Best Sex Positions For Virgos: 5 Virgo-Approved Moves You’ll Love

Whether you’re single or dating, it’s no wonder you’ve been thinking about the best sex positions for Virgo. As the sixth sign of the zodiac, Earth sign Virgo – born between August 23 and September 22 – is known for being unique, analytical, serviceable, whip-smart, and considerate.

The Virgin infuses their sex lives in giving, detail-oriented and grounded ways… but eager to express what’s in their hearts and minds sensually, earthy way.

Ruled by information-seeking Mercury, getting out of one’s head can be challenging for the mutable sign. And while Virgo guys can tend to come across as coy or shy (or at least picky about who they open up to), once they feel comfortable with you on an intellectual level, They will be ready to uncover their inner sex god or goddess.

However, more than anything, Virgos are perfectionists who want to serve the people they care about, so they’re excited about discovering (and perfecting) their partner’s fetishes and tastes.

For this reason, some may succumb to submissive behavior in the bedroom. But they can speak about themselves, sometimes precisely, about wants and needs.

To help, here are five sex positions that will please an adorable Virgo.


Best Sex Positions For Virgos - Torch
Best Sex Positions For Virgos – Torch

The giver kneels while the receiver sits in front of the giver, hugging the giver and throwing their head back over the giver’s shoulders. The giver wraps his arms around the receiver’s back, controlling movement and speed while penetrating.

This sensual position provides a challenge to Virgo and can get them out of their heads, as it is a shape that requires focused attention to maintain.

Lazy Dog

Best Sex Positions For Virgos - Lazy Dog
Best Sex Positions For Virgos – Lazy Dog

The receiver lies on their stomach, arms bent at elbows and feet wide, with one knee bent. The giver then lies on top, covering the receiver with their entire body as they enter from behind. To reduce the weight burden, the giver can support himself on his hands.

In this situation, a submissive Virgo feels entirely dominated by her partner, while close contact enhances intimacy. To make things even more intense, the giver can start penetrating the receiver with sex toys like Lelo Soraya 2 before getting dirty.


Best Sex Positions For Virgos - Aphrodite
Best Sex Positions For Virgos – Aphrodite

Virgo will feel like a total sex god or goddess in this loving, sensual position. The giver sits with their legs spread out in front of them, while the receiver sits on top, facing the side, allowing their partner to wrap their arms under their thighs, the position of a classic cowgirl/cowboy position.

Works like this, both partners can control the rhythm while the receiver sits “side saddle.” The pose allows for lots of kisses and caresses.


Best Sex Positions For Virgos - Thirst
Best Sex Positions For Virgos – Thirst

In this passionate lovemaking position, partners lie on their sides facing each other, wrapping their arms around each other’s necks. The giver then wraps their hand around the receiver’s back, slipping one leg between their partner’s legs, which the receiver can surround with their hips as the giver enters.

In this position, face-to-face contact allows for sexy eye contact and kissing (which, when done to Virgo’s liking, can get them all out of their head). To really up the ante, the receiver may also consider wearing a butt plug to increase the excitement.


Best Sex Positions For Virgos - Shining
Best Sex Positions For Virgos – Shining

Foreplay is vital for Virgo to turn off their intellectual brain and let emotions and sensations take over. Hence, oral sex is a must-especially when they can give at the same time as they receive.

In this position, a partner is on his side, shoulders on a pillow, arms extended, and legs half bent. Their partner may then lie on the opposite side to go down on their lover, as they bring pleasure to them in return.

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