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5 Dry Fruits To Reduce High Uric Acid Levels

Although all nuts are beneficial to health. But you can eat these 5 nuts to keep your high uric acid level in check.

High uric acid is a situation that arises when your kidneys are unable to adequately take away uric acid. Uric acid is basically natural water that’s shaped through the digestion of purine-containing meals. What precisely is purine? It is carbon and the nitrogen-based chemical molecule that’s damaged down within the body.

However, purine-rich meals reminiscent of meat, sardines, and beer trigger your body to fail to digest them, leading to a rise in uric acid level, a waste product.

Roopshree Jaiswal, Consultant – Dietitian/Nutritionist, Motherhood Hospitals, Mechanic Nagar, Indore, spoke to us about this situation and steered that sure dry fruits may help you management your excessive uric acid level. High uric acid must be tamed right away.

Jaiswal says, “High uric acid levels usually occur when the kidneys don’t eliminate uric acid properly and efficiently. When too much uric acid stays in the body, the condition is known as hyperuricemia. This causes crystals of uric acid to form which get settled in the joints and can lead to gout, which is a very painful form of arthritis. Uric acid can also settle in the kidneys forming kidney stones.”

People with excessive uric acid ranges ought to seek the advice of a health care provider and make sure the ranges are saved in examine by correct therapy. They may go for correct diet to manage its ranges. You ought to consume gadgets which have low ranges of purines. Dry fruits will be useful on this regard

Here are 5 dry fruits you need to consume to manage your uric acid ranges:

1. Cashews

These nuts are low in purines and really nutritious. Cashews are useful in decreasing LDL cholesterol and likewise enhance healthy ldl cholesterol, HDL. They comprise essential nutritional vitamins and minerals which can be important for sustaining bodily capabilities and are appropriate for gout sufferers. Cashew may help handle uric acid degree!

2. Walnuts

Walnuts have loads of Omega-3 and are gout pleasant protein supply. They even have anti-inflammatory properties. Walnuts are a safe supply of important vitamins for people with excessive uric acid ranges.

3. Almonds

Adding almonds to your diet will assist lower your uric acid ranges as they’re low in purines and loaded with vitamin E, magnesium, and manganese. The skin of the almonds can also be wealthy in antioxidants, which assist combat free radicals.

4. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are wealthy in important fatty acids which the body can’t produce by itself. Flaxseed oil has an anti-inflammatory impact on the body that may reduce the pain brought on by excessive uric acid ranges. Flaxseeds are nice to your diet!

5. Brazil Nuts

These are wealthy in fibre and low in purines. They assist management the uric acid degree and supply aid from pain brought on by gout.

In addition to dry fruits and nuts, low-purine meals embrace contemporary fruit and veggies, eggs, potatoes, and low fats and non-dairy fats merchandise like yoghurt and skim milk.


It’s essential to notice that whereas a balanced diet may help reduce the quantity of uric acid in your system, you might also want medicine. For a therapy plan, you need to converse together with your doctor.

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