Is Spending Too Much Time With Your Partner Unhealthy?

It’s an age-old adage that distance makes the guts develop fonder, nevertheless it actually will be true in terms of your relationships! Ever sat and questioned about how a lot time ought to your partner and also you spend collectively?

Well, it could be good to do things collectively, however don’t underestimate the significance of spending a time other than one another too!

This very important relationship additionally has the approval of fashionable creator, mythologist, and storyteller Seema Anand, who delved into it in her latest Instagram video.

Here’s what she wrote, “Top tip for a successful relationship: You DON’T have to do everything together! A common misconception is that you should be really involved in each other’s daily lives, but actually, if you find yourself attached at the hip, where’s the fun? Take time away to live your own lives and then come back together to share what you’ve done. Miss each other, be okay with distance! You’ll find it actually adds a bit more spark to your relationship than you thought.”

Check it out for your self:

Is spending too much time together with your partner a bad thing?

When you spend an excessive amount of with somebody, they actually turn into your world and as a consequence of that you simply not pay that a lot consideration to what’s going on exterior.

According to Seema Anand, for a profitable relationship, you really want to spend a healthy period of time away from one another. Do numerous things collectively, in fact, but in addition do things individually.

Yes, you need to have a lifetime of your personal! In truth, this could help you in persevering with to develop in your relationship. Couples in long-distance relationships report larger ranges of intimacy and idealise their partner extra, in response to a research printed within the Journal of Communication.

This happens as a result of whilst you’re separated out of your different half, you marvel what they’re as much as, which reminds you of the perks they create into your life. When you’re with them, it’s straightforward to miss. Build your bond stronger than ever!

Seema Anand provides it’s important to give your self sufficient time to overlook one another. So, you would exit with your mates, your colleagues, and even generally by yourself if it’s important to. And the important thing factor is to indulge enjoyable and fascinating stuff in order that whenever you come again collectively once more, you will have numerous thrilling tales to share with one another.

According to her, it’s what can add spice and the variability to your relationship.

“Clinging together all the time is not romantic, it’s just suffocating. Add value to each other’s lives, not boredom!”

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