Facing Teenage Skin Problems? Here’s A Simple 4-Step Program To Tackle It

When you hit adolescence, there may be a lot of enjoyable and frolic connected to these adolescence of your life. However, it isn’t in need of a roller-coaster experience. On one hand, there may be the stress of laying a robust basis in your career and selecting the best topics, whereas on the opposite, there may be newfound freedom, other than having new pals and new events to attend.

And add to it, the hormones. All that is an excessive amount of for such a tender age. Amidst all this, it is not possible to undergo it with out a string of complaints concerning your teenage skin and hair.

According to famend movie star dermatologist Dr Jamuna Pai, “Hormonal surges lead to the oil glands going into an overdrive, making the skin oily, creating those large pores, blackheads, and finally the dreaded acne. This makes puberty the most challenging period as far as your skin is concerned.”

In an Instagram video, Dr Pai shares a simple 4-step program to tackle zits and oily skin in youngsters:

Check out the video right here:

1. Cleansing

It is a very powerful factor for skincare when it comes to your teenage years. It is the very first thing it’s best to do whenever you get up within the morning so as to clear the pores or your skin off the oils which have gathered over the night time.

“Choose a gel or a foaming cleanser over a soap. Your pores can get clogged due to sweat and dirt even during the day, making cleansing in the evening just as important. Just an exception, your teenage skin is dry instead of oily, use a milky cream-based cleanser,” Dr Pai shares. Using cleaning soap in your face isn’t a good concept!

The scalp is an extension of your facial skin too, and it requires thorough cleaning. This is not going to solely be sure that your hair is wholesome however may also maintain your dandruff in management. It is essential as dandruff can worsen the zits, despite the fact that it isn’t brought on by it, as many individuals suppose. Wash your hair 2-3 instances a week and with an anti-dandruff shampoo at the very least as soon as a week.
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2. Oil management

No one likes strolling round with a layer of oil on their skin however there may be a answer for it. Follow a simple three-step course of to management the quantity of oil your teenage skin is pumping out.
* By using a salicylic based mostly cleanser
* By using an oil-free primer, for those who put on make-up
* Keep blotting paper helpful to take in the surplus oil all through the day

3. Protect

“You are never too young to wear sunblock. In fact, it is best to start early. So before you leave for your school or college, you can apply a broad spectrum sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or higher on all the exposed areas,” she add. Keep it in your backpack in order that it will be utilised every time wanted. You can select from a extensive number of sunscreens accessible within the market. Use sunscreen fastidiously.

4. Seek assist

However tempting, irresistible or satisfying it is, don’t give in to the urge of being a pimple popper. This is not going to solely scar your face but in addition unfold the an infection in any other case. Instead, search assist from a physician as you would possibly profit from prescription cleansers or medicine relatively than using over-the-counter merchandise (OTC).

Keeping your routine simple and following a wholesome way of life and food plan is all that you just want to get and preserve a wholesome skin. So say goodbye to all of the filters.

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