10 Habits of Couples Who Stay In The ‘Honeymoon Phase’

If you want an eternal honeymoon in your relationship, sit back and relax because we have something for you. Everyone wants to stay loved with their love dove, but then reality sets in, with stressful work, kids, and housekeeping at the forefront of the usual challenges for life partners.

Here we’re talking about how to stay in the “honeymoon phase” zone, even years and decades after you’ve said yes.

10 Things couples do stay on their honeymoon

1. Keep courting your partner

You know your partner better than anyone else, so why not do what attracted you to him in the first place? It never hurts to try something new, either. Even if it is a complete disaster, it will be something you can laugh at months and years later with your one and only.

2. Hugs never stop for people who stay in the honeymoon phase

One of the best ways to stay emotionally connected is through a physical connection, and what could be better than cuddling together? After all, it is here that two hearts are closest. Can you feel that spark already?

3. Speak the same love language

Does she like a massage before bed? Does Trevor like a flirtatious, cheeky message at work to remind him of what’s waiting for him at home?

You need to know what the other person is doing and what YOU are doing. This is done in a variety of ways in a variety of situations. If done right, your relationship will run like clockwork.

4. Couples in the honeymoon phase look at things from their partner’s point of view

Why didn’t he do the dishes when it was his turn today? Tomorrow he has a big presentation in the boardroom. Why did he take the twins to the park the next day? To give her a rest after taking care of tiny Tommy all night. You are in a relationship to improve your partner’s life and enjoy that enrichment without asking for it.

5. Find time to enjoy each other’s company

No distractions, including tiny Tiffany and Tommy, are allowed. Book a babysitter if you need to, or invite parents to the stage. Just walk together and remember why you chose each other. Remember when, where, how, and what happens; remember the very essence.

6. There are more positive experiences than negative ones

From the lips of scientists now, psychologist John Gottman is one of the world’s most recognized researchers on the likelihood that a couple will stay together rather than break up.

After decades of extensive research, he came up with a roughly 5:1 ratio of positive experiences to negative experiences for a “healthy relationship,” five positive experiences to one negative.

7. Consider why you are with your partner

What is it about your partner finds attractive? What is it about that makes them tremble at the knees? Please take the time to think; a few minutes a day can help. When hormones stabilize, it’s easy to think of the negative traits while forgetting the positive ones.

8. Listen

Letting off a little steam is sometimes necessary, and as much as we want to help, the best we can do is do what the subtitle suggests. The same goes for expressing concern about something disturbing or any other negative emotion.

9. Share your passions to stay in the honeymoon phase

Accepting differences makes us individuals, but you are also partners in crime, so do what you both love together.

10. Know that your wedding day will not be the happiest

Life should never spiral downward after she has tied the knot. You have so much more to live on.

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