Korean Skincare: 5 Skincare Benefits Of Tabasheer For Collagen

Are you as obsessive about Korean beauties simply as we’re? We can hear an enormous YES! Well, it’s all because of the Korean skincare trade that’s centered on perfecting and sustaining glass skin. A pattern that has taken the world by storm. To accomplish this, a skincare routine ought to embrace cleaning, firming, and layers of hydration with pure and nourishing substances.

One Indian ingredient that may make it a lot simpler so that you can get glass skin is bamboo extract, also called tabasheer or banslochan. The immense advantages of tabasheer embrace reversing indicators of ageing and supplying you with plump and youthful wanting skin.

Bamboo extract is slowly however steadily turning into a key ingredient in all skincare merchandise, significantly Okay-Beauty, as a result of it has a lot to supply your skin.

We spoke to Dr Navnit Haror, Founder and Director of Derma Miracle clinic, about the advantages of tabasheer on skin and methods to use it. Ladies, this ingredient can do wonders!

Dr Haror says, “Bamboo extract is a natural ingredient that has many benefits for the skin. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, and it helps to protect the skin from environmental damage. Bamboo extract also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to reduce the appearance of redness and swelling. Additionally, it can help to promote collagen production, which can help to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.”

Let’s talk about the advantages of tabasheer or bamboo extracts intimately:

1. Improve firmness of skin

Bamboo accommodates as much as 70 p.c pure silica. Silica is the first element of collagen, which prevents skin sagging. Collagen degrades as we age, so replenishing skin with pure silica aids in collagen formation and skin firmness upkeep.

2. Skin anti-inflammatory

Bamboo extract has quite a few skin advantages, together with the flexibility to heal and soothe. In reality, bamboo extract is usually used to assuage an upset abdomen when taken internally. As a consequence, bamboo extract and water are extremely beneficial for folks with delicate skin and people present process aggressive zits therapies.

However, Dr Haror says, “Too much exfoliation can lead to inflammatory acne, which can be worse than the initial blemishes targeted. This is where bamboo extract comes in, as it is the perfect pairing with activated charcoal in charcoal cleanser and charcoal mask to fight acne and normalize oily and combination skin.”

3. Skin hydration and re-plumping

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are present in bamboo extract and water. GAGs are extraordinarily giant molecules that exist naturally within the skin’s dermis and performance as pure moisture brokers. Hyaluronic acid is essentially the most well-known GAG. Dr Haror says, “GAGs play an important role in maintaining the structure of the skin and keeping it supple and firm. They are a component of the skin’s extracellular matrix, which aids in skin regeneration.” It will hold your hydrated and nourished!

4. Antibacterial properties

Bamboo extract has turn out to be so common within the Okay-beauty world as a result of it accommodates anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. “This means that products made with bamboo extract can offer protection against bacteria and fungi,” says Dr Haror. That means it’ll strengthen your skin, making it excellent for these affected by breakouts.

5. Great Free radical and environmental safety

It is vital to guard your skin from free radicals to be able to hold it healthy and youthful. Natural flavonoids, that are highly effective antioxidants, may also help battle the damaging results of free radicals and are present in bamboo extract and water.

Dr Haror says, “Free radicals can come from the environment, pollution, stress, and many other sources, and they can cause premature ageing of the skin. Using products containing bamboo extract and water can help keep your skin healthy., Preventing the effects of free radicals is one of the many benefits of tabasheer.”

Here are methods to use bamboo extract

1. Pairing with particular substances

Including bamboo extract in your each day routine is a superb method to enhance the looks of your hair, skin, and nails. Consider combining this complement with different complementary vitamins to get essentially the most out of it.

“Vitamin C is an excellent ingredient to combine with bamboo extract powder. You will notice even better results when tabasheer is combined with vitamin C. This is why many people who consume bamboo extract have softer, tighter skin,” says Dr Haror.

2. Apply it on skin externally

A pinch of tabasheer added to your each day cleanser will create the best exfoliating agent with compounds that may assist tighten pores and take away age spots. Simply therapeutic massage the cleanser into your skin for 45-60 seconds after it has been blended to permit the product to deeply penetrate and work together along with your skin. You also can double cleanse your face as it’s an integral a part of the Korean skin care routine.

3. Bamboo extract and silica in hair care merchandise

Many hair care manufacturers within the market as we speak function bamboo as their essential ingredient (as a consequence of its anti-oxidant and anti inflammatory properties), however not all embrace silica as a result of it helps lock in moisture for as much as 72 hours per application.

Dr Haror says, “It may seem strange that a nutrient could be infused into an oil or conditioner, but when two very useful ingredients, bamboo and silica, are combined, something miraculous known as “BioSilk” is created.”


Bamboo extract is a superb addition to any magnificence routine. The advantages of tabasheer additionally embrace potent antioxidant properties that may defend your skin from dangerous UV rays whereas additionally combating free radicals. It also can assist soothe and calm your skin, making it a superb therapy for skin circumstances corresponding to eczema.

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