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How To Get Rid Of Period Smell? Here Are 5 Hacks

To avoid the period smell, it is important to keep the vagina clean and fresh. Here are 5 tips that can help do just that.

To all of the menstruators, do you get paranoid over your funky period smell? Well, simply as everybody’s periods are totally different, the smell can be totally different for everybody. But it’s common! Actually, it has to do together with your each day hygiene practices, particularly throughout menstruation.

While it’s vital to take care of common hygiene down there, you must attempt to take them up a notch whenever you’re bleeding. And whenever you don’t, you might find yourself inviting a smell.

While it’s your decision your vagina to smell like aromatic flowers, this isn’t regular. So, all the time count on a peculiar smell or one thing unusual down there. However, if this smell will get disagreeable throughout periods, right here’s what you are able to do about it.

We bought in contact with Dr Madhushree Vijayakumar, Consultant-Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospital, Hebbal, Bengaluru, to know whether or not this can be a trigger for fear and how one can keep away from it. Everyone experiences period smell and here er few tips to get rid of odour.

She says, “Menstrual blood can have different smells based on a variety of factors. It is important to find out what the different odours could be and what causes them, so appropriate measures are taken to reduce them.”

Some of the common menstrual odours are:

1. Metallic

Sometimes period blood can smell metallic, normally because of the presence of iron in it. This is normally nothing to fret about, but it surely mustn’t final for lengthy after the period ends.

2. Rotten

If your period blood smells rotten, the reason being normally the exiting of blood and tissues together with micro organism. The smell may very well be stronger on days when the circulation is heavy. The rotten smell may be because of the sanitary pad or the tampon being left for too lengthy.

3. Fishy

This smell is lots stronger than the same old odour. The fishy smell normally signifies a medical subject like an an infection (bacterial vaginosis). If you even have signs like burning throughout urination, irritation or itchiness, or vaginal discharge outdoors of the bleeding, it’s essential to go to your physician.

There are sure measures you may take to maintain your period smell to a naked minimal, says Dr Vijayakumar.

Here are tricks to maintain your vagina smelling good throughout periods:

1. Menstrual hygiene

If your period blood smells like fish, which means it’s essential to change your pad or tampon. This is probably the most primary but essential think about combating odours throughout periods. So, preserve hygiene by:

  • Changing your pads or tampons each 4 to 5 hours, even when the circulation is mild
  • Avoid holding urine for an extended period of time
  • Every time you go to the washroom, wash your genitals
  • Avoid carrying two pads at a time. This may cause odours and infections. A greater possibility is to stay to at least one pad and alter it extra typically, or use a bigger pad
  • Do not stay in sweaty garments for a very long time
  • Do not exert throughout period and relaxation sufficient
  • Say no to douching
  • Don’t use razor
  • Keep the vaginal space clear and dry .

2. Shower each day

Bathe twice a day to take care of period hygiene and keep away from an disagreeable period smell. You may also use scorching water as it may well additionally assist relieve period cramps and ache.

Aside from that, whereas bathing, rinse from entrance to again and clear the outer areas of the vagina with water solely. Cleaning it from the within can disrupt the pH stage, growing the chance of an infection and odour. Hot showers and periods go hand in hand.

3. Wear cotton garments

Wearing tight pants or different restrictive clothes can stop oxygen from reaching the vagina, leading to odour throughout menstruation. Wear breathable cotton undergarments and skin-friendly clothes whenever you’re in your period.

4. Use menstrual cup

Use menstrual cups as an alternative of pads and tampons to keep away from the odour of your period. Menstrual cups could be worn for an prolonged period of time (as much as 10-12 hours). This can even help in sustaining the pH steadiness of your vagina, leading to no period blood odour.

5. Avoid scented merchandise

As the vagina is a self-cleaning mechanism, using scented washes or different merchandise on it may well trigger irritation and allergic reactions. It is enough to wash your vagina with plain water.

Along with the following pointers keep nicely hydrated and consume a nutritious diet.


Simple hygiene precautions can go a great distance. Always seek the advice of your physician if the odour doesn’t subside or turns into too sturdy. It may very well be a sign of an underlying downside that requires medical consideration.

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