How To Deal With An Overthinking Partner

Your partner may check off everything on your list or nothing at all, but if you love them, you’ll do anything to keep them in your life.

After you’ve been with someone for over a few months, you get to know their bad habits, dreams, and flaws that make them laugh and sometimes get on your nerves. In case they are too opinionated.

Dating an Overthinker is not easy and would require more work and effort to keep the ship sailing smoothly.

But if you get over them and they’re too obsessed, it can be the most loving relationship ever because they honestly give two hoots about you and your relationship.

Do’s and Don’ts When Dating Your Loved One’s Overthinking Spouse:

1. Become a better communicator

No, that doesn’t mean you have to tell them every little detail of your day or how you saw a doll on the road. But in your relationship, you need to have open and healthy communication. If something bothers them, ask.

Have a clear conversation from time to time about what you want from this relationship.

2. Comforting doesn’t hurt

All extremes want to think about whether you still love them or not.

Maybe you’re not very good at expressing your feelings. Because of this, your over-thinking spouse feels insecure and unsure of your relationship with them.

But it would be helpful to tell them once in a while how you drive them crazy or how you miss them.

3. Don’t say anything you don’t mean

“But I said that as a joke” will only worsen the situation. Overthinking, they usually jump to conclusions, finding meaning in every word that comes out of their mouth. 

If you don’t mean something, don’t say it. It’s that simple. Or make it clear right then and there that you’re joking. You know, to be safe.

4. Stop asking them to avoid overthinking

Two reasons: in excess. They’re probably still going. Second, it doesn’t make anything clear.

By saying this, you’re just avoiding the conversation and telling them to let go of their inhibitions. Also, they may be labeled as “overthinkers” when they talk about their feelings.

5. Actions speak louder than words

There is no need to speak a word of guarantee. If you show them you care, you won’t have to tell them they’re important to you constantly.

Overthinkers tend to analyze situations over, and you’ll have a field day rethinking how you felt about them before. Could you not give them a reason?

Instead, make them feel special with your mannerisms and romantic gestures. Overthinking is neither crazy nor poisonous. They overthink. If you’re willing to work and overcome this little flaw, you can have a happy relationship.

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