Flash Stole A Fortune in an Even Darker Way Than Batman

The Flash has stolen a fortune in an even edgier means than Batman. As a option to finance science, Barry Allen is not sincere about Flash Museum’s funds.

Warning! Spoilers for The Flash #769

The Flash has amassed a fortune in an even edgier means than Batman. Just as Bruce Wayne has entry to the funds of Wayne Enterprises, Barry Allen has one thing related in the type of Central City’s superhero vacationer vacation spot, the Flash Museum.

If superheroes existed in the true world, they most likely wouldn’t be capable of fund their very own conflict on crime. Fans have at all times appreciated that facet of Batman, because it feels logical for Bruce Wayne to have entry to massive sums of money to assist his campaign in Gotham City. However, many superheroes don’t have the identical wealth to finance such a enterprise. Over the years, the Flash’s affiliation with STAR Labs has helped fill the hole, explaining how he may come throughout such high quality tech with a CSI forensic’s wage. However, with the Flash Museum, Barry now has entry to extra money than ever earlier than.

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Recently, Barry Allen revealed some noteworthy spending decisions relating to the museum in The Flash #769, written by Jeremy Adams with artwork by Jack HerbertBrandon Petersonand Darko Lafuente. While speaking with Oliver Queen, CEO of Queen Industries, Barry mentions that the money that’s spent on the Flash Museum goes on to its “running costs,” and that what’s left goes to charity. It’s then expanded to point out that these operating prices contain a secret state-of-the-art laboratory. Similar to how Batman has embezzled money from Wayne Enterprises to fund his vigilante bat-technology, such because the Batmobile and the Batcave, Barry takes benefit of his resources. Even although it’s technically for the larger good, the Flash himself is taking money away from charity.

Unlike Batman, Barry doesn’t appear to totally grasp why what he’s doing is ethically questionable. Although Bruce has possible realized that embezzling from his personal company is simply one other choice in line along with his vigilante habits, the Flash isn’t as considerate. It’s an actual question of ethics, because the panel depicts that the Flash Museum’s merchandise, together with shirts and a replica of the primary Flash, Jay Garrick’s helmet, goes to an endeavor that guests may truly assist anyway. It appears foolish that Barry wouldn’t simply point out publicly {that a} portion of the money made helps the Flash do his job as a superhero, and conduct experiments.

Of course, one in all Barry’s most notable experiments resulted in Flashpoint, the place he went again in time to avoid wasting his mom, ensuing in an alternate timeline ravaging the truth he knew. At the tip of the day, this slight depiction of how Barry chooses to go about funds with the museum showcases a personality flaw readers hadn’t seen explored earlier than. Still, Flash is at the very least open with Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow about how he will get the money wanted for his lab. On the opposite hand, Batman may not communicate so proudly about how he fights crime on a monetary degree.

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