Destroyer of Light Puts Persephone in Space

In Dusk, people and krestsge coexist in relative concord. But exterior the town, people—some who’ve by no means seen krestge in individual—have rather more disdain for the mysterious aliens. It is unclear to anybody why they adopted people to Eleusis, and the paradox of their intentions make them an ominous presence.

The story follows Cora, a younger lady with a novel and highly effective reward. Twins with uncanny talents of their very own, contracted to search out the lacking youngster of a human and krestge couple. An intelligence who sees all however can’t intrude. And a mom, moved to grief on the loss of her daughter. These characters’ particular person journeys intersect and overlap as their tales start to converge. And as we discover Eleusis from every of their various views, we uncover the reality of their talents, and be taught extra in regards to the world they inhabit.

“I began the structure of the book using index cards and a numbering system that helped me to keep track,” says Brissett of the writing course of, which concerned intricate science fiction worldbuilding. “Then as the book began to take shape, I pulled the scaffolding away like building a Roman arch.” The characters’ tales are separate however intertwined, distinct however related, and cover massive spans of time, although happening abruptly. “The story occurs in a single moment and what we read is the perspective of two entities entwining,” continues Brissett. “They come together and experience the past, the present, and the future all at once in the ‘Here and Now.’”

Destroyer of Light isn’t just in regards to the fraught relationship between people and krestge, additionally it is a narrative of survival—and hope. And it’s instructed alongside the framework of the Persephone story. In Greek mythology, Persephone is kidnapped by Hades into the Underworld the place she turned his unconsenting bride. Her mom, Demeter, is so distraught by her daughter’s disappearance that she destroys the harvest and plunges the world into famine. Eventually, Zeus would decree that Persephone spend one-third of the year in the Underworld, which she is certain to as a result of she ate its meals. The relaxation of the year can be spent along with her mom on Earth. 

To be honest, I didn’t think, oh, here’s a myth that I would like to retell,” says Brissett of the reimagining. “It was kinda the other way around. I had an idea for a story about two women – a mother and daughter. The Eleusinian Mysteries naturally came to mind, or at least it naturally came to my mind. As I began to structure the novel, I could see the myth fitting into it. The more I worked, the more I found interesting aspects of the myth that I could use … So which came first, the myth or the story? I would say the story. The myth simply helped it along and, I believe, gave the story more resonance.”

In Destroyer of Light, Stefonie is raised by the warlord, Okoni, who takes her for his bride after she and different kids are forcefully recruited into his militia. The ebook doesn’t look away from her plight, and interspersed all through are a number of depictions of sexual assault. The ebook features a content material warning, which Brissett insisted on as a result of she felt that it was essential to present a heads as much as readers about these scenes. Those warnings needs to be heeded.

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