Can You Choose To Be Attracted To Someone? Epic Guide

It appeared like I used to be all the time going after the “wrong types”.

The gamers who broke my coronary heart, the emotionally unavailable males who have been by no means going to let me in, the so-called “bad boys” who chew you up and spit you out.

Meanwhile, all the great guys — those who deal with you with care and respect — I merely wasn’t into.

Until one heartache too many modified all that. I made a decision that I wanted to study to love what was good for me.

But can you choose to be attracted to somebody?

Here’s what I found and the way I lastly healed my courting disasters to make higher selections in love.

Is it a selection to be attracted to somebody?

They say that you can’t assist who you fall for, however is that this actually true?

There’s little question that attraction is extremely difficult and influenced by a whole lot of things.

From my very own personal expertise, I’ve come to study that there isn’t actually a easy answer. If something the answer is each sure and no.

What I imply by that’s our preliminary attraction is essentially ruled by uncontrollable urges created by silent components.

Our need is to a sure extent pre-programmed by our biology, experiences, and beliefs. This subconsciously motivates us and pulls the strings behind the scenes.

But on the identical time, we do have selections.

We have selections over which connections we resolve to nurture and put money into. We have a selection to dig deeper into these silent drives inside our unconscious and even start to reprogram them over time.

In this manner, you can do things that train your self to be attracted to the people who find themselves good for you, moderately than unhealthy for you.

The issues of attraction

Attraction can really feel a really mysterious drive.

It can immediately hit you, it might come and go, and it might additionally develop with time.

The cause is that attraction is multifaceted. It can be primarily based on bodily chemistry and lust, however it might additionally develop from deeper emotional ties.

Lust and bodily attraction are tougher to management. We could be instantly drawn to somebody merely due to the way in which they appear.

But that isn’t the place it ends. Have you ever thought somebody was so handsome till they opened their mouth to communicate?

In a second any preliminary attraction fades when you grow to be completely turned off by their character. The identical may also work the opposite approach round.

You won’t discover somebody notably cute. But as time goes on, when you actually get to know them, it’s as in the event that they grow to be higher trying in your eyes.

Your attraction to them is being influenced by who they’re, and never simply how they appear. Here lies the ability we do have in selecting to be attracted to somebody.

What makes you sexually attracted to somebody? The science behind it

I need to give you some perception into how attraction occurs.

While attraction can really feel like one thing magical and inexplicable, it really has a scientific rationalisation.

When we’re attracted to any person chemical reactions are happening inside our brain. When you’re sexually aroused, your testosterone ranges enhance, which triggers the discharge of dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is what provides us emotions of enjoyment.

This signifies that when you’re bodily attracted to somebody, your brain releases chemical compounds that make you really feel completely satisfied.

These chemical compounds embrace serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins. These are all identified to set off optimistic feelings similar to love and affection.

So that’s what occurs, but it surely nonetheless doesn’t clarify why it occurs. And importantly, why does it occur with some individuals, however not others?

What drives you to be attracted to somebody?

How a lot time you spend with somebody

Being round somebody rather a lot makes it extra seemingly for attraction to develop.

Research has shown that proximity is an enormous think about attraction. This explains why there are such a lot of workplace romances and why pals so typically flip into lovers.

Your setting

Your “type” romantically talking is formed by the society and tradition you reside in, and its concepts about what’s fascinating. It can also be moulded by the household setting you grew up in.

So in case your mum was fairly a strong-willed lady, you could end up being attracted to ladies who remind you of this trait.

Similarly, in case your father didn’t present affection, you would possibly go after guys who behave the identical approach. It’s all down to what we study is “normal” and so feels probably the most acquainted and comfy to you.


Biology performs a couple of normal roles in who we’re attracted to. After all, Mother Nature has good gene swimming pools in the back of her thoughts for after we mate.

We have a tendency to discover healthy-looking individuals extra enticing. That means being youthful, and having sure bodily traits (like face symmetry) can be extra interesting.

How related somebody is to you

We’ve all heard how “opposites attract” however the actuality is that isn’t true. We get alongside higher with people who find themselves like us.

Countless research have actually overwhelmingly concluded that we’re attracted to individuals who we share things in common with.

That could be experiences, appears to be like, background, schooling, IQ, values, or character traits. Research has just about discovered that the more similar we are, the more likely attraction is.


I’ve lost depend of what number of dates I’ve had with nice guys I want I used to be attracted to, however I wasn’t.

When this occurs we regularly put it down to that lacking spark. We say that we simply don’t have “chemistry”. And in accordance to analysis, it appears there may be fact to this.

Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher performed a study into which neural systems dominate your personality and the way that impacts attraction.

She discovered that all of us have chemically completely different personalities.

Dopamine-dominant personalities have a tendency to be extra curious, inventive, impartial, and adventurous. Serotonin-dominant personalities are extra conventional, social, calm, and managed.

Testosterone-dominant individuals can be fairly strong-minded, analytical, and direct. Meanwhile, estrogen-dominant personalities are extra nurturing, empathetic, and imaginative.

When it comes to attraction, her analysis means that while dopamine sorts and serotonin sorts are attracted to their very own form, testosterone sorts are extra attracted to estrogen sorts and vice versa.

Can you management who you are attracted to?

Given the big selection of things that contribute to attraction, there are all the time going to be some unavoidable forces at play.

We clearly can’t change our genetic make-up or flip off our naturally advanced organic drives.

But there are clearly things that we will do to management attraction and gently form who we discover ourselves drawn to.

Determined to make higher choices in love, I regarded towards the things that I may change.

Can you management your attraction to somebody? I realised that to a sure extent, sure you can.

Here are 8 things I did that basically labored for me:

1) I widened my definition of attraction

What grew to become very clear was that lust can be an unimaginable motivator when it comes to attraction. But one that always wasn’t very dependable.

I had been following my intuition and going for guys that I discovered scorching. But in some unspecified time in the future, these flames of ardour would get me burned.

We all need to be bodily attracted to our companions. For me, it’s important and what separates friendship from one thing extra.

Lust is usually the primary kind of attraction to present up. We make an instantaneous resolution about whether or not we predict any person is handsome or not.

But it’s in no way the one measure of attraction. So I started to take into consideration all of the things I discover enticing in any person (you may even make an inventory).

In it, I included character traits, values, and beliefs.

I used this to remind myself that appears fade, and what we’re left with is the real connection we’ve created with somebody.

Lust and bodily attraction is all the time going to be there, but it surely doesn’t want to be within the driving seat of your love life.

2) I made extra acutely aware selections

Armed with my newfound dedication to be much less shallow in my selections, I dedicated to utilising that wider definition of attraction when courting.

What it virtually translated to was not letting my coronary heart (or preliminary sexual needs) make all the selections. I resolved to let my head play a task too.

If I actually believed that things like a humorousness, self-awareness, a dignified character —and plenty of extra qualities I had on my listing— have been necessary to me, I had to begin behaving like they have been.

We have to be vigilant because it’s straightforward to go solely off appears to be like. One dating study highlighted this well.

Researchers discovered that regardless of itemising varied traits that have been necessary to them, individuals finally needed to exit with the best-looking individuals.

We get simply sucked in by our bodily attraction to somebody.

But if I needed to strengthen and wiser partnerships, I knew I wanted to police myself in order that I may let my head and my coronary heart work collectively to make higher choices.

3) I gave it time

Can you drive your self to be attracted to somebody? No, sadly not. But can you develop to be attracted to somebody? Yes, completely.

As we’ve already stated, bodily attraction can be instantaneous, however to kind a deeper (and often extra satisfying) attraction takes time.

Love doesn’t occur in a single day.

Rather than discounting and dismissing a man as a result of I didn’t really feel an preliminary spark or bodily attraction, I gave it time. I gave them an opportunity.

If I knew I had things in common with a man, and he had traits and qualities I do discover enticing — I used to be ready to see if there may be one thing between us.

Sometimes it leads nowhere, and attraction doesn’t develop. But different occasions it does.

Whatsmore, I observed that with the individuals who develop on you, your attraction may even be extra multifaceted and run deeper than simply these instantaneous sparks which might shortly fizzle out.

4) I ended ignoring crimson flags

If the failing of my love life and attraction may be summed up in only one sentence, then the phrases of Aerosmith says all of it:

“I kept the right ones out, And let the wrong ones in”.

No matter how I checked out it, I had to admit, I used to be creating the curler coaster I skilled in my love life by selecting which romantic connections to pursue.

And the fact was all too typically I used attraction as an excuse to ignore crimson flags.

Whether it was disrespectful conduct or them merely not exhibiting sufficient curiosity, I’d cover behind my need as justification for accepting things that weren’t ok.

This had to cease. No matter how a lot I believed I needed them, in the event that they didn’t deal with me the way in which I deserved I allow them to go.

5) I firmed up my boundaries

If it weren’t for the work I did on boundaries, I’m unsure I’d have had the energy to deal with crimson flags in my relationships.

Boundaries are the principles we create and reside by which defend us.

Knowing my boundaries helped me to keep true to myself once I was tempted to permit bodily attraction to get the higher of me.

They guided me to keep in mind that I used to be in search of an attraction constructed on extra stable foundations.

My relationship boundaries embrace things like:

  • We have to put equal effort in
  • They have to talk with me (about what’s happening, how they really feel and many others.)
  • I gained’t tolerate disrespectful conduct (like going cold and hot, ghosting, breadcrumbing, dishonest and many others)

When my boundaries have been crossed I drew a line and was ready to stroll away.

6) I questioned my preliminary emotions

A number of what we name attraction is definitely a narrative we’ve created in our heads. It is a projection of who we predict another person is.

I’m sorry if that doesn’t sound very romantic, however I feel it’s true.

We give individuals a made-up value primarily based on the way in which they appear and who we predict they’re (their social standing, intelligence, background, and many others).

So, I began to mindfully question my preliminary response to individuals.

When I noticed unhelpful patterns of attraction to the fallacious sorts of guys pop up, I attempted to question what was behind these emotions.

For instance, that may imply acknowledging when ego performed a task — like once I needed somebody just because I couldn’t have them.

Or I’d admit that my attraction to somebody was down to a fantasy picture I had of them, moderately than getting to know the actual particular person.

7) I handled my baggage

When you question what drives your emotions, you begin to dig deeper into your psyche.

This self-awareness leads you to loads of revelations about why you go for sure sorts of individuals and never others.

Your emotional baggage will be distinctive to you, relying by yourself circumstances and core beliefs.

Having an emotionally unavailable father, I used to be drawn to romantic companions who confirmed this identical aloofness that felt acquainted and comfy to me.

But the issue was, it wasn’t serving me.

You can’t assist how you really feel however as soon as you perceive what drives it, you can choose completely different actions.

Learning to subtly shift my notion about what’s fascinating, profoundly shifted what I discovered enticing in a person.

If you have unresolved feelings from previous experiences or damaging beliefs, they will pull the strings behind the scene and preserve drawing you into unhealthy relationships.

8) I bolstered my self-love

It’s not all the time optimistic components that drive attraction. Sometimes very harmful components play a task too.

If we don’t suppose we’re worthy of being beloved, we will push away form and loving individuals. The excellent news is that by constructing vanity, we will start to see ourselves as worthy of affection.

This helps us to acknowledge after we’re attracting unhealthy individuals into our lives. And it provides us the energy to say no to poisonous individuals and never accept lower than we deserve.

When you’re coping with attraction to the fallacious kind of individuals, it’s straightforward to grow to be pissed off and even really feel helpless. You could even be tempted to throw within the towel and quit on love.

I need to counsel doing one thing completely different.

It’s one thing I realised from the world-renowned shaman Rudá Iandê. He taught me that the way in which to discover love and intimacy is just not what we’ve been culturally conditioned to imagine.

In truth, many people self-sabotage and trick ourselves for years, getting in the way in which of meeting a accomplice who can actually fulfil us.

As Rudá explains on this thoughts blowing free video, many people chase love in a poisonous approach that finally ends up stabbing us within the again.

We get caught in terrible relationships or empty encounters, by no means actually discovering what we’re in search of and persevering with to really feel horrible about things like falling for the fallacious individuals.

We fall in love with an excellent model of somebody as an alternative of the actual particular person.

We strive to “fix” our companions and find yourself destroying relationships.

We strive to discover somebody who “completes” us, solely to disintegrate with them subsequent to us and really feel twice as unhealthy.

Rudá’s teachings confirmed me an entire new perspective.

While watching, I felt like somebody understood my struggles to discover and nurture love for the primary time – and eventually supplied an precise, sensible resolution.

If you’re executed with unsatisfying courting, empty hookups, irritating relationships and having your hopes dashed time and again, then this can be a message you want to hear.

I assure you won’t be upset.

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