Can Self-Awareness Make You More Anxious?

Especially in the previous few years, increasingly more individuals have began pushing the concept self-awareness is the important thing to happiness. And whereas it’s true that being self-aware can convey individuals sure advantages in life in restricted doses, there are additionally dangers related to it, like turning into extra anxious.

Learning to be self-aware is a rocky street. Everyone retains shouting, “Just be mindful! Look inwards!” but it surely’s not that straightforward. And generally, the extra you attempt, the extra dangerous it might change into.

At some level, the individuals on the street to turning into self-aware can stumble upon some points. And one of many worst bumps out there’s the anxiousness you possibly can undergo from in the event you take self-awareness too far.

What Is Self-Awareness?

If you’ve got ever learn even one self-help article, you’ve got undoubtedly heard that you would be able to resolve every thing by being self-aware. That it’s some miracle remedy that can make all features of your life higher. And that concept has a snippet of fact, however the way in which it’s pushed will be deceptive.

Psychologists haven’t but selected one strict definition of self-awareness. Some say it’s the potential to observe and perceive your interior world.

Others assume it’s much like self-consciousness. In some circumstances, it’s described because the distinction between the way you see your self versus how others see you. Generally, individuals outline it as the power to know who you might be via introspection.

Awareness means noticing issues on the planet. So, following that, self-awareness is about noticing things about yourself. Understanding your emotions, ideas, strengths, and flaws. The identical manner you see one thing about others, you “see” issues about your self when you’re self-aware.

And all of this may appear important. Why wouldn’t you wish to introspect? Why wouldn’t you wish to be in tune along with your feelings? And whereas understanding your self is important, being caught in your head all day will be detrimental. People will be vulnerable to overthinking and being unfavourable, so studying to be self-aware can shortly go south.

How Self-Awareness Makes People More Anxious

Read how being self conscious could cause overthinking and anxiousness.

1. Leads To Self-Consciousness

If you ever embark on the journey of self-awareness, you’ll inevitably be instructed that you have to perceive how the skin world perceives you.Understanding the way you seem to different individuals is named external self-awareness. This is a course of not about introspection however about gathering info from exterior sources. It is about being attentive to how others work together with you and the way your actions affect them.

This may appear important. Once you totally perceive how others see you, you’ll regulate your conduct to fulfil sure expectations. And if you are able to do that, you possibly can change into a greater good friend, accomplice, or general, a greater member of society. But it’s not fairly that straightforward.

One of the dangers related to turning into obsessive about exterior self-awareness is turning into self-conscious. Being self-conscious is usually used as a synonym for self-awareness, however it’s not. While they’re considerably related, self-consciousness has a unfavourable connotation. It means worrying with the way you seem to the purpose the place it turns into an obsession and makes you expertise unfavourable emotions.

Self-consciousness would possibly really feel like others continually watch and choose you. It could make you lose confidence in your self, the way you look, your morals, and plenty of different features. It makes you are feeling like you might be continually within the highlight. In many circumstances, this results in emotions of embarrassment. Because of that, it places immense stress on your self to be excellent and act exactly how others count on you to.

The stress related to feeling like it’s important to act a sure manner can usually result in anxiety. The extra embarrassed and ashamed you consider your self, the extra you’ll really feel like it’s important to change.

The sheer quantity of issues you’ll have to do to succeed in a stage of near-perfection is sufficient to make everybody panic. Being excellent shouldn’t be doable, and also you shouldn’t attempt to get these ranges. But, whenever you change into overly self-aware, you’ll really feel like it’s important to, and you’ll solely find yourself battling anxiousness.

When you change into self-conscious, you start doubting how others understand your talents and morals. You would possibly begin questioning your each step and each selection. Are you even a superb particular person? Do individuals such as you, or do they fake? Those are the questions that may continually hover in your thoughts whenever you begin feeling doubt. This can result in social anxiety and a general lack of confidence.

If you don’t notice shortly that you’re spiralling, these points can worsen and change into precise burdens in your life. If you ever really feel self-conscious, possibly cease forcing your self to guide a self-aware life. Stop specialising in look and attempting to please everybody. Take a break from placing your flaws entrance and heart and emphasise your strengths and attributes.

2. Makes You Overly Critical

A giant a part of the self-awareness tradition is the deal with bettering your self. To be self-aware signifies that you all the time should determine your flaws and repair them. Always develop, by no means accept who you might be. You can all the time change into a greater model of your self. That’s what you study in the event you pursue this self-help methodology.

But that mentality can change into poisonous shortly. People are vulnerable to overthinking and being onerous on themselves as it’s. If on prime of that, you attempt to develop in any respect prices, a poisonous quantity of self-criticism would possibly change into a problem. You would possibly begin having unfavourable ideas about who you might be repeatedly. While some self-criticism is common, experiencing it continually may be very dangerous.

When you drive your self to introspect and spotlight all of your flaws, you would possibly danger getting hung up on these points. While it’s good to repair your weaknesses, obsessing over them day in and time out shouldn’t be. It will solely make you see your self in a unfavourable gentle. Moreover, individuals would possibly wrestle when participating in progress. Sometimes, you’ll attempt to change one thing, however you’ll fail. But in case your solely objective in life is self-growth, each failure would possibly hit you want a boulder. It will make you are feeling incapable and nugatory.

overly judgmental of your self. There is a excessive danger of you beginning to use derogatory phrases when describing your self. People on this state of affairs are vulnerable to calling themselves silly and incapable, and so they would possibly start to see themselves within the worst manner doable. Their flaws will change into their id, as a substitute of being components they’ll settle for and be optimistic about.

When your picture about your self adjustments, and also you solely begin seeing your self in a nasty gentle, you might be vulnerable to turning into burdened. You won’t like who you might be, you’ll really feel burdened and overwhelmed, and also you would possibly begin believing nobody desires you. This can result in an general state of stress, worry, and even social anxiousness.

If you wish to keep away from feeling that manner, attempt to perceive that being self-critical isn’t all the time useful. If you are feeling like all you possibly can take into consideration is how flawed you might be and the way a lot you might change, take a step again. Try to cease participating with these concepts and attempt to study to embrace your self. Accepting who you might be and understanding that change won’t be required for self-awareness.

3. Can Lead To Feelings Of Depersonalisation

Being caught in your head ought to make you are feeling in tune with your self. But surprisingly, it might have the other impact in some circumstances.

Depersonalization refers to feeling disconnected from your personal physique and ideas. Instead of controlling your actions, you would possibly really feel like watching your self from an out of doors perspective. Your notion of your self will get distorted, and you’re feeling like you haven’t any say in what you feel and the way you might be appearing.

While depersonalization dysfunction that stems from traumatic occasions and is far worse than what’s mentioned right here, within the circumstances the place you’ve got an excessive amount of self-awareness, you would possibly really feel intervals of disconnection. You will really feel depersonalization for brief intervals, however you’ll not be prone to growing the dysfunction.

But within the circumstances the place you might be overly self-aware, your brain would possibly want protection mechanisms to keep away from coping with self-consciousness and self-criticisms. And as a result of these unfavourable emotions are a by-product of introspecting an excessive amount of, the brain wants to interrupt from them. That’s why it would resort to disconnecting from the physique.

When in that state of disconnection, individuals could have problem understanding what’s taking place to them. This unknown feeling is more likely to make individuals panic and develop anxious.

While it is a uncommon impact of being overly self-aware, it’s nonetheless doable. If you wish to keep away from that, just remember to hearken to the indicators your brain is supplying you with.

Give it a break it wants and keep as distant as doable from an excessive amount of introspection. While acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses is sweet, attempting to stay in your head isn’t. Remember to be present always and stay within the exterior world moderately than succumbing to your ideas.

Final Thoughts On If Self-Awareness Makes People More Anxious

If you’ve ever thought of attempting to change into extra self-aware however you’ve questioned if they’re any dangers, the answer is sure. As with the rest in life, there’s such a factor as being too self-aware.

It may appear illogical, however it’s a actuality. Some individuals can go overboard when attempting to introspect and replicate. And in lots of circumstances, the journey in direction of self-awareness could make you are feeling anxious moderately than fulfilled.

There is a high quality line between self-awareness and self-consciousness, and many individuals cross it. They change into not sure of themselves and begin obsessing over how they seem externally. You may additionally change into self-critical, to the purpose the place you try in direction of unattainable objectives.

All the stress related to these emotions makes individuals extremely anxious. In the worst-case state of affairs. People would possibly even expertise depersonalization.

If you ever really feel like being self-aware doesn’t be just right for you, drop it. It is rather more necessary to simply accept your self than to burden your self with the will to develop continually.

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