7 Condom Mistakes To Avoid For Safe Sex

Yes, sure! We know that when the libido goes on an overdrive and sexual need is its peak, doing a last-second condom examine can kill the second! If tonight is the night time, train your proper to pleasure and safe sex by serving to your self and your companion avoid some common condom mistakes.

Experts have emphasised sufficient that not having safe sex can lead to undesirable being pregnant and sexuality transmitted illnesses (STD). A condom is essentially the most extensively used and efficient manner to forestall these. And sadly, in case you use a condom incorrectly and commit sure mistakes, it might end in sure issues.

To know the condom mistakes that folks have a tendency to make and things that everybody ought to examine earlier than using a condom, we received in contact with Dr Swati Gaikwad, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospital, Pune.

Here are 7 condom mistakes to avoid whereas using a condom:

1. Check if the packaging is correct

The first mistake that folks could make when it comes to condoms shouldn’t be checking their packaging. “Before buying a condom, one needs to make sure that it is packed properly and that there is no damage to it.

Do not buy a condom if it is open, discoloured, brittle, or has any holes in it,” says Dr Gaikwad. In reality, if the condom appears dry, tough, and sticky, throw it within the dustbin and use a brand new one as a substitute. Also, don’t let your companion use his enamel or nails to tear the bundle of the condom.

2. Check the expiry date

After checking the condom bundle for any injury, don’t skip checking the expiry date. Dr Gaikwad says, “Just like medicine and other products, you will have to first check the expiry date and then buy a condom.” So, chorus from shopping for it whether it is old-fashioned and by no means purchase a condom with out studying the expiry date. You can discover the expiry dates printed on the again of the condom bundle.

Checking the expiry date and packaging simply earlier than and through intercourse can spoil your temper. So after checking each these things, just be sure you preserve a condom within the drawer close to your mattress.

What occurs in case you use an expired condom? Well, an expired condom can enhance the danger of your getting pregnant and sexually transmitted illnesses (STD), making condoms much less efficient.

3. Check for latex condoms

Are you conscious? Latex condoms constituted of pure rubber might forestall sexually transmitted infections and undesirable pregnancies. Thus, you’ll be able to decide for them. However, in case you or your companion are allergic to latex there are numerous different choices out there.

You can decide for condoms constituted of different supplies akin to lamb intestinal lining, polyurethane, or lambskin condom. You can have safe sex even with out latex condoms!

Keep yet another factor in thoughts. When you’re using a latex condom don’t use oil based mostly lubricants as a result of they’ll break down latex. Therefore, select water-based lubricants.

4. Check how to retailer the condom correctly

Did you already know that condoms want to be saved in a cool, dry place away from direct daylight, warmth, and humidity. Try to preserve them in purses, backpacks, or drawers. Do not depart them within the wallets or contained in the pockets of your garments. Doing so can degrade the latex.

5. Check concerning the utilisation

Do you actually suppose which you could use a condom twice? Ladies, no, don’t make this error. Dr Gaikwad mentioned, Use a brand new condom every time you may have sex and counsel your companion to do the identical!

6. Check concerning how to open the condom correctly

This recommendation is completely for your companion. Suggest to your companion that if he occurs to unroll the condom within the flawed path, throw it away and use one other one. “When opening a condom, push it to the side before opening the packaging.

This will allow you to prevent damaging the condom before use,” says Dr Gaikwad. Moreover, lengthy fingernails can injury the condom, so be further vigilant whereas opening it.

Also, in case you’ve failed to take away the air from the tip it could possibly trigger injury to the condom throughout intercourse.

7. Check the appropriate manner to use it

If your companion places the condom the flawed manner, simply take it off and discard it. Use a brand new condom. You may help your companion counsel the appropriate manner to put on a condom to avoid dangers.

How to put on it:

  • Open and take away the condom from the wrapper rigorously.
  • Put it on an erect penis earlier than having sexual activity.
  • Pinch air out from the tip of the condom.
  • Unroll all of it the way in which down the penis.

To take away it:

  • Hold the condom base after which pull out.
  • Carefully take away and throw it within the dustbin.

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