How Marvel’s Multiverse Heroes Became Sorcerer Supremes

Across the Marvel multiverse, quite a few different heroes grew to become the Sorcerer Supreme as a substitute of the mystically inclined Doctor Strange.

In many realities within the Marvel Multiverse, it falls to Doctor Strange to grow to be the Sorcerer Supreme, chief mystic protector of the universe. But in a number of worlds, Doctor Strange finally falls — both alongside the remainder of humanity or to get replaced in some method. While some notable heroes — just like the Punisher — have been in a position to make use of his powers to their very own benefit, others absolutely embraced the title Doctor Strange as soon as bore, and have become real inheritors to the position of Sorcerer Supreme.

Across the Marvel Multiverse, what different heroes have grow to be the Sorcerer Supreme, and the way did they fare within the position?

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There have really been a number of variations of Magik — the demonically enhanced teleporting mutant Illyana Rasputin — who grew to become the Sorcerer Supreme, suggesting it could be a multiversal fixed just like Danielle Cage turning into Captain America. In What If? Magik #1 by Leah Williams and Filipe Andrade, she grew to become a pupil of Strange after fleeing the New Mutants. She was finally lost in one other dimension, nevertheless, as revealed in Doctor Strange: The End by the identical artistic crew. Strange finally sacrificed himself to revive her, leaving her to take his place. In Uncanny X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis and Andrea Sorrentino, a unique Magik grew to become the Sorcerer Supreme of the Year 2099, coaching a time-displaced Tempus earlier than dying in an ambush on the Sanctum Santorum.


In All-New X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis and Andrea Sorrentino and Infamous Iron Man by Bendis and Alex Maleev, a Tony Stark was launched who’d finally accepted the world of magic into his life and grow to be the Sorcerer Supreme. In Generations: Iron Man & Ironheart by Bendis, Marco Rudy, Szymon Kudranski, and Nico Leon, the Ironheart of Earth-616 met this incarnation of Iron Man, who revealed he was capable of persuade the governments of the world to place apart their variations and make investments sooner or later, resulting in humanity reaching world peace. Eventually turning to the world of magic and with Nightcrawler serving as his assistant, this model of Tony Stark grew to become an sudden pal to a time-displaced Tempus, and helped reaffirm Ironheart of her internal energy and potential.

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In the Amalgam Universe, the characters and ideas of the Marvel and DC Universe mixed right into a single actuality. This included bonding the roles of Doctor Fate and Doctor Strange, creating the brand new Lord Supreme of Order. Notably, it was neither DC’s Kent Nelson or Marvel’s Stephen Strange who took up the mantle. Instead, it was Charles Xavier, who subsequently grew to become a founding member of the Judgment League Avengers. A devoted defender of the universe, Doctor Strangefate tried to seize Access earlier than he may undo the Amalgam world in Doctor Strangefate by Ron Marz and José Luis García-López. Doctor Strangefate even persevered following Marvel vs. DC however was defeated, and in an act of mercy, Doctor Strange contained the world away from the opposite multiverses as a substitute of destroying it.


In the Battle of the Atom crossover between All-New X-MenWolverine & The X-Men, and Uncanny X-Men, the Brotherhood of a doable future ventured into the previous. Their biggest enemies have been the brand new roster of doable X-Men — together with Billy Kaplan, aka Wiccan. Formerly a member of the Young Avengers, on this actuality Wiccan finally joined the extra globally accepted X-Men. He additionally finally changed Doctor Strange because the Sorcerer Supreme on this actuality, discovering a contented position as mystical protector of the universe alongside his accomplice, Hulking. This model of Wiccan reappeared in Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme by Robbie Thompson, Alvaro Lopez, and Javier Rodriguez as one of many multiversal military of Sorcerer Supremes that assisted Merlin.

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In the timeline of King Thor, Loki finally escalated his battle together with his brother Thor and worn out most of humanity sooner or later. Thor grew to become the true All-Father afterward, and the remnants of humanity gained new galactic roles, similar to Doctor Doom gaining the powers of the Stone Age Avengers — together with these of the Sorcerer Supreme — and Wolverine turning into the brand new host of the Phoenix Force. After Doom’s defeat, Daimon Hellstrom (usually a morally doubtful however frequent ally to the Marvel heroes) gained the facility and title of the Sorcerer Supreme. Dubbed the Satanic Sorcerer Supreme, Daimon combatted mystical forces throughout the galaxy alongside his ally, Thor the Thunder World, in King Thor #4 by Jason Aaron and Chris Burnham.


In Marvel Adventures #47 by Paul Tobin and Vicenc Villagrasa, a actuality was launched the place the Keeper, a guardian of the right move of time and space, tampered with actuality for her amusement. This resulted in lots of adjustments to the Marvel Universe — together with the Terrific Trio being led by a genius-level Susan Storm, Ben Grimm turning into the Hulk as a substitute of the Thing, and Black Widow being bitten by the radioactive spider that might have turned Peter Parker into Spider-Man. One of the chief allies of the Terrific Trio was Norrin Rad, the Silver Surfer — who on this world had assumed the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme, and the magical powers that include it. However, the heroes have been capable of restore actuality and return everybody to their typical roles.

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