How Wyatt Russell First Sees US Agent’s Suits

Wyatt Russell describes how he reacted when he first saw the US agent’s suit for the finale of The Falcon and Winter Soldier.

Warning: Spoilers for Falcon and Winter Soldier’s finale

Wyatt Russell revealed how he reacted when he first saw the US agent’s suit Falcon and the winter SoldierIs concluding. Marvel’s second original Disney + show ran its six-episode run on Friday and laid the foundation for the future of its various characters. Sam eventually commanded Captain America in his new winged suit, and Bucky revised his list all along. The Flag Smashers were defeated, and Carly Morgenthau died at the hands of Sharon Carter, who appeared as a power broker.

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Falcon and Winter SoldierThe finale saw John Walker take on another comic book character at the end of the episode after his brief stint as Captain America. Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine gave Walker a new suit and the title of US agent, and possibly even a pardon, to establish her future in the MCU as an independent hero. When he sees the suit, Walker comments on what it looks like with his Captain America outfit and his reaction in real life was quite close to the person seen onscreen.

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In an interview with Vanity fair, Russell described the moment in which he had tried on the costume before filming, emerging from the fitting that it was unholy due to its previous costume being identical. While he found that it was a different color, both Russell and actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus found the moment to be so funny that their reaction actually made it into the episode.

When I went to see the dress, I thought there would be a lot to deal with. It was … it’s actually the same dress, but it’s just black and red. It’s cool that it’s a different color, but like it, the same suit. This provided a funny thing for me and Julia who was on the page in that scene.

Falcon and Winter Soldier Finale US Agent

Russell’s future in MCU has been uncertain Falcon and Winter SoldierWith the actor playing the role, when he asked if he knew whether he would appear in future projects. It certainly seemed possible that Russell’s appearance might be unilateral, but now that he has been taken on the post of US agent, he is guaranteed to appear in future Marvel movies or TV shows. Although what projects they will be, it remains a mystery. With fourth captain America Film by the way, it seems that Russell may appear in that film, but there are many others he can pop.

At one point in the comics, the US agent worked with Vision along with the West Coast Avengers, who are still alive Vandavision. There are rumors that the MCU is working to establish a team that can give viewers an idea of ​​where Walker may end up. However whether or not he will be a hero or a villain is a question that remains in the air. Walker spent most of Falcon and Winter Soldier As opposed to Sam and Bucky. Now that he is working for Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, it seems more than likely that he will remain in anti-hero status for at least some time.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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