Kind Man Forms an Unbreakable Bond With an Orphaned Baby Magpie

Matt Owens and his pet magpie named Swoop loved a particular relationship earlier than she flew the coop. While Matt misses her very a lot, he cherishes the gorgeous reminiscences they made collectively.

He’s now adopted one other magpie named Zoe, who he dotes on simply as he did with Swoop. Once you’ve got a fowl, you’ll be able to’t think about life with out them since they make fantastic companions.

They’re clever, loving and caring, and may match right into a household identical to canines and cats. Here’s the story of Matt and Swoop, and the way they got here into one another’s lives on the excellent time.

“My story first began in 2019 when I was driving down the road one day and I spotted an injured magpie on the side of the road,” Matt mentioned. “I decided to take her in and look after her.

I’ve never done anything like that before, so it was a pretty amazing experience from day 1.”

He took her dwelling to satisfy his cat Mowgli, which turned out higher than he anticipated. They turned quick pals and shortly have been inseparable. Somehow Mowgli knew Swoop wasn’t cat meals, however a household pet that wanted love and care.

Cats typically get a foul rap for being standoffish and reclusive, however Mowgli welcomed Swoop with open arms.

“I ended up calling her Swoop, and Swoop got along really well with my cat, to my surprise. They spent pretty much everyday hanging out with one another.

The story of Swoop and Mowgli went viral all around the world, and it was pretty incredible,” Matt mentioned.” My cat and my magpie introduced a number of pleasure to folks which was an wonderful privilege, because the world’s been a reasonably powerful place these days.”

The pandemic turned the world the wrong way up, and many individuals discovered themselves spending extra time at dwelling. With all that point on their arms, animal movies turned a supply of consolation and happiness.

Kind Man Forms an Unbreakable Bond With an Orphaned Baby Magpie

Luckily, there’s no scarcity of cute animals on the Internet, and Swoop isn’t any exception. She’s helped heal many hearts, however maybe none as a lot as her loving proprietor.

“Swoop came along at a really tough time in my life, so having Swoop and having something to love really grounded me and helped me through that process too,” Matt explains.

He bought to take pleasure in Swoop’s company for a couple of year. One day, Matt attended his dad’s funeral, however when he got here dwelling, Swoop wasn’t there. She’d made her approach again to the wild as soon as once more. Of course, he missed her terribly, however he additionally wished the perfect for her.

“So that was pretty tough, but at the same time it was bittersweet – I was really happy that she was living out her life with freedom. Since then a lot has happened – I’ve had ducks turn up at my house out of nowhere,” Matt mentioned. “They have made nests and laid eggs, and I’ve ended up raising ducklings alongside the duck.

I’ve had other birds come and go; I always try to help them, although I’m not a bird rescuer, I just give it my best shot.”

Birds Seem to Flock to Matt, Much to His Delight

It appears that birds know Matt will maintain them. The loving vitality he provides off should draw them in, and he’s grateful for it! As an animal lover, there’s nothing higher than seeing new creatures present up at the doorstep.

Even although Swoop moved on along with her life, Matt wished to honour the magpie someway. So, he determined to dedicate a e book to the adventures they loved collectively.

“The biggest thing that has happened since I’ve had Swoop would be my children’s book that I started writing after she left, illustrated by an incredible young illustrator from my area named Emma. I heard Swoop selected her herself; Swoop was visiting her most days,” Matt recollects.

“So for the last year we’ve been working on this children’s book, “The Story of Swoop,” and I’m stoked to say that the e book went to print final week, and that might be launched in February.”

Make positive to look out for the e book in the event you’re ! If you’ve got kids who love  birds (particularly magpies), you’ll positively wish to seize a duplicate.

“So, it’s safe to say my life changed dramatically when I decided to rescue little Swoop,” Matt concludes. He added that the Universe at all times rewards a little bit of kindness, selflessness and treating others properly. This appears true for him, since he’s seen extra abundance in his life after adopting the magpie. So, be sure you put constructive vitality into the universe, as a result of it would make its approach again to you!

Interesting Facts about Magpies

  • Magpies are small to medium-sized birds that belong to the crow family.
  • In the final 35 years, magpie numbers in Britain and Ireland have quadrupled, particularly in suburban areas. Some specialists consider that the lower in automotive strikes is driving the inhabitants growth.
  • Magpies are omnivores, however eat a principally vegetarian weight loss plan consisting of grains, berries, nuts and fruit.
  • There are at the very least 17 species of magpie, unfold out throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.
  • They can attain 16-18 inches in size, with their tail accounting for 50%.
  • The magpie can acknowledge its reflection in a mirror, making it one of the vital clever fowl species.

Final Thoughts on the Special Friendship Between a Man and a Magpie

Magpies are widespread pet birds in Australia, Europe, and the US. Many folks think about them nice companions due to their social, cheerful nature.

While birds require a number of care, they’ll reward your efforts with affection and friendship. Matt Owens discovered this out firsthand when he adopted his child magpie named Swoop, who modified his life for the higher. While Swoop determined to return to her pure habitat, she left a everlasting imprint on Matt’s coronary heart.

He’s now devoted a e book to her reminiscence, which is able to come out early subsequent year. It’s wonderful how a tiny animal could make such a huge impact on somebody’s life. If you’ve got ever owned a pet fowl, we’d love to listen to your story within the feedback!

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