How To Be An Alpha Male When Deep Down You’re A Nice Guy: A 15-Step Guide

I’m a nice man at coronary heart, and most of my life that led to folks stepping on me and leaving me behind.

But up to now few years I turned a nook and tried one thing new: I turned an alpha male.

This isn’t simply a hole label, it’s actual and it’s highly effective.

Becoming alpha has labored wonders in each space of my life, and I’ve determined to share the method with you.

Here’s how to do it…

How to be an alpha male when deep down you’re a nice man: a 15-step guide

1) Stop apologizing a lot

From a younger age I grew up apologizing a lot even when I hadn’t carried out something unsuitable!

Maybe it’s due to being Canadian, however I feel it was additionally a mindset that I ought to reduce my place on the earth, not rock the boat and ensure all people else was blissful and authorised of me.

A weak mindset, in different phrases.

I additionally seen that I’d use weakening qualifier phrases in lots of sentences on a regular basis, phrases like:


“I think…”

“I guess…”

“Sort of…”

These phrases had been nearly at all times pointless, and I spotted I used to be using them to subtly sabotage what I stated to others.

So I ended doing it.

The outcomes had been nearly speedy. People listened up extra when I spoke and revered me extra. I used to be ready to be nice in a manner that was empowering as a substitute of in a manner that was purely submissive.

2) Get way more self-motivated

If you need to be an alpha male when deep down you’re a nice man, begin placing motion forward of speak.

Put actual effort forward of intention.

Get energetic, motivated and stick to your plan. Make a schedule and comply with it. Make penalties for your self when you fail.

Not solely must you cease being a flop to others, you want to cease being fairly so nice to your self.

There’s loads of time for excuses and throwing a pity get together later.

For now, deal with outcomes and motion.

Stop searching for validation or to match the position that others have picked out for you.

Start looking for your self.

In easy phrases: cease being so rattling nice to everybody and trusting folks so simply or anticipating them to enable you to out.

It’s not going to get you anywhere in life.

And far too many will make the most of it and see it as weak point, even when it’s not.

3) Find your function and pursue it

The media portrayal of an alpha male is a big macho man who talks like a drill sergeant and swaggers round like he owns the world.

This is definitely extra of a highschool quarterback cliche, not how a actual grownup alpha male behaves.

A real alpha doesn’t waste energy trying a sure manner or displaying off.

He’s way more targeted on his function and attaining his objectives.


What would you say if I requested you what your function is?

It’s a laborious question!

And there are far too many individuals making an attempt to inform you it’ll simply “come to you” and to deal with “raising your vibrations” or discovering some obscure type of interior peace.

Scratch that.

Hit pause.

The fact is that visualization and optimistic vibes received’t deliver you nearer to your goals, they usually can truly drag you backwards into losing your life on a fantasy.

But there’s a actual and efficient manner to discover your function and dwell it.

Before you possibly can expertise a actual change, you want to actually know your function.

I discovered concerning the energy of discovering your function from watching Ideapod co-founder Justin Brown’s video on the hidden lure of enhancing your self.

Justin used to be addicted to the self-help business and New Age gurus similar to me. They bought him on ineffective visualization and optimistic considering techniques.

Four years in the past, he traveled to Brazil to meet the famend shaman Rudá Iandê, for a completely different perspective.

Rudá taught him a life-changing new manner to discover your function and use it to remodel your life and turn out to be an alpha male.

After watching the video, I additionally found and understood my function in life and it’s no exaggeration to say it was a turning level in my life.

I can truthfully say that this new manner of discovering success by discovering your function truly helped me to turn out to be an alpha male and embrace my alpha nature that had been buried deep inside.

Watch the free video right here.

4) Embrace this one key brutal fact

There’s one harsh fact that you’ve got to settle for and absolutely embrace if you need to actually be an alpha male.

This is that brutal fact, and it’s one thing many individuals spend their whole life avoiding:

Nobody is coming to prevent.

This relates to all the opposite factors on this article, as a result of they’re all related.

Being an alpha male in the end means proudly owning your life, together with your personal errors.

It additionally means you absolutely acknowledge that lots of life’s tragedies, disappointments and let-downs are out of your management.

You step up and personal that. You cease trying round for anybody to prevent or “fix” things for you.

You actually shift your mindset so that you just’re not even subconsciously glancing round for a savior to come.

You deal with what’s in your personal management.

Even in the event you’re very non secular or non secular, you additionally settle for that change in life may have to begin with you.

5) Develop your deltoids

Your deltoids are mainly your shoulder muscle mass, and I refer to that particularly for a purpose.

Physically, you need to develop your deltoids and each different muscle in your physique.

Become mentally and bodily robust. Run, jog, bounce, carry, push and pull.

Work out till you’re drowning in a pool of your personal sweat.

I’m not saying it’s best to actually collapse on the ground out of exhaustion and overextending your self.

But it’s best to be placing in a full effort and getting in a actual exercise no less than each different day.

This not solely pays huge bodily advantages, it is going to additionally deliver you a lot higher psychological readability and motivation.

6) Recognize some battle is inevitable

An alpha male understands that not all battle is “bad.”

Trying to get everybody to such as you and by no means upset anybody is a surefire recipe for failure in life.

It may also make you depressing.

If you await others to provide the greenlight for all the pieces you do in life, love and your career, you’ll be a puppet and stay unfulfilled your entire life.

Now after which by probability and selection, individuals are going to conflict with you and check out to cease you out of your objectives and dwelling by your values.

When this occurs, you don’t at all times have the choice to run away from a battle.

You might have to stand proper of their face and say you disagree and bear the ache and discomfort of realizing they dislike and disagree with you.

Do you need to be in your deathbed remembering how no less than most individuals authorised of all the pieces you probably did and believed?

Or would you moderately lie there realizing you caught to your weapons it doesn’t matter what and lived your personal life.

So: some folks assume you’re a loser, unsuitable or off monitor in your life.

So what?

7) Throw out the sufferer mindset

I’m going to say one thing controversial right here, however I don’t care.

Taking a pointer from the final merchandise, I’m simply going to come proper out and say it no matter whether or not this pisses folks off:

Many of us dwell in a trendy society which inspires a sufferer mentality.

It’s making us weaker, stupider and extra depressing.

What do I imply, precisely?

The checklist of examples is countless, and sufferer identification has turn out to be a type of score-keeping in lots of circumstances.

But greater than that, we’re seeing media, well-liked tradition, politicians on all sides and philosophies that encourage rage at being a sufferer.

“I’m a victim, therefore I deserve XY and Z” has turn out to be the rallying cry of a spoiled and misled technology.

We’re all victims of assorted things, most of all to time which is slowly killing all of us!

The extra we deal with being victimized for our identification, life state of affairs or destiny, the extra we quit our personal energy and plead with some system, authorities, particular person or supernatural pressure to repair it.

They received’t. We have to do that ourselves, and step certainly one of turning into an alpha male is dealing with that no person is coming to prevent, like I discussed earlier.

This means the sufferer mentality has received to go.

8) Delve into your discomfort zone

Instinctively, most of us search out pleasure and keep away from ache.

That’s wholesome and regular on some stage, after all.

It’s intently linked to evolutionary traits that helped our ancestors survive harsh climates and life-or-death conditions.

The downside is that this:

In a trendy world the place lots of the day by day threats to our life have been eliminated, our consolation zone can truly be a harmful place. Think about somebody who eats what they need, sleeps with whoever they need on a day by day foundation, hardly ever workouts and watches regardless of the mainstream media lobs at them.

They are in severe hazard of:

  • Obesity, coronary heart illness, diabetes and lethargy
  • Sexually transmitted ailments, unplanned being pregnant and emotional exhaustion
  • Stupidity, boredom, apathy, nihilism and despair.

Instead, I urge you to search out your discomfort zone. This is the place you push your self to work out, train extra persistence in choosing romantic and sexual companions and take the time to eat books, movies and packages which might be truly significant to you.

As the Promescent Team writes:

“Becoming alpha means major life change for most guys – after all, our brains are conditioned to seek comfort and the well-tread road.”

9) Become snug with girls

Alpha males function from a place of confidence and energy.

They’re by no means reckless or idiotic about new challenges, however on the similar time, they aren’t the type to over-analyze or spend an excessive amount of time of their head.

The alpha will at all times prize actual world expertise and outcomes over psychological masturbation.

That’s the primary purpose they succeed, and that features their success with girls.

Alpha males aren’t all good-looking, charming, humorous or good. If you’re any of these things, contemplate it an added bonus.

Instead, alpha males care extra about actuality than fantasy.

They ask out girls they like, do their greatest to look good for them and check out to discover a associate, however they by no means stake their hopes or happiness on that.

They respect a lady for who she is and her magnificence, however by no means let bodily attraction kill their rational thoughts and make them act like an fool or shell out money recklessly.

In quick, alpha males are snug with girls.

10) But cease idealizing them!

Alpha males are snug speaking to girls, take rejection on the chin and do their greatest to exit with girls they need and switch down these they don’t need.

But in addition they don’t make the error of idealizing girls as some inherently good species who deserve all their time and a focus.

This relative indifference is what makes alpha males so engaging to girls.

Alpha males aren’t enjoying laborious to get, they really are.

They see girls strutting their stuff they usually simply…don’t actually care.

As Shania Twain stated in a a lot completely different context, “that don’t impress me much.”

Alphas keep away from losing their time, energy or feelings on individuals who don’t have time for them they usually don’t let extremely engaging and well-liked girls scare them.

An alpha is aware of his personal price, and he by no means begs or worships on the pedestal of a stunning lady simply due to her look.

11) Learn when to bow out

If you’re how to be an alpha male when deep down you’re a nice man, you additionally want to be taught when to bow out.

A real alpha doesn’t begin fights, however he finishes them.

Part of not beginning fights is realizing when to bow out.

But right here’s the distinction between a typical “nice guy” and an alpha on this:

*A nice man will bow out of just about all the pieces, refusing to assert himself when any person else comes alongside and tries to dominate. They will nearly at all times cede floor to self-proclaimed consultants, peer stress or conformity to no matter appears well-liked.

*An alpha will solely bow out of conditions and interactions that he is aware of he isn’t certified in. He’ll by no means quit floor simply because any person is being a bully or exerting stress.

12) Being a actual alpha male vs. the media stereotype

As I alluded to earlier, there are a lot of incorrect concepts about what being an alpha male means.

Being an alpha male doesn’t imply being an aggressive d*ck.

Any pickup artists or web gross sales pitch that tells you this is filled with crap.

A real alpha doesn’t have an curiosity in swaggering round and dominating others or telling them how nice they’re.

That’s truly the conduct of a pretty insecure and unattractive man-child.

A real alpha isn’t inquisitive about spouting off, having a good Instagram account with shirtless pics or liking all of the “cool” newest music and kinds.

A real alpha marches to his personal drum and attracts different to his orbit via his personal unapologetic, assured and purpose-driven life.

A real alpha is a trend-setter, not a trend-follower.

The quiet man sitting within the nook of your college library could be the largest alpha male you’ve ever imagined in the best context or an emergency state of affairs…

While the gymnasium bro puffing his chest and fist bumping his “bros” may be the weakest insecure beta male you possibly can think about beneath the bravado.

It’s all about what’s below the floor.

13) Find the steadiness between poisonous and tame

The concept that being an alpha male means being poisonous and stereotypically pushy and aggressive is wrong.

At the identical time, an alpha male is definitely not some tame and docile man.

He will get on the market and will get the job carried out, and he goes the additional mile in tense conditions and crises to save others and be any person folks can depend on.

The level is that an alpha male isn’t essentially the showy one that solely thinks of themselves or tries to impress others.

This kind of stereotypical alpha sort is definitely more likely to let others down and are available to be resented by his friends.

An ideal instance of that is within the navy context.

Many folks have a false concept of what makes a good soldier due to Hollywood portrayals of soldiering. They imagine that a Rambo or Steven Seagal-style badass is the one who saves the day and racks up the medals.

The fact is nearer to the alternative. The greatest troopers and the heroes we glance to on Memorial Day are those who sacrifice for the crew, who put communication forward of bravado and who care extra concerning the mission than themselves or their picture.

Recently I’ve been watching the British present SAS: Who Dares Wins.

In it, a group of ex-special forces troopers put civilians via the paces to see if they will go a number of the fundamentals that they first went via to be part of the particular forces.

As the instructors say, it’s typically the stereotypical swaggering alphas who’re the primary to fail, as a result of they assume they will go it alone and overestimate their very own skills.

The instructors are powerful as nails, however they don’t care about displaying off or point-scoring like faux alphas. Instead, like true alphas, they care about their mission which on this case, is to check contributors to their absolute restrict.

14) Stop settling for any relationship you may get

Earlier I spoke a little about alpha males and the way they’re snug round girls.

They know their manner round relationship they usually by no means let intercourse be used as a weapon to entice or entrap them.

When it comes to relationships, they’re additionally choosy about who they offer their time and a focus to.

I understand that is simpler stated than carried out, and even many robust and sincere males discover themselves in very powerful conditions romantically.

Does this apply to you in the mean time?

Is your relationship caught?

Relationships can be complicated and irritating. Sometimes you’ve hit a wall and you actually don’t know what to do subsequent.

I do know that I used to be at all times skeptical about getting outdoors assist, till I truly tried it out.

Relationship Hero is one of the best website I’ve discovered for love coaches who aren’t simply speak.

They have seen all of it, they usually know all about how to turn out to be profitable with girls and have the type of relationships that alpha males get to take pleasure in.

Personally, I attempted them final year whereas going via a horrible time in my very own relationship.

They managed to break via the noise and provides me actual options.

My coach was type, they took the time to actually perceive my distinctive state of affairs, and gave genuinely useful recommendation that helped me strategy things from a entire new perspective.

In simply a jiffy you possibly can join with a licensed relationship coach and get tailored recommendation to your state of affairs.

15) Stop studying this text

I’m joking. Please learn to the tip.

But typically, cease studying about how to be an alpha male and begin being one.

Alpha males are thinkers within the sense that they value their very own insights and observations.

But they by no means take pleasure in psychological masturbation or daydreaming only for enjoyable. They deal with the true life in entrance of them and the instruments they’ve to change it.

Start adopting the identical mindset.

You’ll thank me later.

Switching to the alpha side (SAS)

Here’s the reality:

If you settle for that no person is coming to prevent…

And you settle for that you’ve got the facility to attain a a lot higher potential…

You are already half-way to turning into an alpha male.

No matter how “nice” you’re and what number of occasions you’ve been stepped on, the method to swap to your alpha side is easy.

Get clear on what it is going to contain in your life.

Then do it. Even if it takes the remainder of your life.

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