9 Comebacks For Dealing With Arrogant People

You know them if you see them, and smug individuals with their snotty angle can negatively have an effect on your day except you’re armed with a number of of those 9 comebacks.

An smug particular person has determined to imagine that they’re in some way superior to you. However, we’re all equal human beings with variations which can be no roughly helpful.. How you reply or react to those individuals if you encounter them can have an effect on your peace of thoughts.

Your response to an smug particular person can also be a mirrored image of your integrity as an individual. So will you be an individual who stands up for him or herself?

9 Comebacks For Dealing With Arrogant People

Arrogant individuals share the next traits with narcissistic character dysfunction according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV, which is used to diagnose psychological issues:

  • Believes that she or he is ‘special’ and distinctive and might solely be understood by, or ought to affiliate with, different particular or high-status individuals (or establishments).
  • Requires extreme admiration.
  • Has a way of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of particularly favourable therapy or computerised compliance together with his or her expectations.
  • Is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes benefit of others to realise his or her personal ends.
  • Lacks empathy: is unwilling to acknowledge or establish with the emotions and wishes of others.
  • Shows smug, haughty behaviours or attitudes.

1. ‘Now what makes you say that?’

This comeback is meant to assist the smug particular person establish the rationale behind the generalisation, stereotype, or put down that they simply used. We hope that they’ll understand that they made a destructive assertion that’s being known as into question, and can cease as soon as they’ve been known as out on their conduct.

2. ‘Ouch.’

Well, in the event that they’re hurting emotions, be they yours or another person’s, name it such as you see it. This is hurtful language that the smug particular person is utilising and this comeback may also help them to appreciate the hurt that they’re doing.

3. ‘You know my mother is ___, right?’

An smug particular person is extra more likely to single out a bunch of individuals by race, sexual orientation, training, and many others. and speak about destructive stereotypes. The cause for that is that by placing others down, the smug particular person is making an attempt to raise himself by comparability.

You can rapidly put a cease to the destructive discuss by implying that somebody near you is a member of the group that the smug particular person is belittling. This shocks them into the conclusion that their destructive discuss will not be going to be tolerated, however is insulting to you personally as effectively.

A fast apology and exit by the impolite particular person is more likely to comply with.

4. ‘Are you aware that there are other points of view?’

You and everybody else is entitled to their opinion, however the smug particular person wants to appreciate that their destructive opinion of others doesn’t maintain true for different individuals.

5. ‘Tell me again why you are superior to ____?’

Arrogant individuals imagine themselves to be higher than one other particular person, so let’s have them clarify why we should always deal with them in another way. This may end in some attention-grabbing solutions, however extra doubtless you’ve made them squirm uncomfortably because you just about stated ‘You are not superior to that other person.’

6. ‘I would appreciate it if those were the final words you say on this topic.’

Let’s finish that dialog as rudely because the smug particular person began it. This comeback is meant to place an finish to their hateful phrases, however then once more, smug individuals like to listen to themselves discuss so that you would possibly must be extra apparent about it with this subsequent one.

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7. ‘You need to stop talking now.’

Ending the dialog with an smug particular person may very well be as straightforward as leaving. But depart them with one thing to consider earlier than you go.

It is completely doable that you should have no impression by any means on the smug particular person although. That’s as a result of they clearly suppose extremely of themselves despite the proof of their meanness.

8. ‘I’m positive you didn’t imply for that to sound so smug, proper?’

This comeback assumes good intentions, even when you’ve got no proof that they’ve good intentions. This language really permits the smug particular person a approach out, by saying that no in fact they didn’t imply to sound impolite. But it additionally makes it clear that you simply refuse to play their sport of belittling others.

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9. ‘Do you realise how arrogant you sound when you say things like that?’

Call them out on their smug conduct and allow them to know that you simply discover it utterly unacceptable. Psychologists who study personality traits say ‘Modest people are not preoccupied with themselves; arrogant people have an inflated view of themselves.’

In one scale of character traits, vanity is related to being calculating or manipulative towards others in a social state of affairs.f

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