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Can Drinking Tea Help With Sore Throat? We Recommended 3 Best Teas To Try!

Whenever we really feel fatigued or low, complain of body ache or are working a fever, we have a tendency to achieve out for a scorching cup of tea, not just for its heat but in addition the natural infusions. Tea has been historically used as a beverage globally and even if you’re not usually a tea drinker, you need to be conscious that it has numerous advantages, together with treating a sore throat.

How is tea helpful?

Drinking tea has been recognized to advertise good well being for a really very long time. Most teas comprise antioxidants, which assist the body to combat off diseases corresponding to colds and different viruses. They not solely increase the immune system, but in addition support in therapeutic as they’ve anti-inflammatory results.

“There are studies supporting the benefits of the ingredients of tea beverages for weight loss, improving gut motility, and also eases body pain and sore throat,” Rashi Chahal, Nutritionist, Rosewalk hospital, instructed us. You don’t need a sore throat, do you?

How does drinking tea soothe a sore throat?

According to Chahal, “Various teas have been used to relieve sore throats for many years. There are different kinds of teas which contain plant compounds that are a good source of antioxidants, which can reduce throat pain. These are warm liquids and also help prevent dehydration. Hydration helps regulate body temperature and mucus clearance.”

According to her, there are a number of particular concoctions that soothe scratchy throat ache.

We record down three of them:

1. Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon is a warming spice and its aroma lifts the temper. It is thought for its antibacterial properties, which helps in combating off throat infections and colds. Since it’s filled with numerous antioxidants, it makes it an efficient ally towards irritation. To make comforting cinnamon tea, simply add a splash of cinnamon with turmeric or by using it alone in lukewarm water.

2. Turmeric tea

Turmeric is lengthy utilized in Ayurvedic drugs, and has gained recognition for its anti-inflammatory properties. This spice has many advantages. It is a strong antioxidant and has microbial properties, and never solely aids in combating off infections but in addition helps in fast recovery.

“You can add a dash of it in milk and have it or boil it with black pepper in water or milk and drink before sleeping. Word of caution: Turmeric is to be only consumed in very small quantities, about a dash per serving,” she added.

3. Ginger tea

Ginger is finest recognized for natural treatments, be it sore throat or upset abdomen. It incorporates lively compounds that assist to combat off micro organism and viruses, supporting the body’s pure immune defenses and main in speedy recovery. Ginger is great for your health, as herbal teas increase immunity.

“Study supports that its anti-inflammatory compounds are effective in reducing tonsillitis. But if consumed in excess, it can lead to constipation. The best way to make this concoction is to boil it with mint leaves and enjoy the soothing tea,” Chahal signed off.

So, which tea are you planning to try, in case of a sore throat?

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