5 Incredible Oral Sex Positions For Wild Orgasms

Giving your man a very good blowjob requires quite a lot of things. You must have the right mindset, the right BJ techniques in addition to realizing some nice blow job positions to use in your man if you wish to make it a very good one. Today we have compiled the five best sex positions that you need to use in your man when giving him a blowjob.

Oral sex might be one of the unbelievable, orgasmic sorts of partner mess around. It may also be one of the awkward and uncomfortable.

Since oral sex is nearly essentially the most intimate factor you are able to do with an individual (say what you’ll about penetrative intercourse, however nothing feels fairly as up-close-and-personal as face-to-genitalia motion), it is sensible to take a while to determine which oral sex position is right for you, your partner, and condition you’re in right now.

And you actually do have choices. Though our visions of oral sex usually contain blowjobs, 69, and even the occasional face-sit, the oral sex position panorama is much extra various. There are loads of positions that contain each companions reclining (so nobody has to fret about sitting on high of anybody else) – and many that provide thrilling spins on tried-and-true favorites.

Whether you’re an oral sexpert searching for new additions to your repertoire, or a newbie who’s merely looking for an oral sex position that’ll work for them, you’re positive to seek out it under. Orgasms and intimacy await – scroll down.

Oral Sex Positions That Don’t Suck:

1. Comfy Blowjob

Comfy Blowjob
Oral Sex Position – Comfy Blowjob

I personally haven’t any subject with the “on your knees” blowjob position, however I do know quite a lot of people who really feel uncomfortable with the ability dynamic inherent to that set-up – so let’s nix that position for now, and switch it into one thing extra snug.

Have the partner receiving oral sex lie down on the mattress or flooring (ideally a carpet – no one needs to offer or obtain head on cold tiles) with their head propped upon a pillow. The partner performing oral sex also can lie down – however on their abdomen – with their head between their partner’s legs. (Face-to-balls or face-to-vulva, if you’ll.) The partner giving oral sex can prop themselves up as a lot or as little as they need to using their elbows and knees.

The Comfy Blowjob is precisely as comfortable because it sounds – and provides a fantastic view to everybody concerned.

2. Relaxed Face-Sitting

Relaxed Face-Sitting
Oral Sex Position – Relaxed Face-Sitting

Nothing in regards to the time period “sit on my face” sounds enjoyable, however this comfortable tackle the position makes every part really feel somewhat extra low-key. 

Have the partner giving oral sex lie flat on their back on the ground, mattress, sofa (or different setting of selection). Then, have the partner receiving oral sex straddle over their partner’s face. This is the place the relief is available in—as an alternative of sitting upright and looking out down, the receiving partner ought to lean ahead so that they’re on all fours, resting on their fingers or elbows.

This provides perfect strain and tempers a few of the discomfort related to the traditional face-sit. It additionally permits the receiving partner to maneuver ahead and backward – permitting them to take their pleasure into their very own fingers.

3. Sideways 69

Sideways 69
Oral Sex Position – Sideways 69

69 is a traditional for a purpose, however it may be intimidating in case you’ve by no means tried it earlier than. By turning the position sideways, you get the identical reciprocal stimulation with not one of the potential suffocation – plus, it’s simply simpler for everybody concerned.

Start by mendacity in your side, going through your partner’s genitals. Have them do the identical. You can carry your leg up and wrap it round your partner’s neck or body to tug them nearer in and up the strain.

4. Sitting Down and Going Down

Sitting Down and Going Down
Oral Sex Position – Sitting Down and Going Down

Blowjobs are laborious work! Why not sit down when you’re at it? Start by sitting side-by-side on the sofa along with your partner, then take turns performing oral sex in a “road head” position. (And please do that as an alternative of ever performing precise street head.) This could be a enjoyable strategy to interrupt a lazy afternoon watching TV and throw somewhat pleasure into the combination.

5. The Side Sit

The Side Sit
Oral Sex Position – The Side Sit

The conventional cunnilingus position – the place the receiving partner lies down on the mattress, legs unfold – can really feel extremely intimidating, even weak. If you’re not snug having an individual’s face in between your thighs, attempt mendacity in your side to obtain oral sex, as an alternative.

Turn onto both side, and pull your thighs in towards your chest – retaining your ft stretched out a bit in entrance of you. This provides your partner entry to your vulva and anus – giving them two areas to discover – whereas retaining you extra snug.

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