How Marvel’s Loki Villain Reveal Changes the Character for the MCU

There are two massive variations between the story in the comics and the story as informed by Jonathan Majors. The first is that none of the Kang Wars ever resulted in the collapse of the multiverse. That was borrowed extra from Secret Wars, the big universe-restarting Marvel crossover from 2015. The second distinction: He Who Remains is a completely separate particular person in the comics. 

He Who Remains

The Marvel Comics model of He Who Remains is precisely the particular person Majors was in Loki. He was the final particular person alive in the final actuality of the multiverse at the finish of all time, who created the Time Keepers and the Time Variance Authority to police the timeline. He was launched in Thor #245 in the Seventies, years earlier than the TVA was launched in later Thor comics. It was solely in a while that he was retconned as the founding father of the TVA and even the creator of the Time-Keepers themselves! One of these notable appearances: Avengers Forever #9, the place he’s seen coming into direct battle with none apart from…Kang the Conqueror. 

Aside from that run in, they’ve had little or no contact regardless of having overlapping portfolios. He Who Remains is a separate being, and has by no means, till Loki, been linked to Kang’s historical past. 

But it actually works.

He Who Remains has little or no backstory except for his creation of the TVA. We know little or no about his life resulting in that time – how he bought there, who he cherished, how he lived earlier than he began the TVA. But due to that portfolio overlap, he makes good sense as one other Kang: older, exhausted, lonely, bored Kang, able to see what would possibly occur. 

In truth, this tracks completely with who Kang was himself throughout their one massive run in. Avengers Forever #9 is one in every of the greatest, most densely packed retcons in the historical past of Marvel Comics. In it, Kang narrates his life story, from his begin as a bored teenager (besides for the Iron Lad elements – that retcon got here a couple of decade later) all the approach by his warfare with Immortus to avoid wasting Rick Jones.

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