21 Signs Your Ex Is Waiting For You (Full Record)

It feels unattainable to determine whether or not you and your ex nonetheless have an opportunity to be collectively.

…or is it?

I’m right here to inform you: It doesn’t need to be.

Here are 21 signs that your ex is really waiting for you!

1) They make you keep in mind the nice instances

Let’s begin off easy.

An enormous signal your ex is waiting for you is once they make you keep in mind the nice instances.

Good outdated nostalgia, eh?

In all seriousness, although, which means that they’re positively remembering all of the fond recollections they’ve of your relationship.

Reminding you of them is their try of getting you to reevaluate the break-up.

You see, typically this may be actually delicate and imprecise, like saying “Yeah, I’ve been on some beautiful vacations in Vermont, as well.”, in a bunch, referencing quite a few Ski journeys you went on collectively.

But, after all, it will also be very direct.

In these instances, they could:

  • Remind you of journeys you went on collectively
  • Bring up dates you had
  • Emphasize how a lot enjoyable you had collectively

Trust me, if your ex retains speaking about this stuff, they’re positively waiting for you.

2) They make you marvel what might have been (if issues had been completely different)

Now: what is one other big signal that your ex is secretly waiting for you?

They make you marvel what might have been.

I imply, it’s fairly apparent, but when your ex retains speaking about how pleased you could possibly be, shopping for a home collectively and getting a pet, that doesn’t come out of nowhere.

Think about it: in the event that they hold mentioning it, part of them is nonetheless clinging onto the hope that doubtlessly sometime sooner or later, this might be a actuality.

Little disclaimer right here: make it possible for you know what you need. Constantly listening to about what might have been can really manipulate you into pondering breaking apart was a mistake.

Your ex may not be doing it on objective, however make it possible for if you ever get again collectively, it’s for the precise causes, and never as a result of they coerced you into feeling FOMO.

3) They are engaged on themselves

Not solely is this an indication your ex may be waiting for you, but it surely is additionally a large inexperienced flag for a possible future collectively when they’re engaged on themselves.

You see, there is a purpose plenty of relationships fail once more when the folks get again collectively.

Do you need to know why?

Because nothing modified. Neither one in every of them did any self-reflection or self-improvement, so how can they anticipate a distinct end result?

The solely time a relationship might be profitable the second time round is when one of many components that led to the break-up adjustments.

Sounds logical, proper?

Because it is.

So, if your ex is engaged on themselves, that is a fantastic signal. It means they’re actively making an attempt to enhance.

This could possibly be:

  • Taking higher care of their physique by consuming proper, figuring out, sleeping sufficient, and ingesting sufficient water
  • Educating themselves by studying extra books
  • Taking a course
  • Going to remedy / hiring a coach
  • Starting a apply like meditation, journaling, or breathwork

…or actually something that helps with self-improvement.

My largest tip for you?

Do the identical.

No matter who might be in your future, be it your ex or somebody new, the connection might be higher for it, imagine me.

The more healthy your relationship with your self is, the more healthy all your different relationships might be.

4) Their inside hero is triggered

Another signal your ex is waiting for you, is when their inside hero is triggered. Let me clarify that a bit bit:

You see, for guys, it’s all about triggering their inside hero.

I discovered about this from the hero intuition. Coined by relationship professional James Bauer, this fascinating idea is about what actually drives males in relationships, which is ingrained of their DNA.

And it’s one thing most ladies don’t know something about.

Once triggered, these drivers make males into the heroes of their very own lives. They really feel higher, love more durable, and commit stronger once they discover somebody who is aware of how you can set off it.

Now, you could also be questioning why it’s known as “the hero instinct”? Do guys really want to really feel like superheroes to decide to a lady?

Not in any respect. Forget about Marvel. You received’t have to play the damsel in misery or purchase your man a cape.

The reality is, it comes for gratis or sacrifice to you. With only some small adjustments in how you strategy him, you’ll faucet into part of him no lady has tapped into earlier than.

The best factor to do is to take a look at James Bauer’s wonderful free video right here. He shares some simple tricks to get you began, reminiscent of sending him a 12 phrase textual content that can set off his hero intuition straight away.

Because that’s the fantastic thing about the hero intuition.

It’s solely a matter of figuring out the precise issues to say to make him understand that he needs you and solely you.

Click right here to look at the free video.

5) They don’t return your issues / take theirs again

Alright, subsequent up on the record of signs that your ex is waiting for you is a fairly apparent one:

They don’t return your issues or take theirs again.

It’s true, typically individuals are simply busy and don’t discover the time to go choose up their stuff, and, frankly, typically, they only don’t need to see their ex.

However, if it’s been some time and you may need even already hinted at exchanging your issues however they all the time keep away from that matter, likelihood is, they’re nonetheless waiting for you.

You see, whereas they nonetheless have your issues, they know that you will not be utterly out of their life simply but.

At least as soon as you must meet once more, and they’re clinging onto that thought.

Depending on what you have stashed at their home, that may be a bit impractical, however they don’t imply something dangerous by it, they only can’t assist it.

6) They attain out

With the following one, I don’t suppose there is a lot to say right here.

When your ex keeps reaching out to you by calling or texting, they’re positively not over you and are most likely nonetheless waiting for you to return again.

Turns out this proves very true when there by no means appears to be a correct or legitimate purpose for them reaching out.

You know, typically folks really need to succeed in out due to one thing necessary solely you can answer, but when their causes are trivial, like:

  • Asking you how you’ve been
  • Calling you to ask about one thing actually anybody else might have answered
  • Finding excuses to speak

Chances are, they only need to hear your voice or keep in contact.

At this level, you most likely already know that they’re waiting for you.

Quite frankly, they couldn’t make it any extra apparent. Unless…

7) They drunk-call you

Yes, they might make it extra apparent. By calling or texting you once they’re drunk.

Why is that such an enormous signal of them waiting for you?

You see, when someone is drunk, their unconscious acts up. What is normally suppressed all through the day by rational thought is now out within the open.

So, in the event that they call you up when they are drunk, they actually wished to try this sober, as properly.

Chances are, you even get to listen to all their emotions blurted out. They are drunk, in any case.

However, they don’t have to essentially name you up and inform you they love you so as for you to know they’re nonetheless waiting for you.

Turns out a easy “Hi, whtS up?” textual content at two within the morning does the trick, as properly.

When you are on their thoughts whereas they’re out partying and ingesting, they nonetheless have deep emotions for you.

8) They take the blame for issues

You know the way typically breakups get actually ugly and each folks begin blaming one another for all the pieces that went incorrect?

Well, not this one.

You see, when your ex is waiting for you, they could take the blame for issues within the relationship.

Seeing somebody take accountability for the place they could have gone incorrect is nice and the perfect basis for a future collectively, belief me, nevertheless, there is one factor I need to point out:

If you need to be collectively once more, ask your self the place you may need tousled a bit bit, too.

I do know, there are cases after we really feel like we did nothing incorrect.

I’m not saying you ought to blame your self for your companion’s actions or sure issues.

But what if I inform you that we play an element in all the pieces that occurs, even the stuff we really feel we have now no management over?

This is not about feeling dangerous about your self or taking the blame. On the opposite, it’s about taking your energy again and resting assured that now you know how you can keep away from sure issues sooner or later.

Let’s take dishonest for example.

Is it your fault if your companion cheated on you? By no means, it normally has nothing to do with you in any respect.

Is there one thing you CAN take accountability for, although? Something you can keep away from sooner or later? Something that would have protected your power? This could possibly be:

  • Noticing much less connection and never speaking about it
  • Letting your wants slide in an try and “save the relationship”
  • Having weak boundaries

You see, what your companion does is utterly on them and never your fault. But seeing how you might have protected your self and taking accountability for that may be extremely empowering.

9) They go the place they know they’ll meet you

An ex is positively waiting for you once they randomly pop up in locations the place you are, too.

Little disclaimer, if you all the time had the identical go-to bars, cafés, or museums earlier than courting, this may not apply to you as a lot.

However, in the event that they present up at

  • Your favourite bar
  • The park you learn in each day
  • The espresso store the place you are an everyday

Even although they normally don’t go there, likelihood is, they’re making an attempt to fulfill you “accidentally”.

Maybe they miss you, possibly they need you to consider them once more.

Either approach, they’re positively waiting for you to return again.

10) They all the time determine new stuff to speak to you about

You know the way when you break up with somebody, you kinda don’t need to discuss to one another?

When your ex is waiting for you, the alternative is the case.

You see, one way or the other, your ex will provide you with new subjects to speak to you about out of the blue.

The humorous factor is, it may be so random, however they’re pleased so long as they get to talk with you.

I don’t suppose I’ve to say that this is an enormous signal of them waiting for you.

Probs to them, although, discovering subjects to speak about might be actually onerous!

11) They are all the time out there

Sometimes, seeing an ex is inevitable. There may be an unresolved concern to speak about, or they lastly determined to return your issues.

At these encounters, you can even discover whether or not or not your ex is waiting for you.

Simply discover whether or not it is onerous discovering a time and place that works for each of you, or if they’re all the time out there.

Clearing their schedule out for you is an enormous signal that you are actually necessary to them they usually need to make issues work.

This additionally applies to calls and textual content messages, by the way in which.

You will discover them replying straight away and choosing up on the primary ring.

This fixed availability screams “I want you back!”.

12) They stalk your social media

The information of whether or not or not an ex is waiting for you could possibly be proper at your fingertips.

I’m speaking about your social media.

Do you discover them stalking your social media usually?

A couple of signs you can be careful for are:

  • Liking a photograph from approach again
  • Being the primary to view all your tales
  • Being the primary to love your new posts
  • Commenting on posts

Of course, some individuals are extra sneaky, but when proper after the breakup a random particular person named @Fq7892!?jD begins viewing all of your tales, I don’t know, it may be them.

13) On their very own socials, they appear unhappy

Speaking of social media, your ex’s social media can provide rather a lot away in relation to their emotions about you.

Now: what are a couple of examples of your ex waiting for you and exhibiting it on social media?

  • Posting an image of the 2 of you
  • Posting an image that you took of them
  • Writing a tragic standing about how life has been feeling empty currently
  • Putting a music which means one thing to the 2 of you on their story

While this may sound tacky and like a seventh grader would do it, you’d be shocked to learn how many individuals nonetheless use their Instagram as a public space to vent and complain about life.

Whether you prefer it or not, your ex’s social media can provide you necessary clues as as to whether or not they’re waiting for you.

14) They discuss to your associates about you

Now: when your ex is nonetheless speaking to your associates and/or household, that claims one thing in and of its personal.

However, once they discuss to them about YOU, it’s an entire different story.

Of course, it is dependent upon what they’re saying, however usually, speaking to your family and friends about you is usually a big indicator that they need you again.

They may:

  • Ask them about you
  • Talk to them about recollections
  • Ask them how you can get you again

With the latter, it’s fairly clear that they’re nonetheless waiting for you, however even the previous speaking factors point out that they haven’t moved on in any approach, form or type.

15) Their associates inform you that your ex needs you again

Similar to the earlier level, you can even determine whether or not or not an ex is waiting for you by their associates.

To be sincere, this one is fairly self-explanatory, and I most likely don’t even want to say this to you, however right here it goes:

If your ex’s associates are telling you that your ex needs you again, imagine them.

Think about it: there is actually no purpose for them to be telling you this aside from that it is true.

The better part?

If your ex is telling their associates about it, they should be feeling fairly critical about it.

You see, many individuals miss their ex, however they typically hold it to themselves.

Once they speak in confidence to their associates about wanting their ex again, they’ve normally thought of it rather a lot.

16) They aren’t courting anybody new

This most likely doesn’t come as an enormous shock, but when your ex is not courting anybody new, likelihood is they’re waiting for you.

Rebounds are a standard technique to maneuver on from an ex sooner.

Spoiler alert: that normally doesn’t work, like, in any respect. It simply makes the ache worse as soon as the rebound is over.

If an individual refrains from utilizing a rebound to drown out their emotions, they could nonetheless have hope that they’ll rekindle the flame.

However, I believe it’s necessary to say right here that some folks additionally use the time of separation to get to know themselves and work on self-improvement.

In that case, properly, engaged on themselves was one other signal that we talked about right here, so I assume you’re good both approach!

17) They get jealous

Jealousy is a very regular emotion and nothing to be ashamed of.

However, it does point out one factor: having emotions for someone.

You see, you don’t get jealous about somebody you don’t have emotions for, so if your ex exhibits you that they’re jealous, they’re waiting for you and haven’t given up hope simply but.

What are some signs of jealousy?

  • Flirting with somebody if you are there with a brand new companion, too
  • Passive-aggressive feedback in direction of/about your new companion
  • Calling for no obvious purpose
  • Undermining your new companion
  • Finding out about your relationship from your associates

If your ex is exhibiting any of these signs, likelihood is they may be jealous of your new boo.

But you don’t even should be courting somebody new so as for them to get jealous, a easy dialog at a celebration may suffice to make them really feel like they should get you again.

This relates again to the distinctive idea I discussed earlier: the hero intuition.

When a person feels revered, helpful, and wanted, he’s extra prone to not get jealous.

And the perfect half is, triggering his hero intuition might be so simple as figuring out the precise factor to say over a textual content.

You can study precisely what to do by watching this easy and real video by James Bauer.

18) They need to be associates

Now: let’s discuss this one a bit extra.

You see, desirous to be associates with an ex doesn’t essentially need to imply something about them waiting for you.

Sometimes it’s simply that, desirous to be associates.

However, if in addition they present a couple of of the opposite signs on this article, their desirous to be associates might be yet one more giveaway of secretly nonetheless waiting for you.

Maybe they lastly realized that it is time to shoot their shot once more, however the one approach they know the way is by desirous to be your buddy first.

They may be hoping that whereas being your buddy and hanging out once more, your emotions may spark once more.

The excellent news?

It’s completely as much as you!

You might be associates with them and hold it at that, making it clear to them straight away that you don’t need anything, or you can see if you two have one other likelihood at being collectively.

19) They inform you they miss you

Okay, how apparent do they need to make it?

Jokes apart, when an ex tells you they miss you, it normally takes some guts to take action.

Chances are, they’ve been mulling this over for a very long time and eventually gathered the braveness to inform you.

And the perfect half?

It means they’re positively waiting for you.

You see, lacking somebody is one factor, telling them, one thing utterly completely different.

Turns out as soon as they’re at that time, they’re normally able to go for it and simply discuss to you about it anyhow.

Now all that’s left for you to do is resolve what you need to do.

20) Their new companion appears to be like like you

I do know, I discussed earlier {that a} signal of them waiting for you is refraining from courting anybody new, however that’s not all the time the case.

You see, some folks know no different approach of coping with their feelings than discovering a rebound.

Now: if their new companion appears to be like freakishly just like you (I’m speaking similar hair and eye colour, comparable coiffure, virtually equivalent clothes fashion), then one thing is up.

Your ex may be pondering they’re transferring on from you, however in actuality, they’re very a lot clinging to the concept of you.

The factor is, with all of those similarities they’re making an attempt to exchange you of their life, however in the end that can backfire and they’re going to miss you greater than ever.

So, if your ex is courting somebody who appears to be like like you, likelihood is huge they’re nonetheless waiting for you, however they may not even comprehend it, themselves.

21) They solely say good issues about you

Last however not least, somebody who is waiting for you is not going to bad-mouth you.

Now: this signal alone doesn’t say rather a lot about whether or not your ex is waiting for you, it would simply imply they’re respectable human beings who doesn’t imagine in trash-talking their exes.

However, along with among the different signs I discussed right here, solely saying good issues about you is usually a big inexperienced flag.

Think about it: would you ever contemplate going again to somebody who was speaking you down behind your again? Probably not.

That’s why when an ex talks with mutual associates and solely says good issues, it’s an excellent signal!

Should you wait for your ex?

After listening to about all of these signs, you may really feel like you and your ex nonetheless have an opportunity.

Let’s get actual right here for a minute.

Why are you so adamant about discovering out whether or not they’re waiting for you?

There is a great likelihood you are the one who nonetheless has emotions.

Now: there are two choices for you right here.

You can take motion on your emotions and make the leap


You can actively work on transferring on.

Because the one different to these two is sitting round waiting for somebody who may by no means come again.

You have to respect your self greater than that and select one of many two choices above.

It’s true, transferring on might be extremely onerous, however do you know what’s even more durable?

Having to do it 2 years down the road when you understand all that waiting was for nothing.

So, if you suppose you ought to get again collectively, give it a shot and provoke the dialog!

And if not, take your energy again and transfer on.

There is somebody on the market who will respect you and deal with you precisely how you should be handled.

Whether that’s your ex or not is the massive question, however you’ll by no means discover out till you take motion.

So the important thing now is getting by to them in a approach that empowers each them and you.

I discussed the idea of the hero intuition earlier — by interesting on to his primal instincts, you received’t solely resolve this concern, however you’ll take your relationship additional than ever earlier than.

And since this free video reveals precisely how you can set off your man’s hero intuition, you might make this variation from as early as right now.

With James Bauer’s unbelievable idea, he’ll see you as the one lady for him. So if you’re able to take that plunge, earlier than positive to take a look at the video now.

Here’s a hyperlink to his wonderful free video once more.

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