Hiding Feelings Can Do More Harm Than Good For Your Mental Health

During our rising up years, all of us could have been instructed things like, “Don’t cry”, “You can’t be so weak”, “You have to be strong”. The intent could also be good however the end result of those statements is generally not so good. Emotions are integral to us.

They are automated and unavoidable. Invalidating somebody’s feelings result in suppression of these feelings, and that tends to have detrimental results. Emotions and feelings are like energy which want a launch for a wholesome functioning. Suppressing feelings or hiding feelings is like getting it out of sight however not out of thoughts.

Anything which is suppressed for lengthy goes to the unconscious thoughts which finally will get its launch by means of undesirable behaviours unconsciously. Stoicism and stiff higher lip have usually been glorified particularly for sure sections of society. The act of expressing emotion is frowned upon in our society.

We’ve been instructed “Don’t cry”, “Get over it” and to brush off our feelings since childhood, giving the impression that emotional expression is flawed. We continuously discover ourselves in a position of perplexity, uncertain of the best way to react to a sure situation.

Why are feelings necessary?

Emotions function a helpful indicator in addition to a warning sign, indicating how we’re progressing by means of life at any given time. When we expertise an emotion, it means our brain has recognised a change within the surroundings that’s related to us- our health, aims, or issues.

It brings these things to our consideration which emphasises us to specific, not suppress feelings. Allow your self to share your feelings and feelings. While sure pent-up feelings have been considered problematic and that it has the potential to trigger/worsen the mental diseases, expressing them can be the important thing to bodily and emotional well-being.

The social stigma hooked up to expressing feelings and feelings, usually forces folks to draw back from expressing themselves they usually worry that expressing, would overwhelm them and the disagreeable feeling will go away a long-lasting impact on them.

Why must you cease hiding your feelings?

Although it might not really feel snug or “safe” to specific one’s feelings, suppressing, suffocating or hiding feelings can harm one’s mental health. It can result in dangerous behaviours equivalent to using medicine, alcohol, meals, or intercourse to numb any emotion.

Not everyone seems to be as expressive or emotional as the following one. While your feelings are actual, there are cases when you’re unable to specific them. For instance, throughout a job interview, you don’t need to seem unprepared or unable to deal with stress.

This highlights the significance of emotional regulation which can be accomplished earlier than or after the apprehended emotional disturbance. If you’re hiding your feelings for the worry of being judged, STOP!

How to deal with expressing feelings as an alternative of hiding them?

Emotions can be launched in some ways – speaking, understanding, by means of art-based actions, dancing, music, taking part in an instrument and so forth. The basic understanding is that it must be launched in whichever approach it fits the person.

At a person degree, we can observe to take care of our feelings and feelings because it encourages us to concentrate to our feelings, each constructive and destructive, with out passing judgement. It’s additionally about being within the second and managing feelings whereas remaining calm.

The stigma round expression of feelings and feelings can solely be fought by first altering our personal narrative about the identical. We can make ourselves really feel more empowered and strengthened by embracing, regulating and introspecting our feelings and never by staying in a state of denial or suppression.

It is necessary to know that each particular person has the potential to assist themselves and all they want is somebody to only take heed to them with out being judgemental and never attempt to resolve their downside. Be a good listener. Emotions are necessary.

How to assist somebody desires to specific feelings or feelings?

Feelings aren’t topic to proper or flawed, they’re one’s personal experiences and can’t be invalidated on any grounds. We could disagree however we should not invalidate.

As a beloved one or a caregiver, it might get overwhelming at instances to take care of somebody’s feelings or feelings and it’s completely pure. In these conditions, as an alternative of being essential or invalidating, we should refer them to another person or particularly to mental health professionals.

Plenty of us discover it tough when somebody is making an attempt to specific their feelings, largely as a result of we assume that we’re supposed to unravel their downside which brings in helplessness or a way of stress.

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