Can Guys Cuddle Without Emotions? The Truth Revealed

Can guys cuddle without emotions?

It’s an attention-grabbing question and there are all types of opinions about whether or not guy-on-guy cuddling is essentially homosexual or involving romantic emotions.

Here’s the actual truth from a straight man.

Can guys cuddle without emotions? The truth revealed

1) Sometimes a cuddle is only a cuddle

Austrian psychoanalysis pioneer Sigmund Freud famously mentioned that “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

He was joking about how a lot of his work revolved round repressed sexual wishes and symbolism and stating that not the whole lot has a hidden that means.

It’s the identical with hugs.

Sometimes a hug is only a hug and a cuddle is only a cuddle.

As a straight man, I’ve solely cuddled with male pals twice in my life. But each occasions had been throughout a troublesome interval and concerned zero sexual attraction.

I used to be comforting my buddy over a troublesome time in a single case, ingesting quite a bit, and simply principally being snug within the different case.

There was no temptation to kiss or get kinky, at the very least not on my half.

2) Sometimes a cuddle is greater than a cuddle

As a lot as level one has all the time been my actuality, I’ve positively seen examples of a cuddle being greater than a cuddle.

My homosexual buddy Albert met his present companion through an epic cuddle session at a meditation retreat in Vermont, for instance.

From the small print, Albert has advised me, that cuddle was positively about extra than simply male fellowship in the event you get my drift.

The reality is:

Cuddling is an intimate exercise, there’s little question about it. But all of it depends upon the motivation, feelings, and wishes behind the cuddling.

3) Cuddling in context

The factor about two guys who cuddle is that all of it depends upon context.

  • Why are they cuddling?
  • What place are they cuddling?
  • How lengthy are they cuddling for?
  • Are they speaking whereas cuddling?

There’s quite a bit to think about right here, not that I need to be the Spanish Inquisition of male cuddling.

But the very fact stays that cuddling doesn’t must be inherently romantic.

It will be one thing individuals do after they simply really feel lonely, or it could possibly be between two male siblings who really feel robust affection, particularly when youthful.

Among adults, cuddling can usually occur throughout troublesome moments, corresponding to when somebody goes by way of loads of bodily or emotional ache.

It’s completely doable for 2 males to cuddle without emotions, it simply depends upon context.

4) Cultural cuddling

Various conventional cultures contemplate males cuddling to be fully non-romantic and commonplace.

In massive areas of the Middle East and Eurasia, for instance, you’ll usually see males with their arms draped round one another or stroking one another’s hair and faces.

While within the West this is able to be taken as a homosexual couple, in these extra conventional society it’s thought of a non-sexual and non-romantic expression of concord and solidarity.

“Holding hands is the warmest expression of affection between men,” explained Sociology Professor Samir Khalaf of American University of Beirut about why Arab males usually cuddle and maintain fingers.

There are many comparable cultures the place males cuddling, hugging and holding fingers isn’t indicative of same-sex attraction and is solely a commonplace a part of the tradition and male friendship.

5) Cuddling out of sheer loneliness

One of the widespread causes that non-gay males cuddle is that they only really feel lonely as hell.

They need to wrap themselves up in somebody’s loving arms, even when it’s not the gender they’re drawn to and it’s not sexual.

Being lonely will be actually powerful, and relationships usually finish rapidly in disappointment.

For that motive, I’ve an unorthodox suggestion to being so lonely that you simply cuddle male pals for his or her physique warmth and closeness.

Want a straightforward method to inform if somebody actually is ‘the one’?

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6) Cuddling as a consequence of repressed homosexuality

Obviously, some cuddling between non-gay males has romantic and sexual undertones.

If the contact is lingering and the contact is lengthy or minimally clothed, together with erectile arousal, then there’s a fairly good probability that one or each of those males has unexpressed bisexual or homosexual wishes.

That’s completely superb however is price mentioning as it may be an instance of when two guys who aren’t out of the closet cuddle as a stand-in for intercourse.

Cuddling will be their method of expressing bodily and romantic need without absolutely performing on it, and a method of opening as much as changing into snug with their homosexual identification and ultimately manifesting it bodily with a companion.

7) Cuddling to recover from a breakup

Breakups can actually bust a man up.

So a lot in order that he begins cuddling his man pals for a very long time and blubbering like a child about what a bitch his ex was.

It’s a tough position to be in in the event you’re the recipient of cuddles and also you’re not absolutely snug with it, nevertheless it’s positively comprehensible why your bro could be in search of closeness following a painful break up.

One suggestion I’ve is to offer him some recommendation about get again within the saddle.

Let him know that there’s a method to recover from his breakup and meet somebody even higher the place he received’t must cuddle you anymore.

I realized this from relationship guru Bobby Rio.

If you need your lady to turn into obsessive about you, then take a look at his wonderful free video right here.

What you’ll study on this video isn’t precisely fairly — however neither is love.

8) Not all cuddles are born equal

Cuddling is available in many alternative kinds. It could be a type of hugging, spooning or embracing in numerous methods.

Here’s a have a look at a number of the major types of cuddling and what they imply.

Can guys cuddle without emotions? It all depends upon what sort of cuddling they’re doing!

  • The cuddle hug from behind: this may be pleasant and is usually completed by guys on sports activities groups in a form of lifting movement or “bro” sort of method. Nonetheless, if it’s gradual and sensual, there may positively be some…emotions…concerned.
  • The spoon cuddle: that is normally reserved for {couples}. If two guys are doing it they’re both very platonically snug and in want of physique warmth or they’ve one thing a bit extra intimate occurring.
  • Arms round one another’s shoulders cuddle: this relies quite a bit on the place you see it. As I discussed earlier, numerous cultures contemplate male intimacy with no romantic or sexual undertones to be regular. In the Middle East and Eurasia many cultures have customs which embody much more bodily intimacy between males in a non-sexual method.
  • The bear hug cuddle: that is widespread between guys who’re simply pals. If it lingers for some time longer than regular, it’s in all probability as a result of they miss one another quite a bit in a non-romantic method! Right on, dudes.
  • The awkward one-arm semi-cuddle: no emotions to see right here, people. This is simply two guys who aren’t very in contact with their feelings making an attempt to indicate their buddy that they care about them.

9) What about male group cuddling periods?

When it involves man-on-man cuddling, there will be all types of occasions when it’s not romantic or sexual, as I’ve talked about.

Taking it to the subsequent stage, group male hugging will also be a transformational expertise.

Take the instance of latest men-only cuddle teams that are bobbing up across the nation.

While some are paying skilled cuddlers to carry them for a set time in a non-sexual method, some males are additionally becoming a member of up in platonic man cuddling teams.

“At a time when traditional ideas of manhood are facing scrutiny and such terms as toxic masculinity are becoming more widely known through the MeToo movement, the group aims to provide new ways for men to express themselves,” studies Aneri Pattani in an article on a new men’s cuddle group in Plymouth, Pennsylvania for males to fulfill and cuddle it out.

“The guidelines highlight ways in which traditional views of masculinity — such as men are tough and never cry — harm their emotional and physical health.”

Many members of the group grew up without a lot bodily intimacy from dad and mom and others had been molested, bullied, or made to really feel excluded.

Cuddling is a method for them to study to be weak and powerful on the similar time.

It sounds probably promising in the event you’re snug with that form of factor.

After all, males do commit suicide and murder at a far greater rate than girls, so there are clearly some issues that may be improved in male psychological and emotional well being.

10) Time for a brand new period of man-to-man cuddling?

Writing for Slate, David Johns says that “in the new era, cuddly men will no longer be deemed wimps.”

As cuddle teams and cuddling cultures present, man-on-man cuddling could be a platonic and therapeutic exercise for males.

It will also be a romantic and sexual factor for different males. It all depends upon the context.

But you’ll be able to ensure that males can cuddle without emotions and romantic or sexual arousal as a result of it occurs daily.

In reality, I’ve been cuddling with my greatest buddy who has the physique of a Greek god for the previous hour earlier than writing this text whereas we’re each in our underwear and slathered with therapeutic massage oil and it’s utterly platonic, I swear (I’m joking, I’m joking).

Cuddle get together

The truth about male-on-male cuddling is that it doesn’t all the time contain any extra emotions than friendship.

Sometimes it does, generally it doesn’t.

But having some extra hugging and cuddling in our world is an effective factor both method in the event you ask me.

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