Loki: What The New Characters Bring to the MCU

Hiddleston provides, “With Mobius there is this attachment and curiosity. And because of the brilliance and the playfulness that Owen brings to it, I think it creates a new opportunity for exploring new things about Loki.”

Marvel Studios

Mobius is a deep minimize character from the Marvel Comics canon itself, together with TVA decide Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), though Loki director Kate Herron acknowledges that — as with many characters that the MCU pulls from the comics — their again tales are considerably totally different from their histories in print.

“You’re right, they’re from the comics, but I think that for the show, they’re definitely in a very new story,” she explains. “We definitely take influence from the comics but, like the rest of MCU, we go off in different paths and tangents with these characters. I think Gugu’s character is very different from the comics and I think it’s a really fun version of the character. Likewise of Owen as well with Mobius.”

Herron additionally remarks that Wilson and Mbatha-Raw — together with the different actors on the present — add their very own spin to the characters that makes them distinctive to the MCU. “They bring so much to these characters,” she says. “Once you put it into an actor’s hands they’re going to bring things to the character. So if anything, I hope (fans) will enjoy the interpretations of the characters we’re presenting, but I also just think they are very unique because of the fantastic actors we have playing them.”

Casting has at all times been certainly one of Marvel’s strongest attributes, and we glance ahead to seeing extra of Mobius and Ravonna in the weeks forward on Loki. And past that? That’s a dialogue for an additional day…

Loki is presently streaming on Disney+, with new episodes premiering on Wednesdays.

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