12 Best Stock Picking Services of 2023

Investing in the stock market can yield an average return of around 10% over the long term. For those seeking a hassle-free approach, index funds managed by robo-advisors or investment advisors offer an easy and effective solution.

However, some investors desire more than just average returns based on reversion to the mean. They seek to beat the market and look for individual stocks with high growth potential. While some investors employ strategies like the CAN SLIM method to identify these stocks themselves, others prefer relying on experts from fund management services.

What Is a Stock Picking Service?

These services, commonly known as stock-picking services, specialize in selecting specific stocks they believe will outperform the broader market. They provide stock recommendations to investors, who can then decide whether to act on them or not. It’s important to note that stock-picking services are often confused with similar-sounding tools and services in the market.

For instance, stock screeners are tools that help filter through thousands of stocks based on user-defined criteria. Stock scanners are real-time online investment tools that deliver stock-related information and alerts. On the other hand, stockbrokers facilitate the actual buying and selling of stocks online and may also offer stock screeners and other tools.

What to Look for in a Stock Picking Service

When choosing a stock-picking service, it’s crucial to consider their focus and track record. Some services cater to day traders or swing traders, aiming to identify stocks with quick short-term potential, while others cater to long-term investors, recommending stocks with significant growth potential over the coming years.

A strong track record of beating the market is a key indicator of reliable service. While no stock picker can be right all the time, consistent success in their stock selections is a positive sign. It’s essential to research their track record and compare their returns to the general market performance over an extended period, preferably several years.

Integrity is another crucial aspect to evaluate. Reputable stock pickers are transparent and honest about their performance. They report winning trades accurately and do not manipulate the data by leaving open losing trades unrecorded. Look for services that offer free trial periods and money-back guarantees, allowing you to test their recommendations before making a full commitment.

Understanding the stock picker’s strategy and data analysis methods is essential. Reliable services openly explain their approach, giving investors insight into their decision-making process. Before choosing a service, do your homework and ensure that their methodology aligns with your investment goals.

In conclusion, while index funds and robo-advisors offer a hands-off approach to investing with decent returns, stock-picking services cater to investors seeking to outperform the market. By considering their track record, integrity, and approach, investors can make informed decisions and select the service that best suits their investment objectives.

Top Stock Picking Services for Investors

Finding the right stock picking service can significantly impact your investment strategy, and fortunately, there are options tailored to different needs. Here are the top services available now that can help you outperform the market:

1. The Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Ideal for Buy-Sell Investors, the Motley Fool has been a prominent player for almost three decades, establishing itself as a leading long-term investment advisor. Their Stock Advisors have consistently outperformed the S&P 500, boasting a remarkable cumulative return of 397% since July 2022, compared to the S&P’s 128%.

The Motley Fool advocates three key investment principles for their subscribers:

Founded in 1993 by the Gardner brothers, David and Tom, the Motley Fool’s success extends beyond their advisory service. They have authored four best-selling books, collaborated with NPR for radio segments, and gained popularity through engaging podcasts.

Their Stock Advisor service, with over 700,000 subscribers, offers four newsletters each month. These newsletters contain valuable insights, including new stock recommendations and five Best Buy Now stock picks. Subscribers also receive real-time “sell” recommendations based on market conditions.

Additionally, they gain access to the “Top 10 Best Stocks to Buy Right Now” report and the “Top 5 Starter Stocks,” recommended for new investors.

For a subscription cost of $199 per year, or a first-year discounted rate of $89 for new members, subscribers enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing them to try the service for a full month before deciding to continue.

To learn more about The Motley Fool and its services, visit their website.

2. The Motley Fool Rule Breakers

Designed for Buy-Sell Investors, The Motley Fool goes beyond its flagship Stock Advisor subscription with the Rule Breakers newsletter. This service focuses on uncovering hidden growth gems, particularly companies with disruptive potential in their industries.

Since its inception in 2004, “Rule Breakers” stock picks have delivered a remarkable return of 224%, surpassing the S&P 500’s 94% over the same period. While this might appear slightly lower than the selective returns of Stock Advisor, it’s essential to consider that Stock Advisor has a longer track record.

“Rule Breakers” tends to favor emerging companies rather than established giants, introducing an element of risk. Therefore, it is best suited for investors seeking breakout growth stocks that are yet to be widely discovered in the market.

Similar to Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers subscribers receive five New Best Buy Now stock recommendations on the first and third Thursdays of each month, along with real-time sales alerts and access to The Motley Fool’s Starter Stocks.

For a subscription cost of $299 per year, Rule Breakers offers the same 30-day guarantee, allowing investors to test the service risk-free.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking for solid long-term advice with the Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor or seeking hidden growth opportunities through Rule Breakers, these top stock-picking services can elevate your investment game and help you achieve better returns.

3. Seeking Alpha Premium

For a limited time only, seize the opportunity to save a whopping 50% on the Seeking Alpha Premium plan. Don’t miss out; register now!

Alfa Premium is a robust suite of market integration tools targeted towards trading investors and day traders that aims to empower you as the best investor or trader – or even both!

At an incredibly discounted price of just $19.99 per month, equivalent to an annual savings of $120, Alfa Premium offers an array of exclusive features:

But that’s not all – there’s even more to explore and benefit from within the Alfa Premium plan!

4. Trade Ideas

Are you a day trader looking for the ultimate trading assistant? Look no further than the Trade Ideas software platform, powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence named Holly.

Imagine having access to over 70 proportional algorithms, each conducting more than 1 million simulated trades every evening before the trading day begins. With such impressive intelligence at its core, Holly delivers real-time trading recommendations and identifies optimal entry and exit points for stocks.

The best part? Trade Ideas provides you with a complete day trading plan for each selection, taking the guesswork out of your trading strategy.

Say goodbye to manual trading through your brokerage account – Trade Ideas offers its in-house broker, allowing you to authorize Holly to execute trades on your behalf. This seamless integration streamlines your trading process and lets you focus on making informed decisions.

And that’s not all! Trade Ideas also offers a simulation trading option, enabling you to practice and build confidence before venturing into live trading. This feature is an invaluable tool for honing your skills and gaining experience without risking real money.

While Trade Ideas comes with a variety of features, it’s essential to note that quality comes at a cost. Plans start at a competitive $1 per year, but to unlock the full potential of Holly EU, you’ll want to consider their Premium plan at $068.2.

Invest in Trade Ideas Premium, and you’ll gain access to possibly the best day trading program in the industry, supercharging your trading journey like never before!

Don’t miss out on these incredible opportunities! Register for Alfa Premium and embrace Trade Ideas to take your trading success to new heights!

5. Mindful Trader

If you’re a swing trader, Mindful Trader is the perfect platform to simplify your trading process. No more waiting anxiously for trade alerts – Mindful Trader allows you to buy at your convenience during the trading day, considering swing trades can take up to 10 days between buying and selling. This flexibility is a game-changer for traders who can’t stay glued to their screens all day long.

Founder Eric Ferguson harnessed decades of stock market data and statistical analysis to create a powerful algorithm that predicts highly probable market moves. This versatile tool covers stock trading, futsal trading, and options trading, while also offering a fund mirroring futsal trades for those who prefer a more hands-off approach.

What’s impressive is that Eric keeps his logged-in subscribers updated on his trades, enabling them to mirror his moves in their brokerage accounts. Since he executes most trades during the first half-hour of each trading day, checking the website once a day is sufficient. This reduces the time sensitivity typically associated with day trades, making it more manageable for traders with busy schedules.

One significant advantage of Mindful Trader is its transparent backtest review of hypothetical returns. Over the past two decades, Eric’s trading system has averaged a remarkable 143% annual return. Subscribers can view the detailed return breakdown for each year, adding to the platform’s credibility.

While it’s essential to keep in mind that losses can occur during certain periods, Mindful Trader provides an opportunity for consistent growth. The founder’s trading system experienced an average drawdown of 28%, which, though daunting, demonstrates the realistic nature of trading and its potential fluctuations.

Mindful Trader’s monthly subscription fee of $47 might not be the cheapest option, but it proves to be more affordable than many competitors. Additionally, the monthly subscription interval allows users to explore the platform’s trading style for a month or two before deciding to commit long-term.

6. Pilot Trading

Pilot Trading caters to a broad audience of traders, from cryptocurrency to futsal, forex, and common stocks. Their unique selling point lies in psychology-based algorithms that accurately predict asset price changes, enhancing traders’ decision-making processes. These algorithms go beyond displaying trends, allowing direct connections to multiple brokerage accounts for seamless in-app trading.

One of Pilot Trading’s remarkable features is the extensive range of assets it covers. Alongside stocks, the platform provides insights into futa, forex, and cryptocurrency trends, along with expected swing points. For novice traders, Pilot Trading offers a simulated paper trading account for practice, allowing them to gain experience and confidence before diving into real trades.

In contrast to many competitors charging hefty membership fees, Pilot Trading stands out by offering a flat rate of $19.95 per month for all users. There are no upsells or separate charges for additional features – just a reasonable price that provides full access to their platform.

7. Carnivore Trading

Carnivore Trading is a premier copy and mirror trading service designed for those seeking short-term trading opportunities. For a monthly fee of $175 (with a 15% discount if paid annually), users gain access to a wealth of benefits.

As a Carnivore user, you’ll receive real-time daily trade alerts throughout the trading day. These alerts showcase actual trades executed by Carnivore’s experienced trading team, along with recommended exit points. Additionally, Carnivore provides a “Daily Wrap” after the market closes, offering insightful commentary and analysis to put the day’s market action into perspective.

The platform encourages users to copy their team’s trades, acknowledging the potential conflict of interest. However, this practice is not uncommon among similar copy trading services. Carnivore, on its part, distinguishes itself by emphasizing its legitimacy compared to services run by individuals or couples. They limit their recommendations to “large, liquid, well-tracked stocks” and adhere to risk-management parameters, including a minimum $300 million market cap (with most recommended stocks having at least a $2 billion market cap) and avoiding excessively risky stocks.

Carnivore Trading is an excellent option for informed traders who are willing to embrace the inherent risks of active trading and capitalize on specific trading opportunities.

8. LevelFields

LevelFields proudly introduces itself as an “EU-driven event tracking and forecasting” platform. This powerful tool enables traders to outperform the market by meticulously monitoring market-moving events, something that would be challenging for an individual trader to achieve alone.

When LevelFields claims to “beat the market,” it has the statistics to back it up. Based on a sample of 38 measures, the platform boasts an impressive 300-month return of over 12%, an average one-day return of 8.35%, and a win rate exceeding 50%. All of this comes at a remarkably affordable starting price of just $19 per month for annual subscribers.

The user-friendly tools provided by LevelFields make it simple to use:

LevelFields continuously monitors over six stocks around the clock and caters to option traders as well. Its strategies mirror those employed by hedge funds, which often remain inaccessible to the majority of retail investors.

9. Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading sets itself apart by excelling in providing top-notch education to its users, with its founder, Ross Cameron, leading private chat room discussions and timely audio and video feeds. Subscribers gain an exclusive opportunity to witness Cameron’s trades in real time, alongside other professional traders and educators.

For those new to trading, Warrior Trading offers a wealth of free educational videos, in addition to premium educational tools. Cameron even conducts a fascinating exercise, starting with a new account of just $500, and allows subscribers to observe its growth toward a $1 million goal. Incredibly, it grew from $500 to $53,000 in the very first month alone.

The platform also offers a daily newsletter featuring a handful of stocks to watch, empowering users to track these stocks and others in real-time using their efficient scanner. They also receive SMS and email alerts for timely trades. For users looking to build confidence, Warrior Trading provides a simulator to practice trading with fake money.

While Warrior Trading’s Pro service comes with a hefty price tag of $5,997 per year, it offers an exceptional level of personal attention and expertise. Alternatively, you can explore their Warrior Starter Course, which costs $997 for the first month, and $197 per month after renewal. Though the pricing isn’t listed on the sales page, the platform has earned a strong reputation within the trading community.

10. Investors Underground

Investors Underground focuses on providing top-tier education, offering users access to over 700 video tutorials and guides. Additionally, they host regular webinars with extensive Q&A sessions, ensuring traders are well-prepared when they hit the market.

The platform sends out a daily newsletter featuring stock watch lists and game plans, empowering traders to approach the market with valuable insights. When the trading day begins, users can join a vibrant chatroom to interact with fellow traders, exchange thoughts, and monitor real-time stock scans and alerts.

Though the stock alerts feature does not include SMS options, many day traders find passive email alerts to be effective. With membership fees significantly lower than competitors, Investors Underground offers its services at a reasonable price of just $1 per year. For those aiming to enhance their trading skills further, optional access to premium courses is available at an additional cost of $897 per month for a trial period.

According to Investors Underground, their customers express high satisfaction, with 91% stating that their membership provides excellent value, and 83% affirming that their trading performance has improved significantly since joining the platform.

11. Tim Alerts

Timothy Sykes, a penny stock day trader who turned $12,000 of bar mitzvah gift money into a self-made millionaire status during his college years, has since become a renowned figure in the finance world. He has launched a series of platforms and services with the aim of helping mom-and-pop day traders achieve greater financial success.

Tim Alerts, one of Sykes’ flagship platforms, caters to penny stock day traders. Each day around 8 a.m. EST, subscribers receive a bulletin with stock watchlists for the day. Throughout the trading day, they receive real-time alerts about Sykes’ trades via email, SMS, or push notifications.

Additionally, members gain access to a live chat room and a convenient mobile app to stay connected on-the-go. The annual subscription fee for Tim Alerts is $697, which is competitively priced compared to other services. For those seeking more in-depth education, the Pennystocking Silver subscription at $1,297 per year offers six or more educational videos and weekly updates.

Beyond Tim Alerts, Sykes has successfully launched Profit.ly, which serves as a thriving community for over 160,000 day traders to share their trades and publicly showcase their performance. This platform fosters collaboration and learning among traders of all levels of experience.

Investimonials.com, another creation by Sykes, functions as a community-based platform where traders can review and assess various financial products and services. This helps traders make informed decisions and avoid potential scams or unreliable offerings.

In response to the overwhelming number of stocks available, Sykes developed StocksToTrade.com. This platform offers stock screening and trading features, helping traders narrow down their options and focus on potentially lucrative opportunities.

12. Superman Trades

Operated by experienced trader and Certified Public Accountant Paul Scolardi, Superman Trades targets scalp traders, swing traders, and technical traders. Offering real-time stock watchlist newsletters, email and SMS alerts, and a chatroom for discussions with Scolardi and other traders, the subscription costs $147 per month.

For an additional $100, subscribers can upgrade to Superman Pro, gaining access to a rich educational video library, premium stock research reports, weekly videos, and an earnings tracker. What sets Scolardi apart is his expertise in swing trading, a unique approach among trading gurus who often focus on quick scalp trading.

In Conclusion: The Value of Reliable Information

The path to success as a day or swing trader depends significantly on the quality and timeliness of information. These financial platforms, including Tim Alerts and Superman Trades, provide traders with critical alerts, watchlists, and real-time insights, equipping them with the necessary tools to make informed decisions and seize profitable opportunities.

Ultimately, the promise of these platforms lies in the idea that by following replicable systems and receiving timely, accurate data, traders can potentially outperform the market and achieve their financial goals.

While trading and investing in individual stocks require expertise and skill, these platforms offer invaluable support to aspiring traders and investors on their journey to success.

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