Legends of Tomorrow Showrunner Breaks Down Season 7 Premiere and Previews What’s Next

It’s simply so simple as “we need money to get gas to take a car from Odessa, Texas to the train station.” And for the Legends, they’ve by no means needed to deal [with that]. They’re nearly like a-list celebrities the place they they’re identical to, “how does one hail a taxi cab? How do you go to a grocery store?” 

They’ve been residing on this bubble of technological consolation and Gideon has coddled them and they’ve the flexibility to only take a time ship and repair one thing. If they make a mistake, return and repair it once more, excessive 5, on to the following one. But what if it’s important to keep and stay with the implications? 

This is a season in regards to the Legends having to appreciate that, “oh, man, we’ve been passing through history, thinking that all these people are just extras, and we’re the heroes.” But now they’re identical to, “we’re nobodies, and all of the folks we’re working into sort of are nobodies. But wait, all these nobodies are literally simply as essential because the marquee somebodies and…attempting to appreciate that historical past is made up of all these individuals who aren’t well-known. 

It’s like a special model of historical past that’s seeing it on a way more human scale, versus flipping via a historical past ebook and being like, “that person’s important.” It challenges the belief of restoring the established order…as a result of loads of the established order sucks.

For a present that usually feels prefer it has no guidelines, we get a pair of onerous and quick guidelines from the Time Masters handbook in ths season premiere. We get Rule 44 and we get Rule 23, however what number of of these guidelines have you ever written out within the writers room so far as what can and can’t be finished with time journey on the present?

This is definitely speaking about season eight, if we’re fortunate sufficient to get it. It actually has pressured us to consider subsequent season and the place we’re headed, as a result of this entire season is about Gideon, who’s now a human being who has this AI of all of historical past at her disposal, and she’s been capable of inform us (*7*) 

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