Physical Therapist Explains The Body Part That Causes Most Pain (And How To Fix It)

When most of us have physique ache, we normally attribute it to sore, drained muscular tissues or bones. Perhaps we labored too lengthy on the computer the day gone by, which induced stress within the shoulder or neck muscular tissues. Or, possibly we really feel slight ache in our knees from choosing up a field at work incorrectly. This movement could have put undue pressure on the muscular tissues and ligaments in our legs.

Since our bodies are extremely advanced, ache can stem from virtually anyplace, making it tough to pinpoint a direct trigger. However, not all ache outcomes from sure actions or happens instantly after straining a muscle.

You would possibly really feel ache for no obvious cause, making you surprise if you happen to ought to see a physician ASAP. Pains of this kind can go away you feeling unsettled and apprehensive, justifiably so.

When you’re feeling physique pains with no apparent set off, your fascia could possibly be the offender. This skinny casing of tissue connects each bone, organ, blood vessel, nerve fiber and muscle within the physique. The connective tissue not solely supplies an inside structure for the organs however incorporates extremely delicate nerves that reply to ache.

Below, we’ll discuss extra about this lesser-known physique half and the way it may cause ache. We can even focus on methods to alleviate the pains by attending to the foundation reason behind the issue.

The Single Body Part That Causes Most Pain (And How To Fix It)

Dr. Mary Ann Wilmarth, a world-renowned bodily therapist and former head of bodily remedy at Harvard University Health Services, believes many aches and pains stem from fascia problems. Even if you happen to can’t really feel it, fascia connects each inside structure within the physique and performs an important function in mobility.

As you progress, fascia stretches and conforms to your physique throughout varied actions. However, if it thickens for some cause, it could actually result in painful joints and muscular tissues.

Do that you must repair your posture? If you stoop over a computer or smartphone for any size of time, then it’s going to trigger pains in your neck, again, and shoulders. Today, dangerous posture has turn out to be a major concern.

According to Dr. Wilmarth, medical professionals and different specialists in human physiology have been fascinated with this “mystery tissue” for a few years. However, it wasn’t till round 2007 – at an “international fascia research conference” at Harvard – that they totally understood fascia’s significance. [Since then, numerous fascia conferences and other related events have been held at multiple venues, including Harvard Medical School.]

How Fascia Can Cause Body Pains

As talked about, fascia consists of an intricate community of connective tissue. To comprehend how fascia impacts necessary physiological features, we should perceive its make-up, together with a fundamental understanding of sensory neurons.

Sensory neurons transmit indicators from a receptor, such because the eyes or ears, to the nervous system and brain. These nerve cells talk info that they’ve acquired from exterior stimuli. For occasion, if you happen to contact a scorching range, your sensory neurons would transmit a ache response to the brain, activating ache receptors.

Now, think about that we now have as much as six times as many sensory neurons in our fasciae than in another physique tissue (apart from the pores and skin). This inordinately advanced system permits communication between the brain and different areas of the physique, together with muscular tissues. For occasion, even having the urge to face up and stretch happens due to fascia speaking between nerve cells.

When you might have decrease again stress from sitting too lengthy, you relieve it by arching your again. Without fascia communication, you’ll by no means get the sign out of your brain to stretch your muscular tissues. We are inclined to overlook this advanced sensory organ, however maybe it deserves extra of our consideration.

Keeping our fascia wholesome improves our limberness and vary of movement. When fascia turn out to be imbalanced, neural indicators misfire and the brain could interpret this malfunction as ache. So, how are you going to repair this ache response and make sure the fascia features correctly?

How to Alleviate Fascia Pain

Below, we’ll focus on a number of fascia-related aches and pains you could expertise, together with methods to repair them.

Muscle Stiffness/Cramping Upon Waking

When you get up, you could really feel a bit stiff or tense because of mendacity in mattress for 7-8 hours. To relieve this sense, slowly stretch out each legs and arms and roll your physique from side to side. Next, sit on the sting of the mattress, flex out and level your toes. This will assist alleviate any leg or foot cramps which will happen as you get off the bed.

Activity-Related Injury

Just as fascia can tense up with out ample motion, it could actually additionally turn out to be rigid because of overactivity. This normally outcomes from repetitive, strenuous actions that overwork one space of the physique. To repair this, buy a high-quality foam curler and roll your physique over it to alleviate stress. You also can use tennis balls to therapeutic massage fascial layers, and even do yoga poses that focus on painful areas.

Subtle Tension

Muscles and tissues, together with our fascial tissues, can turn out to be “tense” with out ample hydration. The easiest repair right here entails consuming loads of water all through the day to maintain your joints lubricated. Also, just remember to arise and stretch every now and then to alleviate muscle stress. Going for walks throughout a lunch break or after work can even do wonders for physique ache.

Preventing Fascia Injury

As they are saying, prevention is best than a remedy in any state of affairs. In order to forestall fascia damage from occurring, it’s necessary to stay bodily lively. Whether you get pleasure from lifting weights within the gymnasium or going for brisk walks, any sort of motion could have a constructive impact on the fascia.

Also, don’t neglect to stretch earlier than and after exercising, as this may enhance flexibility and forestall damage. Finally, take note of your posture, ensuring to sit up whereas using a computer or smartphone. Slumping over at your desk can put a pressure on neck and shoulder muscular tissues, presumably inflicting an damage.

Final Thoughts: See the Right Professional to Relieve Your Pain

If you’ve tried all the above and nonetheless don’t really feel higher, think about getting skilled assist. The densely interconnected nature of fascia makes some aches, pains, and discomforts tough to treatment.

Massage therapists, bodily therapists, and even acupuncturists might help discover the supply of your ache and make use of the suitable therapeutic technique(s) for aid.

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