7 Red Flags To Look Out For During Sex

Red flags, by classification, are indicators of problematic behavior. If you ignore them first, they will come and bite you in the ass. Most of us are well versed in the “love is blind” philosophy, given that we often do it.

Falling in love blindly may hurt your romantic relationships. That’s why we need to focus on what may or may not be a deal breaker for you in the first phase of our relationship with anyone. This includes behavior in bed.

Here are seven red flags to look for during sex and put your relationship on red alert:

1. Not so big about using protection

As you can see, it is a common myth that only boys would ever insist on giving up contraception for this act.

In many cases, women discourage the guy from using protection; either of the giant red flags to watch out for.

Someone who isn’t ready to use the protection is terrible news!

2. Easily distracted

One of the biggest turn-offs that should be taken seriously is when your partner is easily distracted while having sex with you.

Whether picking the bells in the middle of the action, playing the right songs in the background,d or making love to you, I  always feel you need to care more about the lighting.

Chances are it won’t happen to them even once…

3. Only the receiver, not the giver

These are “I’ve come to my senses” types of people. They are people who only want to enjoy themselves and hell with their friends.

Whether waiting for their mates to go down on them when they don’t extend the same courtesy or just being in that position until they orgasm,m if you’re in bed with someone like this, RUN!

4. How to take no for an answer

As you can see, pestering your partner long after they’ve said no to something isn’t a proud skill at turning their nos into yeses.

This is a common sign of a person who does not know how to respect her wishes in bed. This should never be taken lightly.

If your partner struggles to accept what you’re doing and doesn’t like it in bed, you’re only feeding their toxic side and getting into something that can be very dangerous.

5. Snaps out of it as soon as it finishes

As soon as they’re done and all the ‘wham, bam, thank you moves on you, they’re the people to pay attention to and take action.

Because probably their interest, love, and care are limited to seven minutes in heaven and not a second after that.

6. Make secret comments on your body

If you start passing cryptic comments about your body while in bed, or perhaps right after, take it as a sign that you’re in bed with a possible body shamer.

The last thing you need is to be with someone who makes you feel bad or subconscious about your body. Who can say they would never do it again if he did it after?

7. Asks a lot of questions

It’s good to be with someone who cares about what you like, what you want, and how you want it. But it’s also a huge turn-off when these short repeats turn into an episode of KBC in the middle of a steamy makeover.

“Are you coming?”, “Now?”, “HOW DO YOU SEE?” All the questions will drive you crazy and over the edge (over the cliff, not ecstasy).

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