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4 Foods That Reduce Collagen Levels In Your Skin

Glowing skin is the dream of many individuals, and for that, that you must make some effort. Yes, the answer lies in decreasing meals that lower the manufacturing in your physique. Here’s all that you must know.

If you’ve at all times been somebody who has dreamt of beautiful and plump-looking skin, collagen ought to be your BFF. Yes, it’s the protein that is chargeable for giving your face a youthful glow, and delaying the indicators of ageing like effective strains and wrinkles. After all, it makes up for about 70% of the skin’s protein.

The cause why growing older occurs is as a result of lack of collagen, and whereas we perceive that’s part of the method, there are particular actions that you possibly can take! By this, we imply that what you eat performs an enormous position in the best way your skin seems. While there are particular meals that enhance the manufacturing of collagen; alternatively, some decline its manufacturing and as an alternative, speed up the ageing course of. And you have to undoubtedly keep away from them!

Below are 4 foods that reduce collagen levels in skin

1. Fried meals

If you like your skin, ensure you keep away from fried meals. That’s as a result of when they’re fried in excessive temperatures, they launch free radicals that can additional trigger mobile harm to the skin. This, in flip, exacerbates the ageing course of and impacts the skin’s elasticity. Moreover, since most of those meals comprise massive quantities of salt, they will draw water out from the skin and result in dehydration.

2. White bread

We all know refined carbs aren’t good for us, however after they come along with protein, they type Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs). In reality, the affect of AGEs can actually speed up the ageing course of. Foods like white bread that have a excessive glycemic index can improve irritation in the physique, which in fact, impacts the ageing course of. You can check out a more healthy different to white bread.

3. White sugar

Once once more, we can’t lay sufficient emphasis on how sugar can wreak harm on our our bodies, and in addition our skin. They additionally contribute to the formation of collagen-damaging AGEs. Its motion will increase when daylight is concerned. Don’t perceive what we’re saying? Well, for example, if you’re having ice-cream on the seaside, go for a popsicle with no sugar. Otherwise too, attempt going for fruit or darkish chocolate, if you need one thing candy. Sugar can destroy the well being of your skin.

4. Processed meats

Don’t all of us love sizzling canines, bacon or sausages? But if you’d like your skin to be wholesome and in good condition, then attempt to eat them in moderation. That’s as a result of these meats are loaded in sodium, saturated fat and sulfite, all of which might dehydrate the skin and weaken collagen. They could cause irritation in the physique, and in addition your skin. Instead, select lean meats like turkey and rooster.

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