3 Easy Ways To Stop Chafing And Chub Rub During Summer

Summer is right here and so are the pores and skin troubles we despise. Chafing, generally referred to as chub rub, is one in all them. It is a common but largely ignored pores and skin problem which is often attributable to repetitive friction, by way of skin-to-skin or clothing-to-skin contact. It is usually related to ache, stinging, or a burning sensation.

These rashes and blisters are attributable to the summer warmth, sweat, and frequent rubbing of the thighs and underarms. Chafing feels such as you’re holding a ball of fireplace between your legs and nonetheless making an attempt to be comfy.

To know extra in regards to the suggestions to keep away from chafing and common locations of its incidence, we received in contact with Ms Maharukh T Rustomjee, a skincare professional.

Chafing can happen anyplace in your physique however it’s extra common in these areas:

  1. Underarms
  2. Thighs
  3. Nipple space
  4. Groin
  5. Shoulders
  6. Under breast areas

“These are the target areas for summer skin problems to occur. But it can be easily prevented. In simple words, you must decrease the amount of friction on your skin to prevent chafing. Well, let’s have a look at some of the ways to do this.” says Rustomjee. Summer rashes and pores and skin issues might happen anyplace on the physique.

4 ways to stop chafing in summer:

1. Stay clear and dry

Wet pores and skin can worsen the situation in summer. Keep your nether areas dry always. If you undergo from extreme sweat, then a light lotion across the space is nice to maintain you away from sweat. Try sporting unfastened garments with fast dry technology.

2. Use an anti-chafing gel or cream

Using an excellent anti-chafing cream or a gel not solely prevents you from it but additionally protects your pores and skin for hours in opposition to friction and the issues attributable to pores and skin to pores and skin friction and pores and skin to garments friction as nicely.

With a proactive strategy, use Anti-chafing gels that may create an invisible barrier gel between pores and skin and garments.

3. Dress proper

Wear garments made from pure fibers which can be comfy and maintain moisture away. Avoid sporting cotton garments during exercises or sports activities actions as they will absorb your sweat and act as a breeding floor for micro organism.

Thigh chafing could be diminished by using compression shorts, comparable to these utilised by cyclists. Wear athletic clothes and bras with easy seams to keep away from bra rash and different frictional rashes.

Quick tip: Allow your pores and skin to get well from it earlier than returning to your regular actions. Friction will merely irritate the state of affairs and might lead to an infection.

They say chafing solely occurs with overweight individuals. But is that actually true? There are many misconceptions and myths associated to it that want to be debunked. Despite the truth that this can be a widespread situation, there’s a shortage of data on the topic.

Here are some common chafing myths and information:

MYTH 1: Larger persons are extra inclined to this drawback

FACT: Chafing of the thighs or different physique elements can occur to anybody. The underlying causes is likely to be something from extreme sweating to dry pores and skin to garments that don’t enable air circulation. “Friction is the main problem, but even if you don’t have any of the aforementioned, friction can be generated by clothing rubbing against your skin.

Rashes and redness on thigh, underarms can affect anyone of any size, so don’t think you’re exempted if you’re slim,” says Rustomjee, who can be the managing companion at Amaterasu Lifesciences LLP.

MYTH 2: Talcum powder can be utilised to forestall it

FACT: Talcum powder could be helpful because it absorbs moisture; however, extra analysis is exhibiting that brokers like talcum powder and different compounds needs to be avoided the groin space as a result of some elements could also be dangerous for intimate areas.

Talcum powder is unquestionably a no-no as a chafing ‘cure.’ It’s not solely inconvenient and messy; but additionally probably detrimental to human well being.

Rustomjee means that talcum powder may also help to dry off any moisture within the space, the well being considerations are usually not value it. Instead, making use of anti-chafing gel or pure lotions could be useful. It is light in your pores and skin and are specifically formulated for this pores and skin drawback.

MYTH 3: Chafing on the thighs causes you to sweat extra

FACT: When it comes to chafing in your thighs and if it causes extreme sweating, the answer is NO. It possibly dry pores and skin that causes the physique’s protection technique is to produce moisture, which can look like sweat. Thigh chafing could cause your pores and skin to darken in spots, but it surely doesn’t make you sweat extra.

MYTH 4: Only athletes undergo from chafing

FACT: It’s a indisputable fact that runners and endurance athletes are extra probably to expertise chafing due to the bodily exercise, repetitive actions, skin-to-skin and skin-to-clothing contact mixed with sweat and moisture that will increase the probabilities of it.

However, any non-athlete or non-sports individual may expertise this drawback. People inclined to it will probably get this even whereas doing regular actions like strolling or sitting in the identical position.

MYTH 5: Thighs are the one a part of the physique the place it happens

FACT: This is wrong. Chafing can happen in nether areas of the physique, together with the genitourinary system of girls. The vulva is essentially the most prevalent website for vulvovaginal yeast and bacterial infections, that are attributable to friction and perspiration. It can occur anyplace within the physique, but it surely’s most common across the following areas: underarms, thighs, nipple area and groin are notably weak.

You can solely achieve this a lot to keep away from chafing. If you’re concerned in sports activities or bodily exercise, it’s extra probably that this problem goes to be an integral half. No matter how exhausting you strive, it would creep up on you. But don’t let it stop you from enjoying your favourite sport or reaching your required objectives and efficiency targets.

Follow these glorious ways to forestall it. Also, using silicone primarily based anti-chafing merchandise and barrier gels is the best and extremely really helpful resolution to stop it even earlier than it occurs!

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