Clark Kent’s Most Super-Dad Moments

The fringe of the kid’s mattress is among the many prime three places for a parental heart-to-heart.
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Can the world’s most well-known super-powered alien actually have all of it? That appears to be the question the CW’s newest superhero collection, Superman & Lois, grapples with. There’s nonetheless numerous stuff for comedian e-book followers — evil Kryptonian armies and a fantastic, let’s name it steel-y character reveal, amongst different issues — however what units this present aside out of your typical comic-to-TV fare is that it is rather a lot additionally an emotional small city household drama. In the pilot, Clark Kent and Lois Lane transfer their teenage twin sons, Jonathan and Jordan, out of bustling Metropolis and into the late Martha Kent’s Smallville farm as a method to reprioritize what their household wants after Clark loses his job on the Daily Planet; they uncover that Jordan has latent Kryptonian skills which can be starting to disclose themselves (simply in time for highschool!); and so they determine to let their sons in on the entire ‘hey, your dad is Superman’ factor. The Kents have loads to take care of!

What this implies is that as Superman & Lois has proceeded with its first season, we’ve gotten to observe Superman just do so many Dad issues. Yes, he’s holding up bridges and stopping nuclear reactors from melting down, however he’s additionally going to soccer practices and packing college lunches. There’s loads of Dad content material to be discovered all through the primary season — Superman is, not surprisingly, a form of dorky, delicate Hot Dad — however what’s the greatest Dad content material? The most common healthful Dad issues we get to see Clark Kent tackle? Find out under as we record one of the best Superman & Lois dad content material from least dad factor to most dad factor. Dads!

Note, spoilers under for the primary 9 episodes of Superman & Lois.

Episode 6, “Broken Trust”
I imply, the boys are merely expressing that their outdated classmates and now soccer rivals at Metropolis High are grade-A dicks, however their dad is gonna dad.
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: Honestly, this feels extra boy scout Superman than merely “dad.” Maybe some dads!

Episode 8, “Holding the Wrench”
You understand how dads are at all times like, “I’d take a bullet for you!” to precise how a lot they love their youngsters? Well, Clark Kent places his money the place his… uhh, bulletproof physique is and takes not one however, like, at the very least 50 bullets for Jonathan. It’s throughout this entire factor the place Jonathan goes snooping round within the creepy van that belongs to this man from the multiverse who needs to kill Superman as a result of on his earth his Superman went dangerous and killed this man’s spouse who occurs to be that earth’s model of Lois Lane and the van detects an intruder and tries to cease that intruder with tons and many bullets. It’s all very complicated! But Superman swoops in to cover his son simply because the bullets rain down.
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: The sentiment is tremendous dad. The precise execution on this occasion is Super Dad, you realize what I imply?

Episode 3, “The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower”
Honestly in case your dad has super-hearing and refuses to inform you essentially the most embarrassing factor he’s ever overheard and/or if that factor included nudity, what even is the purpose?
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: An actual dad would wait till the opposite dad or mum left the room and completely inform his youngsters!!!

Episode 6, “Broken Trust”
Fine, Clark is giving this speech to Jordan after Jordan lets his powers get uncontrolled and he by accident — form of — breaks his brother’s arm, ruining Jonathan’s possibilities at enjoying soccer ever once more. But this dialog may additionally apply to dads typically, say, about somebody getting a driver’s license or one thing?
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: It may very well be very Dad in sure circumstances! Also, very Spider-Man.

Episode 7, “Man of Steel”
Some dads have a particular whistle, some flick one thing at their child, Superman sprays his ice breath on his son to get him to concentrate.
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: All dads have their approach!

Episode 4, “Haywire”
The man simply needs to toss the pigskin round together with his sons, who’re each on the soccer workforce now, okay?
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: Okay, so on this catch, Superman throws the soccer however then additionally makes use of his tremendous pace to go and catch the soccer earlier than his sons can, so, like, not your common sort of father/little one catch.

Episode 1, “Pilot”; Episode 5, “The Best of Smallville”
Clark hates when his “Soul Asylum days” are talked about and instantly regrets mentioning to his heartbroken son that he used to take heed to REO Speedwagon post-breakups.
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: Points deducted for not singing a pair bars of some REO Speedwagon. Give us the products, Clark!

Episode 9, “Loyal Subjekts”
Props to the Kents for utilizing reusable lunch luggage, however why are they so massive? I really feel like these sacks have been a Clark buy.
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: I imply did you see these issues? Pretty Dad.

Episode 9, “Loyal Subjekts”
Of course on this occasion the “baggage” is “superhuman powers that thus far have only caused his son pain both physically and emotionally” and Clark expresses that guilt by crying within the Fortress of Solitude as an alternative of within the bathe like a standard particular person, however nonetheless, that is dad content material.
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: Regardless of the super-circumstances, guilt for passing hardships onto your youngsters looks like a quite common emotion for fogeys to take care of.

Episode 6, “Broken Trust”
Sure, this sounds hyperspecific to Superman & Lois, however a dad getting hyped that his son is each expert and robust feels common, doesn’t it?
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: Dads love watching their sons punch timber, it’s science.

Episode 1, “Pilot”
Jordan is reeling from studying that his once-latent skills are showing and he has no management over them. Also that factor the place he virtually laser-blasted his classmates together with his eyeballs has actually shaken him up, naturally. Clark goes out to speak to his son, who he now is aware of is extra like him than he ever imagined, and provides him that patented, “I may not know what I’m doing, but I promise to always be there for you” sort of speak. He’s reprioritizing his life, he’s making adjustments, and he needs his son to know that this household is an important factor to him. He says all of this whereas sitting side-by-side on their entrance stoop.
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: The most common dad or mum/little one heart-to-heart location is clearly the automobile (there’s no escape!), adopted by the sting of the kid’s mattress (see above), however after that, any entrance stoop/porch sort of scenario is true up there.

Episode 2, “Heritage”
Clark and Lois step in to interrupt up a battle between the twinkies — this entire “one of them having powers and one not” factor is hard to course of even when they don’t know that’s why they’re combating — and whereas the dad and mom are attempting to put down the legislation, Jonathan blurts out one thing about how Jordan kissed Sarah, and for as critical as Clark is making an attempt to be, he can’t cease a smile from spreading throughout his face. Jordan! Kissed! Sarah! You know he needs to present his shy son an attaboy, however Lois would most likely punch him within the intestine or one thing, so he restrains himself. It appears troublesome for him.
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: What an infuriating Dad factor!!

Episode 4, “Haywire”
Clark solely particularly yells that in a single episode, however the concept that he needs to be higher at placing his household first, above any accountability he has as Superman, is certainly one of his main throughlines all through the season. Yes, Superman wants to determine who’s importing Kryptonian consciousnesses into Smallville residents and easy methods to cease this evil Kryptonian military from destroying Earth, however he additionally needs to be there for his younger sons. He’s all about that work/life stability as of late!
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: Don’t dads simply love yelling shit like this? It’s very shifting!

Episode 2, “Heritage; Episode 8, “Holding the Wrench” 
Gosh Dad, do I even have to be right here? Do you really want me to carry this toolbox whilst you fly forwards and backwards from the roof? I can simply put it on the bottom, Dad! I wanna hang around with my associates, why am I standing right here like an fool holding this freaking wrench when you possibly can simply punch out that dent within the automobile along with your naked palms, come on, Dad! DAAAAAAD.
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: A basic Dad energy transfer.

Episode 1, “Pilot”
Clark had already congratulated Jonathan for being named beginning quarterback as a freshman and lingered a bit too lengthy as Jon’s girlfriend watched in cringey horror from the computer display screen, however although he took the trace to depart the room, he couldn’t assist himself however to pop again in for a parting, “proud of you!” He’s simply so excited!
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: What a candy nerd dad Superman has turned out to be!

Episode 5, “The Best of Smallville”
Clark Kent has seen the world — I imply, as Superman he actually flies round it on the common — but nonetheless, what will get him going essentially the most is Smallville’s little outdated annual Harvest Festival the place he used to go along with late dad and mom. He tells his household all about it with an enormous smile throughout his face: The city camaraderie, the spirit of giving related to it, and the chocolate-covered bacon. Oh, the bacon! The youngsters usually are not into it in any respect, however you realize what? That’s their loss.
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: Forcing outdated household traditions on their youngsters and meals obtainable on sticks? Dads stay for this shit.

Episode 3, “The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower”
This dad doesn’t care that you simply’re mad at him for utilizing his super-hearing skills to spy on you (it saved you from a battle at college, duh!). This dad apologized and promised to by no means do it once more from this level ahead. This dad will NOT be providing you with extra money simply because he feels dangerous proper now and must earn your belief again. But this dad is proud that you simply gave it a shot, BEGRUDGINGLY.
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: Yes, Dad! Stand your floor, Dad!

Episode 3, “The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower”
Clark’s reasoning is two-fold: Jordan needs to make use of his new-found power to play on the workforce (sure, everyone knows it’s technically dishonest) and Clark needs to stay shut in case there are any incidents, AND Clark needs to be extra concerned in his sons’ lives.
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: The first motive may be very Superman, the second is so Dad. Plus, the truth that Clark appears most enthusiastic about sporting some Smallville High swag (Tyler Hoechlin’s “I bought a hat!” is ideal) makes it much more Dad than it already was.

Episode 1, “Pilot”
Raising teenagers is difficult, even once you’re Superman. At the beginning of the collection, Clark’s son Jordan, who suffers from nervousness, is fairly closed-off towards his father (he doesn’t know his dad is Superman at this level). The first interplay we see between the 2 is Clark coming to apologize for lacking Jordan’s remedy session and making an attempt to make small speak in regards to the first day of college. Jordan needs none of this. Clark, getting nowhere, decides to depart the room just for Jordan to name out for him. Oh boy, his face. He is so excited! Could Jordan need to chat about how he’s dealing with first-day-of-school jitters? Or one thing else emotionally poignant? No, he simply wants Clark to show his music again up. Yikes, that’s tough. And that’s saying one thing, since this dad has supervillains making an attempt to homicide him each different day.
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: To know a teen’s harsh rejection is to be a dad or mum.

Episode 6, “Broken Trust”; Episode 7, “Man of Steel”; Episode 9, “Loyal Subjekts”
Any dad or mum would know this sense, however Superman truly has methods to do it: When Jordan is about to spray his warmth imaginative and prescient all around the soccer area, Clark holds his son’s face so he can level these laser beams immediately into his palms; when Jordan is overcome together with his new super-hearing powers, Clark whisks him off to the Fortress to determine easy methods to assist him (noise-cancelling headphones, duh!); and when Jordan begins to get sick from Kryptonite gasoline poisoning and his lungs are going to freeze due to it, Clark holds his screaming son and has him squeeze as onerous as he must as they burn the kryptonite out of his physique.
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: It’s so Dad I’m tearing up simply eager about it.

Episode 2, “Heritage”
One of Jordan’s first Kryptonian skills to develop is warmth imaginative and prescient. As in, the child has laser beams taking pictures out of his eyeballs!! Other than the truth that Jordan experiences his warmth imaginative and prescient for the primary time whereas at a highschool occasion and it places lots of people in peril (everybody is usually okay, it’s effective), it sounds fairly cool proper? Well, it sounds cool till Clark sits down on the dinner desk and describes it as Jordan having “an ocular release of energy.” Ugh, Dad!
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: Whether on function or as a result of it’s merely their nature, dads love embarrassing their teenagers this fashion. This is so Dad it hurts.

Episode 1, “Pilot”; Episode 3, “The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower”; Episode 5, “The Best of Smallville”; Episode 6, “Broken Trust”
Wow, Superman actually takes loads of flack within the Kent home (don’t fear, the boys avoid wasting angst for Lois Lane, too), and to his credit score, actually stays fairly even-keeled about it more often than not — does he need to go outdoors and crush big metal pipes now and again? Sure, however who amongst us, you realize? Whether it’s Jordan yelling at his father as a result of he has powers and so they solely make him extra remoted from his friends, or Jonathan yelling at his father as a result of he doesn’t have powers and feels helpless, it’s no surprise Clark looks like he doesn’t have any clue what his youngsters want from him. Plus, these twins get very dramatic! The prize virtually goes to Jordan for telling his dad that each selection he’s made is a mistake and he ought to return to simply ignoring his youngsters, however Jonathan squeaks out a win by telling Clark that he needs to depart Smallville and transfer again to Metropolis as a result of “this town is like [his] kryptonite!” That one is personal on a number of ranges!
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: Oh, you possibly can’t win for making an attempt? Webster’s Dictionary defines parenthood as…

Honestly, virtually each episode
The double-shoulder squeeze is Clark Kent’s go-to transfer when he must have a second together with his twins. Whether it’s an “everything is going to be fine” second, or a “that’s so cool you have a date with the girl you like” second, or an “I’m sorry we just had to burn kryptonite out of your body to stop your lungs from turning to ice” second, Superman likes to face his sons, put a hand on every shoulder, and provides them a reassuring squeeze.
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: They educate this transfer in Dad 101, child.

Episode 3, “The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower”
Honestly, what’s extra Dad than opening a trunk to point out off his outdated baseball mitt and speaking about how his dad wouldn’t let him play baseball as a result of he was scared for him and he’s not going to do this to his personal son, so certain, he can play soccer BUT BE CAREFUL, and in addition all of it takes place whereas he’s on bended knee? Who else would do this however a dad?
How Dad Is This Dad Thing?: HONESTLY!!

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