind of efforts you would in a relationship, is the day the back counting on your marriage begins.”

Always marry for what your partner actually is. Never for what you think they ‘can’ be. That is just signing up for disappointment.”

Don’t marry the first girl you date.

Marry only when you think you are financially stable. People don’t credit it as much as they should, but it’s extremely important for you to be able to afford the kind of lifestyle your partner wants before you get married.”

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